December 2011

[TVB 44th Anniversary] Award Results!!

Anniversary Award Winners
Hi Everyone!!

The Award Ceremony has finally come to the end, with the results following. I has taken me a bit of time for it to sink in..but wow. Did Myolie Wu just win 3 Awards? (Best Actress for Curse of the Royal Harem, Favourite Female for Ghetto Justice & Extraordinarily Elegant Female) Did Kevin Cheng just win 3 Awards too? : D (Best Actor, Favourite Male Character & Popular Artist Award all for Ghetto Justice?) That’s definately a “Woah…” I’m not saying its undeserving- don’t get me wrong -I love Kevin Cheng as Law-Ba- but wow…lol

Okies, on to the awards:

Life Time Achievement Award: LEE HEUNG KAM
Unlike previous years, this was the first award presented. She has been in the industry for 55 years!! It was really cool to see Felix Wong and Ray Lui make an appearance with her! Aww..her speech is so cute ^^ I really like the granny role she played in Moonlight Resonance-it brings back good memories! Off the stage, she personally thanked the cast of Moonlight Resonance (Susanna, Raymond, Moses..etc) Congrats Kam- Jie!!

Best Actor : KEVIN CHENG
Kevin Cheng
Top 5:
1. Moses Chan (Yes Sir, Sorry Sir)
2. Kevin Cheng (Ghetto Justice)
3. Michael Tse (Lives of Omission)
4. Bosco Wong (Lives of Omission)
5. Wayne Lai (FH3)

WOW!!!!! Wow..Kevin finally won for a deserving award!! Really proud of him!! I liked how he mentioned his mixed feelings when he won 5 years ago (aka for his role in Under the Canopy of Love)- suggesting it was slightly undeserving- but now he can say all he feels is happiness XD I’m glad they didn’t give the award to Michael Tse because I didn’t think he was that good in “Lives of Omission”. I wish Ruco made it in top 5 instead of Moses though …

Presenter: Sheren Tang!!! I  loved her speech!! I love how she made references to Kevin, Michael & Wayne XD And when the top 5 nomiantions were revealed, she made a note to Moses that they’ll save something for next year’s “War and Beauty” XD

Best Actress: MYOLIE WU
Myolie Wu
Top 5:
1. Liza Wang (Home Troopers)
2. Linda Chung (Yes Sir, Sorry Sir)
3. Fala Chen (Lives of Omission)
4. Maggie Cheung (FH3)
5. Myolie Wu (Curse of the Royal Harem)

No surprises here XD Not major shockers too which is a bit of a relief; although I didn’t feel the top 5 were not as strong as they could be. I wish Elena made it in top 5 instead of Liza Wang.
I loved how Myolie talked about Bosco during her speech!! She finally openly announced her relationship publicly! It adds that extra touch to it- Sounded almost like a wedding confession actually haha It was sweet!! <3 And a highlight- she also mentioned the times he help her through filming Wars of In-Laws.

Also loved the presenters Patrick Tse & Francis Ng!! Very entertaining~~ I also loved how Myolie thank Francis in their “Trumphiant in the Skies” series, and then put Francis on the spot by asking him to return next year to film the sequel haha

Best Supporting Actor : BEN WONG
Ben Wong

Top 5:
1. Jazz Lam (Ghetto Justice)
2. Derek Kwok (Lives of Omission)
3. Ben Wong (Live of Omission)
4. Pierre Ngo (River of Wine)
5. Lee Kwok Lun (FH3)

Ben’s win reminded me of Evergreen Mak last year. Although I personally didn’t think their performance was that outstanding compared to their usual performance, they had more screentime and a larger role. Their names were catchy and left an impression on the audience. He thanked his mum and also the opportunity he was given to play “Ah Hoi” in A Kindred Spirit. I’m glad he made reference to it since I remember really liking his character there!! Congrats Ben!!
Best Supporting Actress: SHARON CHAN
Sharon Chan
Top 5:
1. Sharon Chan (Ghetto Justice)
2. Aimee Chen (The Other Truth)
3. Natalie Tong (The Other Truth)
4. Helen Ma (The Other Truth)
5. Nancy Wu (FH3)
Lots of cheers for Sharon! I think she deserves the recognition for her role in Ghetto Justice although I think Nancy actually did better. It was funny that she took off her heels for Felix as she promised she would if she won. Christine Ng also cried for her 🙂 She also thanked the Ghetto Justice Team. I wished Elena got top 5 instead of Aimee Chen though. Aimee’s role was way too small in The Other Truth to get a nomination (Same as Lee Kwok Lum in FH3)

Felix Wong was the presenter..slightly weird after his rant at TVB last year.. lol

Most Improved Actor: MC JIN
MC Jin
Top 5:
1. Jazz Lam
2. King Kong
3. Jason Chan
4. Mat Yeung
5. MC Jin

I wanted Jazz Lam to win- I felt he improved heaps this year! But MCJin  was my 2nd choice. I just felt that Jazz’s role in Ghetto Justice stood out more compared to MC Jin in “Lives of Omission”, although we can’t deny MCJin’s contribution to TVB and entertainment industry this year. Congrats MC Jin!! His speech was pretty funny and I enjoyed hsi rapping too!

Most Improved Actress: SIRE MA
Sire Ma
Top 5:
1. Samantha Ko
2. Sire Ma
3. Mandy Wong
4. Cilla Kung
5. Katy Kung

I liked the nominations for this category, although would have like Elaine Yiu instead of Samantha Ko. I think Mandy would have been next in line, but with no doubt, Sire was promoted quite a bit this year and all of her roles (other than Relic) were cute and likable. Congrats Sire!! Keep working hard!!

The speeches seemed so rush- TVB should give them a bit more time! Both MCJin and Sire were making referencing to the little time they had to talk XD

Kevin and Myolie
My Favourite Male Character: KEVIN CHENG
Top 5:
1. Kevin Cheng (Ghetto Justice)
2. Rucco Chan (The Other Truth)
3. Michael Tse (Lives of Omission)
4. Bosco Wong (Lives of Omission)
5. Wayne Lai (FH3)

Yay!!! Kevin’s Law-Ba winning Favourite Male Character!! Woot!  Loved his role in GJ! Happy for his win!! I really wanted Rucco to have some recognition too, but Law-Ba is still my favourite. It was just a bit funny that the actors didn’t seem to want the award because they felt it meant their chances of winning Best Actor was slim (like a consolidation prize) . When Kevin won thsi award, I thought Best Actor title was going to Michael Tse XD

Nice touch to see Marianne Chan as the presenter! Nice speech too!

My Favourite Female Character: MYOLIE WU
Top 5:
1. Linda Chung (Yes Sir, Sorry Sir)
2. Myolie Wu (Ghetto Justice)
3. Fala Chen (Lives of Omission)
4. Maggie Cheung (FH3)
5. Aimee Chan (FH3)

0___0 ok..this was a bit shocking. Myolie was shocked that she won for Ghetto Justice. It seemed like she had a speech for Best Actress, but not for favourite character so she didn’t know what to say for this. I was a bit surprised she won this award, didn’t see it coming- I would have thought they would give it to Linda, since her role as Miss Koo was so popular.
Myolie didn’t really say anything for this award..she turned to Kevin and said “What should I do..?” XD and kinda just said “oh..time is about up. Hopefully I will have another chance to say more later” ……….That was a bit bad XD

Top 5:
1. Yes Sir, Sorry Sir
2. Ghetto Justice
3. The Other Truth
4. Lives of Omission
5. Forensic Heroes 3

I’m not pleased with “Yes Sir, Sorry Sir” being in top 5, but whatever lol

Extraordinarily Elegant Male and Female Artists : BOSCO WONG & MYOLIE WU

Bosco and Myolie
tvb.com Weibo Popularity Award: Kevin Cheng!
LOLLLLLL pretty funny presenter!- pronoucing his name wrong HHAHAHA lol? Everyone including himself wasn’t sure if it really was him XD I loved his role as “Law-Ba”! Felt the award was so rushed, and once again he didn’t get time to say much. Neverthesless, congrats Kevin- keep it up!!

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65 Responses to “[TVB 44th Anniversary] Award Results!!”

  • Anonymous says:

    do you know where i can watch it online? in sydney?

  • RI says:

    Can’t watch in live (stuck in class 🙁 ) so lookin forward to ur updates! Here’s hoping the most deserving win!

  • Eli says:

    Best actor and actress not announced yet?? *gan jeong*

  • Yc says:

    Does that mean myolie wu might not win the best actress after all? I think fala is a natural actress but myolie deserves it for her hard work throughout years in tvb.

  • Jessie says:

    im surprised Tavia did not get nominated for best female lead top 5 this year :O

  • Jessie says:

    YAY…………. definitely one the best award ceremonies ever…. i feel all the recipients deserved their achievements <3

  • Lala says:

    Most Improved Actor

    Same here i wanted Jazz to win BUT Jin is such a “cool” guy and i liked him (and Mandy) in LOO so if not Jazz glad it was Jin

    Most Improved Actress

    I was a huge shipper of Mandy so i was disappointed she didnt win. Hopefully next year she will get a great role because shes a HQ actress! PLEAS TVB heavy back Mandy!

    Best Supporting Actor

    Im glad he won although i backed Jazz.
    Seeing Ben reminded me of “A Kindred Spirit” days… man i wish TVB would release it on DVD!

    Best Supporting Actress

    Same! wished Elena got top 5 nomination! For me i really wanted Nancy to win she can play roles as a young “kid” in D.I.E to such a mature mum in FH and not to mention her flirty, evil roles such a diverse actress! Hopefully she gets something big next year!

    My Favourite Male Character

    Like everyone there that supported Kevin i didnt want him to win cos of TVB’s typical way of giving it as a consolation prize for not winning the big one but TVB surprized me!

    My Favourite Female Character:

    Tho i didnt watch yes sir no sir, nor am i a huge fan of Linda (epesh her crying!) i did google to watch the “infamous” scene and i did feel bad for her char so i did support her in this category and what makes it sadder is that her parents were there =(

    Best Actor

    *happy dance* agree! TBH i think Bosco did a better job in LOO than Micheal im kinda over the whole Laughing phenom (tho im still gonna watch the movie) =P

    Best ACTRESS

    yay! and Boscolie was just sweet even tho they try to stay clear of each other when on stage when she made that speech and they panned to Bosco i smiled like a mother haha
    And if Francis films TITS2 damn it would be epic! Chi Lam and Francis woo! And the producer would have Myolie to thank for that! Also i LOVED how she had the backing of veterans =)


    I dunno why they won cos theres a Laughing movie coming out? Based on ratings FH3 should have won but based on fans shouldnt it have gone to Ghetto justice? IMO anyways

    Web Popularity Awards: BOSCO WONG & MYOLIE WU

    GET MARRIED! I kinda wished Bosco went down on one knee and proposed near the end of the show haha Boscolie fan dreaming =P


    TVB.com Popularity Award
    WINNER: Kevin Cheng
    Presenter was awesome! There was some award presenter moments (when they tried to be funny and it wasnt =/)

    Overall.. BEST awards i have seem from TVB in a while btw did you notice Maggie wasnt there?? the pre award show show someone said she hasnt arrived yet when they were talking to the nominees… so she was expected to be there but didnt rock up wonder why… =/

    • stoolsandbenches says:

      Maggie was not expected at the ceremony… Heard she went to mainland for something but no one knows the truth anyway. but glad to see her in top 5 for both female awards! she’s the tvb actress i rmb fondly during my childhood days.

      shocked that tavia is not in top 5 for favourite female character!

      and liza in top 5 for best actress?! ZzzzZzz her dressing is funny as well.

  • Hanahs says:

    Omg myolie getting my favorite character is so unexpected?
    I’m quite happy with Kevin winning three awards he definitely deserved it.
    I was hoping Mandy Wong would get the award over sire ma as I thought her actings abit more natural.

    • rainy says:

      I’m not really satisfy though because even i support his role as Law Ba ( 🙂 He’s quite exquisite for me)but i don’t think it good enough to win 3 awards at the same time, so did Miolie Wu. She did a very good job in all her series like Rippling Blossom. But Curse of the Royal Harem, she kind of annoying me. TVB awards this year are so suck beside the fact that Kevin win TVB King.

    • Chibi says:

      Yeah..I think it’s dangerous zone when you give 3 awards to one actor who isn’t really “The Best” :/

  • Ri says:

    I’m actually quite pleased with the results! That could be partially due to my relief that Fala didn’t pick up Best Actress or My Fave TV Character though.. haha!

    Happy for Myolie and Kevin 🙂 I didn’t see Myolie in Curse but she has improved gradually over the years and safe to say she is now far better than she was back in the day. I think she deserves the Best Actress award, even if her Curse role wasn’t that well-received(?) She was consistently good this year, though (The Rippling Blossom, Ghetto Justice) On an unrelated note, I was kinda hoping she would continue her streak of wearing long-sleeve dresses to the shows (like she did at the Gala and at the AOD awards) She looked great in them!

    As for Kevin, I’m so glad he’s finally getting an award for a WORTHY role! His win for Under The Canopy of Love was so… political. i bet even he knew it was! Haha but winning for Law Ba is just perfect, he really played the role well. Easily something he will be known for from now onwards 🙂 I know the race was a tight one between Michael and him but I’m glad Kevin won because after playing Laughing-gor so many times, I don’t think Michael has brought anything fresh to the role. I don’t know who to blame, him or TVB for squeezing every bit they can out of that character.

    It was definitely a close call between Sire and Mandy, although Sire was sure to take this one considering how TVB has been promoting her. No qualms, she’s a decent young actress, though I think Mandy is slightly more versatile. I was rooting for Jazz to win, he’s played such an array of characters so well! 🙁 I thought MC Jin was a bit OTT in LOO, but ah well.

    Ben Wong and Sharon Chan are like Evergreen Mak – consistently good at side characters. Glad they got the recognition they deserved 🙂

    On a sidenote, I was surprised that TVB gave so many awards to Myolie and Kevin. Not that they’re undeserving but TVB does have the habit of giving out consolation prizes (see: Raymond Lam’s My Fave Male Character last year. wha..?!) I would have thought Fala and Michael would’ve picked something up. Heck, I wasn’t even gonna rule out Raymond picking up another weird award this year as well. Could it be that TVB is finally playing fair?

    NAH, it’s TVB. I reckon they gave so many to Kevin and Myolie to keep them in TVB. Steven, Charmaine, so many of their good artistes are leaving and I bet if they didn’t recognise Myolie or Kevin, they would leave too (Myolie already films in China right?). Again, not that they’re underserving, they totally deserved their awards, but TVB did manage to kill 2 birds with 1 stone on this one haha.

    Fala and Michael have both picked up several awards in the past few years so I guess that’s why it wasn’t too much of a “risk” to not give any to them this year. I’m only surprised that they didn’t give Kate an award, considering she was in a gabajillion shows this year.

    Oooook that ends my long rant. Haha, thanks for the updates K! 🙂

    • AC says:

      I agree with a lot of what you had to say! I was rooting for Jazz and Mandy too, and was happy for Ben and Sharon. If you watch Curse, make sure you watch the whole thing. It’s such a good series. To me, it seems like most of the criticism was talking about how Myolie doesn’t seem like an elegant empress? but if you watch the whole thing, it’s obvious that’s how her character is supposed to be and she goes through a transformation. 🙂

      I thought TVB would be giving out more consolation prizes too, so I didn’t expect Kevin and Myo to get everything but I also think it’s deserved.

    • rainy says:

      I agree with you too but like i believed, Kevin won 3 awards with Myolie was quite shock for me. To be honest, GJ was so good but not as good as Rosy Business that can make the casts can won 3 awards at a time. T.T I feel like i’m bias now. Well, I truly hope that Maggie and Kate’s role will win because their role quite cute and even the role of Nancy was so good.

  • saomongmo says:

    Hi guys!!!

    I found the website to watch the anniversary show!! :))) enjoy!


  • misstila says:

    even though i like sharon a lot i think nancy deserved the award more. her performance in every drama is really good. especially in the 2 grand productions she’s able to portray every character really well u gotta admit her acting as zheng yu was good enough for you to hate her and being a professional lawyer as eva. too bad she died im both -.-

    • EY says:

      actually, I think both sharon and nancy act well, and the good thing is them both have very different styles. i like sharon’s consistency, and i like nancy’s diversity.

      honestly, i would love to see tvb promote nancy a little bit more. nancy has proved that she can act, and i think a leading role would be more breakthrough for her compared to winning a best supporting, coz, nancy isnt a supporting actress, she can definitely fit the shoes of a lead actress

      • rainy says:

        yea true i was surprise that they promoted Sire Ma and even Fala Chen even they barely enter showbiz recently but not NNancy. TVB such a bias this year.

        • misstila says:

          even though i enjoy watching tvb, as the years pass i feel like tvb is all about $$$ nowadays instead of delivering quality dramas for us the consumers =[lol not only this year tvb has always been biased. fala was like a huge hit before and once she got sick all her jobs have been taken away by her “so-called”look-alike rebecca zhu.tvb is just money greedy -___- tvb doesn’t have a heart that’s why most of their artistes are leaving like sammul, charmaine, steven, joe ma etc.=[ and yeah i hope tvb gives a leading role to nancy wu >.< i feel like theyre so unfair to her. it's like tavia yeung all over again. tavia worked hard for many years and they just recently started to give her the recognition she deserved. like her breakthrough role as kam ling in BTRC. but i felt like her role wasn't evil enough. you guys should watch her in the emperor's harem this mainland drama. now that is like 10 times more evil than kam ling. i feel like nowadays the tvb shows don't bring out the best outta the artists like tavia's character in yes sir no sir was kind of a waste. lol and you forgot to mention the over promotion of kate. she was like in every series this year -__- her acting is so iffy in my opinion.

    • rainy says:

      True because i really don’t think that Rebecca is as cute as Fala. I’ve been watching TVB dramas since i was small and this year was the most frustrated one for me. I think that TVB promoted Recbaca or even Fala too fast that is why Many audiences can’t accept right away.

  • rachel says:

    i’m SO happy that kevin won best actor!! favorite character & popularity award is just an extra bonus! hahah but super proud of him this year! i felt like all of his characters (home troopers, only you, ghetto justice) were all different and a lot better than his previous years…even though i’ve always like his acting hahah but yeah, i agree, i also like how he referred to his 2006 tv king award, but now, we can say he truly and fully deserves the award!

  • faithict says:

    I can’t help but to agreed with Ri on all those those thoughts….

    I wonder how did TVB comes out with these results? By audience voting or tvb management preference? It seems like TVB tends to give out awards to the same artists…are other artists not as deserving as the current one? I think somehow this might caused some disatisfaction among other artists as it might looks like TVB favoritism…

    On a side note, I think Myolie Wu was a little bit surprised when she got the Most Fav Female Character for Ghetto Justice. I was a bit surprised as I thought that Linda Chung for Miss Cool character is better than the lawyer character. Just my thoughts. That is why I am confused at how they come out with these results… 🙂

    Actually this year, I felt that TVB series performance wasn’t that great compared to the last 2 years….I guess 2 years ago, the competition is tighter, but this year, I think it is somewhat expected that Myolie Wu and Kevin Cheng will be TVB King and Queen with the so many rumors on going….lol… 🙂 I wasn’t really excited on any of the series that were played this year…Oh well, it is already end of the year…Hopefully next year, there will be better series….^_^

  • AC says:

    Yay, I’m mainly happy with the results! Congrats to Kevin and Myolie for winning all those awards! Even though I wanted them to win, I’m even a little shocked that they took it all, but it really is their year. They both had a lot of negative comments in 2006, so it’s nice that they were both able to shine this year and get the award together. Myolie was saying that she didn’t have anything to say for Favorite Character because she didn’t expect that award at all and thought that Linda was going to get it for sure. I thought it was kinda hilarious that none of the actors wanted the Favorite Character awards since they thought that meant a consolation prize. lol

    Myolie’s thank you to Bosco was so cute! and there are lots of pictures of them hugging and holding hands afterwards. hehe

    Sheren was my favorite presenter and it helped that she knew each of the nominees. Some of the others were kinda awkward, but I think the worst is Felix! I don’t think it’s appropriate for him to tell Nancy that she’s the best and then say mission failed when she didn’t win because it seemed kinda rude towards Sharon.

    • Ri says:

      Myolie’s acceptance “speech” (if u can call it that) for My Fave Female Character was so bad hahaha but I guess it’s well known in TVB that this is pretty much the consolation award. I was convinced Fala was gonna get it. Glad Myolie did though – I thought her role in Ghetto Justice was really well played!

      But she totally makes up for it with her super sweet Best Actress speech to Bosco. It’s nice to finally have an “official” announcement after all these years of rumours 🙂 I love how she ended it with “I know I have a lot of flaws and am hard to handle.. but you are too!” haha they’re so cute together 🙂

      Sheren was my favourite presenter too! She looked GREAT, not at all her age (45, i think?). I liked how Kevin said he’s happy to receive the award from her because he admires her. What’s not to admire, she’s a great actress! 🙂

      • AC says:

        OMG, Sheren looked so cool in her outfit. She did look awesome.

        Yes, I thought the favorite character awarding was so awkward because Myolie didn’t really say much because she was so shocked. I actually thought Linda was going to get it for sure, and I would have been really happy with that but I also really like Myolie’s role in Ghetto Justice. The only reason I didn’t want her to get that one in the first place was because I was afraid she wouldn’t get Best Actress. haha. Also, both Kevin and Michael made it pretty obvious that they hoped to not get it either.

        Her dedication to Bosco was funny but also cute. Even though it was obvious they were together, I’m glad there’s confirmation too! 🙂

  • Lala says:

    Hey you know when Felix gave the award to Sharon, before he announced it he said “Sorry Sam Gor (3rd brother) mission failed”

    what do you guys think he meant by that?? Micheal Miu was backing someone and wanted Felix to give the award to that person ?

    • AC says:

      I think they both wanted Nancy Wu to win since they were all in Gun Metal Grey together. I even remember Felix saying that Nancy deserved it last year too but their series didn’t even finish airing before awards time.

      • Lala says:

        ah i never watched that series was it good?

        That explains it tho! glad Nancy got the backing of such awesome seniors i too wish Nancy won she needs a role that makes her stand out (but TBH i think all her roles have been stand outs so i dunno i guess she needs better promotions)

        • AC says:

          I really liked it and I thought she did a great job, but her big emotional scenes were at the end and only aired after the awards. 🙁

          It’s weird because I think Nancy is both valued and not-valued. Although she doesn’t get any lead roles, she gets a lot of good roles that make her stand out. She’s also been in a ton of grand productions and anniversary series. I hope it’s just that TVB is waiting for the right role for her to give her a lead in.

  • Danette says:

    I absolutely LOVED Myolie’s speech for her Best Actress award. I loved everything about it. The reference to Triumph in the Skies had me squealing to death and I was just like “YES FRANCIS, OH GOSH, PLEASE!!”. And also loved the Bosco part too. That was super sweet.

    I was super disappointed that Linda didn’t win for her role of Ms. Koo. Myolie’s character in GJ was entertaining, but I think Linda deserves recognition for her well-played performance in Yes Sir, Sorry Sir. And the same goes for Nancy in her performances.

  • Lala says:

    My fav part last night?


    “There is also one more person, during this time he was strict towards me. I remember when I filmed war or the in-laws he was so worried about me… I feel… ah don’t know what to say… *laughs* anyways last night there was a little incident where he told me, no! He told the media that when I get the award he will go to the toilet *audience: awwwr* but he didn’t go to the toilet. So I know I have flaws and im hard to put up with *looks at Bosco* but you too have flaws and is also hard to put up with. I hope… we can… both keep “support” each other.”

    *translation a little off since im an ABC LOL*

    at the end like the audience i was chanting “get married! get married!” haha

  • Jen says:

    I’m so sad that Raymond Lam wasn’t at the awards this year…. :'(
    Also, I feel like Raymond doesn’t really have any big roles or any outstanding ones in TVB anymore (maybe cuz he’s more into the music scene now).
    I just hope that he does Triumphs in the Skies 2 ( I LOVE all the actors/actresses that are doing it!) and gets best actor or something! :d
    he really need to do more roles in TVB series’ so i can see him more! <3

  • Teiji says:

    Here’s the download link for anyone who doesn’t want to watch it stream: http://fileserve.com/file/NyvmWbH

  • Yc says:

    Where can I watch it stream?

  • EY says:

    Well I think Myolie and Kevin deserved the best actress/actor this yr. Though I wouldn’t say this year’s dramas were extremely exceptional, I think Myo and Kevin stood out due to GJ. And out of those nominated, them both were the ones who delivered the best performance. You can’t compare them to last year’s winners Wayne and Sheren; they are unbeatable but I think throughout their acting years, Myo and Kevin did improve tremendously.

    As for Ben Wong, you cannot deny that though he usually plays supporting roles, he is so absorbed into his character sometimes you cannot tell the difference between the real Ben and the reel one.

    Sharon’s win was heartening as well, though a nagging question stayed on my mind: did she win because she has to sacrifice more for her role in GJ? I mean Nancy had a great deal of chance in winning too, but her role in FH wasnt that likeable/she didnt sacrifice as much as Sharon did…? But along the years, I always felt Nancy would have shone more if she’s the lead. Nancy is lead actress material and I just wished there’ll be one memorable character waiting for her out there….

    I dont know why I didn’t like Sire Ma’s win! I felt Mandy was more deserving; Sire’s acting seemed very forced (probably due to her facial expressions) while Mandy’s acting flows naturally out of her. Sometimes I forget Mandy is so new! MC Jin’s win was…ok. But I do feel that he is more talented when it comes to hosting (and music of cos). I was rooting for Jazz cos he’s so much more polished.

    As for favourite characters, I would have preferred Ruco over Kevin. Ruco was more likeable, at least I think every aspect of his role made him more human. Kevin definitely portrayed Law Ba well, but does someone like Law Ba actually exist? He was way too god-like. Ditto for Myolie, she acted well for her role as Wong Si Fu, but she wasn’t my favourite character because I didn’t feel that my heart went all out to her. I guess I can only say I connected better with Ruco’s role and Linda’s role.

    As for best series, LOO’s win was kind of expected. I’m just surprised that FH did not pick up anything, because every aspect of the series was so likeable, the plot, Wayne and Maggie, the love and chemistry and so on…

    To add on, I certainly hope that TVB start putting Ron and Kate in dramas that would bring out the advantages of their acting skills more. Like, I always see Ron in the same type of roles this entire year! I personally feel that Ron has slowly and silently improved, and his roles in costume dramas (like in Rosy Business) are so much better than in modern dramas! Similarly for Kate, I think she should start being selective about the roles she ends up playing instead of always appearing on our screens in the same old style. Quality over quantity, no?

    Also, does any one else feel that this year’s awards seem to be a little quiet? Especially without the usual artistes like Bowie, Bobby Au Yeung, Charmaine Sheh, Roger Kwok, Joe Ma, Steven Ma…. The whole studio seemed to be less glittery!

  • *xueling* says:

    !Disregarding everything but like best supporting actress since who I supported did not have a chance of winnin it anyway,so yeah. I thought the awards sucked omg, giving myolie and Kevin three awards each was so overdoing it. I mean! 
    Totally satisfied with ben Wong for best actor, he deserved it! 
    Now, I desperately wanted Elena to win best supporting actress (especially with her nomination in he best actress category) I genuinely thought that she would have a good chance of making it to top five at least! If Nancy won it, I honestly would have been absolutely fine with it since I think she deserves it too. Sharon would have been acceptable nevertheless. I’m not unhappy with Sharon winning, but how blatantly they cast acting ability aside, you would be hard pressed to find four candidates who did a better job at their roles than Elena kong in lives of omission. ( I thought she should have been nominated for river of wine, but that’s a totally different discussion altogether) and they had to put Aimee chan. Aimee chan!! Of all people! So yes, I’m exceedingly disgusted at the fact that Elena didn’t even make the top five cause as far as acting ability goes, I sincerely believe that she deserves to win. Argh, just argh, and that was the only thing I really cared about. 

    • Jujek Phoenix says:

      Omg exactly the same sentiments as me,in the whole awards I was just rooting for Elena Kong and she didn’t even get top 5 for anything. So disappointed! She is such a talented and pretty actress, TVb just had to put ppl like aimee in yucky yuxk :'(:'(

  • Jujek Phoenix says:

    Personally feel that TVb awards This year is not up to standards ,the definition of best actress sh ould be like Michelle yim,sheren Tang standard, that’s really the meaning of best actress. So I think ppl like myolie fala Kate Linda still have a long way to go to achieve, best actress standard. Elena Kong is talented and pretty 🙂 but why is tvb not promoting her more?! :(If they give her better roles ,I am sure she can be best actress real soon 🙂 bout the top five nomination, why on earth is liza wang and aimee Chan name there? ! No talent no beauty they can leave TVb right away :p

    • Jen says:

      WOW that’s a little harsh don’t you think?
      i think that liza and aimee are both good actresses…and what are you even talking about?! aimee chan is beautiful…..

      • Jujek Phoenix says:

        Well, now i truly know the meaning of beauty is in the eye of the beholder, one that sees Beauty in someone may not be the same for another .maybe they may be good but till now, I haven seen roles for Aimee that are actually fantastic and for liza somehow till now she dosen impress me that much .but maybe the comments may seem harsh becos most dramas this year isn’t as good or competitive as other years, making their roles look like its something u often see

    • Love TVB says:

      Hey, Liza is a veteran in TVB! How could you say that of her? We are talking about acting skills here, so how is that related to beauty? Aimee still has a long way to go, maybe she will improve in the years ahead ^^ All TVB actress have talent and I agree with you that Sheren is a brilliant actress 😀

      • Jujek Phoenix says:

        She may be bit talented but others will outshine her. Yeah i also talked about Beauty cos I think there is a group of ppl in this world that Vote these ppl just becos of their face instead of talent which of course should not be a best actress or actor criteria ,it won be fair. Maybe all of the TVb ppl are talented but now there’s a talent drain cos the really talented ones are flying off to China and the younger folks are still not up to standards ,which is kinda sad :'(

    • Chibi says:

      No idea what Aimee is doing in top 5 nomination list for best actress. MAKES NO SENSE.

      And Liza? I reckon they only put her in there to give her ‘face’. It’s obvious neither of them were really in the competition :p

  • rainy says:

    i’m disagree with you because i seriously enjoyed the role of Aimee and edwin siu because it was so hilarious.But i really don’t get the role in the other truth was such a nonsense nominated.
    I seriously disatisfy with the result this year and FH3 won no award at all. Truely Sheren tang was the most fit for best actress haha. Too bad that Jessica shuan was not there. She also is a very talent actress.

  • rainy says:

    One more thing that i saw few actress such as Tavia was so good but this year almost all of her role kind of suck that turn her down a lot even it was a lead role. For guy, Ron ng and Steven. I really hope that Ron Ng will win the award but maybe because of his scandal with Vivian. Really hope TVB will be more impartial nextt year. And i really wish they will promote Maggie cheung because if u watched her old series, it was so good too. She is a talent one.

    • Jujek Phoenix says:

      I do agree with u with u those actors and actresses u mentioned except aimee that they are the more talented ones especially ron and tavia. But I can’t accept the fact that Elena Kong went home with nothing again, she should either get best supporting at least! TVb seriously needs to look hard at their every action . In the first place, Elena should have gotten an award last year already but they just had to give it to fala for her irritating role in no regrets. Seriously disappointed. U should watch Elena ‘s acting , a true talent in the making 🙂

      • misstila says:

        i feel like the reason tvb doesn’t promote elena kong is because she came from atv, tvb kinda treats atv actors/actresses badly like ruco chen always had to take evil roles and his break through was the other truth because all the other siu sangs were buzy with other dramas, and stephen au also came from atv they always gave him shitty roles until ppl started noticing him but yet hes still not promoted lol. there are probably a lot more ppl but those are the only 3 i know of so far.

        • misstila says:

          oh and the only ATV actor they promoted was raymond wong.

        • Jujek Phoenix says:

          I didn’t noe dat o_O does TVb have some issues with atv ? Cos at This rate TVb is going ,their gonna chase all the talented ones away

        • EY says:

          yea i have to agree with that. surprisingly all these ex-atv people are the ones who can act, probably due to their exposure from atv days.

        • rainy says:

          Wow i believe that Wayne Lai is ATV too though but i did like him but it was irritate me that it took him for like more than 10 years in showbiz industy, and until 2008, they finally promoteing him. I did enjoy Fala role in Live of Emission though it was kinda funny.

  • Chibi says:

    I felt the competition was very weak this year, so I wasn’t exactly excited or hoping anyone in particular grabbed the awards, which is a shame. I was surprised to hear Kevin Cheng and Myolie Wu grab 3 awards each..I mean, maybe Kevin– but Myolie? favorite character award? Are you serious? XD I actually really disliked her acting in Curse of the Royal Harem- as usual over exaggerating. I don’t think she deserves best actress for this, but then I looked at the other top 5 nominations and thought- “oh” XDD Well, I wasn’t fond of anyone in the top 5 nomination list so…I guess that explains it. Looking at the quality of the winners this year compared to the last, it’s obvious TVB drama quality is deteriorating. Cause let’s face it.. if they don’t produce good dramas with good, memorable characters, the actors won’t be able to impress the audience. Personally, I didn’t care too much about Linda not winning favourite female (I didn’t think her role as Miss Koo was that great anyway)- but it wouldn’t hurt to share some awards :p I dunno, this year’s winners don’t excite me too much.

  • j00ky says:

    lol.. I remember seeing Lee Heung Kam around Sydney’s Chinatown.. was kinda strange seeing her in real life, but got used to it and now its strange again to see her back on tv XD

    Best Actor: I like Kevin and he is a good actor, though I personally thot Bosco’s performance really stood out in LoO.. how funny that he snubbed Linda’s ‘hug’ before going to accept the award?! LOL!!

    Best Actress: The best lady won :).. omg how funny was it Francis making a joke out of Pat and Pat was getting pissy lmao!! ugh Pat is disgusting, ‘acting your age’ or at least closer to it comes to mind for him lol

    Best Supporting Actor: I was rooting for Jazz he’s always been a good actor IMO… but 1,2,3 were all good choices.

    Best Supporting Actress: No comment, but thought Sharon’s speech was a little fake.. lol loved seeing Felix there to lighten things up 🙂

    Most Improved: I like Jin and I agree with you about his contribution to TVB not just on LoO… and I liked how he used the line from his song ‘ABC’ about learning canto from watching TVB.. cos it’s true, so many ABC’s can relate to that song XD

    Most Improved Actress: I preferred Mandy to win.. Sire to me is just not all that memorable, I can only remember her in 1 series ;P

    Fav Character Male: No comment, Kevin’s character is too good. 🙂

    Fav Character Female: I was just happy it wasn’t Linda or Fala! *EVIL LAUGHS*

    Extraordinarily Elegant Male and Female Artists :
    So cute lol.. these 2 seem like a good match, they both don’t take things to heart example, the short tongue comment lmao they will do well together in the long run awww

    TVB.com Popularity Award: wow Ray finally got knocked off the top… that presenter who read out the wrong name is a mega douche! TVB should never have him back as a presenter again ~_~ and to think he is a ‘lyricist’? Eric Tsang was right to laugh at him on one episode of Super previously about that when he can’t even read properly lol

    Other comments: What was that outfit Liza Wang was wearing?! rofl!! There has not been one outfit of Liza’s I have liked in a long time on any big shows ~_~ This tops the worst along with that garbage bag dress she had on once lol

  • Jeslene says:

    In my opinion:

    Best Actor:Ron Ng(FH3!!! ^-^)

    Best Actress:Kate Tsui(FH3!!!!^^)

    Best Supporting Actor:Ben Wong(can’t think of anyone)

    Best Supporting Actress:Sharon Chan(same as above)

    Most Improved Actor:MC Jin(same as above)

    Most Improved Actress:Mandy Wong(Home Troopers)

    My Favourite Male Character:Ron Ng(FH3!!^__^)

    My Favourite Female Character:Kate Tsui(FH3!!^__^)

    Best Series For 2011:Forensic Heroes 3!!!

    but the actual results are still okay though.

    i hope this year in all my opinions(excluding best supporting actress and best supporting actor)will win,especially Kate Tsui and Ron Ng ~~~~ JiaYou!~ <3 Kate Tsui and Ron Ng <3

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