January 2013

[New Series]: Inbound Troubles

English Title: Inbound Troubles

Cantonese Title: 老表,你好嘢﹗(lo biu nei ho yeh)

Cast: Roger Kwok 郭晉安,Wong Cho Lam 王祖藍,Joey Meng 萬綺雯,Ivana Wong 王菀之,Angela Tong湯盈盈,Wong Kwong Leung 黃光亮,Law Lan 羅 蘭,Mimi Chu 朱咪咪

Episodes: 20

Airing date: 14 January 2013 – 8 February 2013  (Replacing Missing You)

Themesong: Everyone (大家) by Ivana Wong & Wong Cho Lam (CD)

Official: Website

Executive Producer: Wong Wai Sing

Scriptwriter: Lung Man Hong

Inbound Troubles

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Aiming to become the best tour guide in the industry, NG KA-YEE (Roger Kwok) sets up a travel agency with his girlfriend SZEMA SHUK-CHING (Angela Tong) but he goes bankrupt and owes a huge debt after being cheated by others.

KA-YEE wishes to pass the last few months of bankruptcy peacefully and start a new chapter with SHUK-CHING after marriage. However, SHUK-CHING falls in love with his best friend CHING SIU-SHAN (Bob) and KA-YEE is devastated. During the time, KA-YEE runs into the newly immigrated social worker YIK SUET-FEI (Joey Meng), his Dongguan cousin CHOI SUM (Wong Cho Lam) who dreams to be a singer in Hong Kong and the old singer MUNG LO (Mimi Chu) who is looking for free meals everywhere. In addition, his younger sister NG CHI-CHING (Ivana Wong) also returns to Hong Kong by lying to him that she has completed her master degree in Taiwan already. Different culture and lifestyles between Hong Kong and mainland China create family farce every day. Used to be a coward with low self-esteem for all his life, KA-YEE suddenly wakes up and discovers his ultimate dream…

一直發夢成為旅遊界導遊天王的吳嘉儀(郭晉安)和女友司馬淑貞(湯盈盈)開了一家旅行社,但遭人欺騙欠下巨債被迫破產,無奈的嘉儀只求安穩度過破產期的最 後幾個月,然後和淑貞結婚捲土重來,殊不知女友與死黨程少山(Bob)暗結情緣,令他大受打擊,期間遇上新移民社工易雪飛(萬綺雯)、由東莞來香港發歌星 夢的表弟蔡芯(王祖藍)和騙飲騙食的老歌女夢露(朱咪咪),再加上瞞騙自己已完成碩士課程的妹妹吳芝晴(王菀之)剛從台灣回來,一連串夾雜著來自中港差異 文化的家庭鬧劇爆笑上演,令一向自卑兼懦弱的嘉儀恍然大悟,明白到自己的終極夢想原來是……

10 Responses to “[New Series]: Inbound Troubles”

  • KTVB says:

    Has anyone started watching this series? Any good?

    The synopsis doesn’t sound very strong and the cast doesn’t appeal to me much. The poster kind of reminds me of Roger in “Glittering Days”- is there singing in this?

    • JacJac says:

      I started the first 3 episodes of Inbound Troubles. It’s funny if you want a series that you don’t have to think and just relax. Not a must watch though. I’m watching it to relax after a long day of work.

  • ac says:

    I will be watching this after i finish watching on call 36 hours. I would like to see how they portray china hong kong relations.

  • JacJac says:

    Will Chillax with this drama for the moment.

  • JacJac says:

    Some fans get offended by the jokes from this drama though. Oh well.

  • Meiyi says:

    I love this series, and still waiting for episode 15 @ AZDrama crazy.

  • JacJac says:

    Been enjoying every episode of Inbound Troubles. It’s nice to see Joey Meng again after seeing her in some ATV dramas.

  • JacJac says:

    Inbound Troubles is the best series this year so far for the moment. I would say Inbound Troubles, Day of Days, Friendly Fire,and Missing You are not must watch. Given tvb degraded quality, I couldn’t expect much from tvb with scriptwriters and casts leaving.

  • Hanah says:

    I enjoyed the first few episodes where it addressed a lot of Hong Kong china conflicts.
    But then later on it got draggy and boring, the plot is just messed up towards the end.

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