January 2015

[New Series]: Noblesse Oblige

English Title: Noblesse Oblige

Cantonese Title:  宦海奇官 (waan hoi kei goon)

Cast: Kenneth Ma 馬國明,Tavia Yeung 楊怡,Joel Chan 陳山聰,Benjamin Yuen 袁偉豪,Lau Dan 劉丹,Yoyo Chen 陳自瑤,Cilla Kung 樂瞳,Ram Chiang 蔣志光

Episodes: 21

Airing date: 29 December 2014 – 24 January 2015 (replacing ‘Lady Sour‘)

Themesong是非 Rumors – Grace Wong & Ronald Law

Official: Website

Executive Producer:


TVB Noblesse Oblige
Official Synopsis

Novice nun WAI-LAM (Tavia Yeung) and her fellow apprentice WAI-YU (Cilla Kung) are eager to borrow money to treat their abbess’ illness. By accident, they get to know a wealthy heir of a bank, TO CHUN-FUNG (Kenneth Ma), and are forced to become maids of TO’s family so as to pay off their debt. WAI-LAM is a highly skilled martial artist, and she constantly helps mischievous CHUN-FUNG clean up his messes. Although the two do not agree with each other, they often offer mutual support to one another at a crucial moment, and thereby, unintentionally, develop a close friendship. Later on, CHUN-FUNG gets unexpected help and becomes a head magistrate. At first he thinks he is going to move smoothly up the officialdom ladder with help and attention from his governor brother TO CHUN-MING (Joel Chan) and good friend FONG KWAI-CHEUNG (Benjamin Yuen). Gradually, he starts feeling that he is under the stranglehold of the deep-rooted political corruption and outrageous abuse of power. In the abyss of such misgovernment, he witnesses those who surround him seek personal gain resulting in a miscarriage of justice. Also, in light of this, he unmasks the culprit behind the massacre of WAI-LAM’s family which happened in her childhood, getting both him and WAI-LAM in great trouble……


4 Responses to “[New Series]: Noblesse Oblige”

  • faithict says:

    Just completed watching this series. Overall I find the plot pretty boring and a bit disappointing. When I read the official synopsis, I thought it would be like solving multiple interesting crime solving cases but ended up to be one single one; find the books that contains all the crime of the corrupted officers.
    So basically tong chun-fung was was asked by the “wong ye” to become an officer to clean up the courts. Then later was assigned to find the books that contain the crime which by then had taken almost 17 episodes from it. Ended with a few minutes of the king asking tong to burn them all and forgive all the corrupted officers who had done wrong. I was like, what? After all the effort was spent, and you did not even want to punish the main villain? So many people were sacrificed in the process. It was bit illogical. After burning the books, it never explains why tong’s father or the initial officer was involved in this. It never explains why the main villain wants to get hold of the tong’s family business.
    Although the ending is sort of happy ending, but I feel that are a lot of unexplained characters and somehow the plot is pretty disappointing, boring and not funny overall.
    what happen to tong’s big brother? How did he end up with tong’s business? Did all the subordinate of the villain die as well due to the poison? What happen to the “wong ye” when the king was sick? Lose power to the 8th prince? How did the 4th prince ended up being the king? It took one year for both tong and wai-lam to find one another? And what is this, about tong wanting to become a priest when he thought that wai-lam is going to be a nun? And then decided not to when finding out wai-lam is not going to be nun? And that has to after 1 year during wai-lam’s mum death anniversary? Very illogical and doesn’t makes sense at all.
    Also with the wong ye showing up at church asking tong to go back to become officer just because the 4th prince has now become king, then what happen during that one year, did the wong ye really lose power? Did the 8th prince had a war?
    When the villain died, stabbed by wai-lam’s mother, it seems like the climax (if there is one) just died and went straight to the end of the story. We never know what happen to the rest of the people who are involved in this, never really see that the villain got what he deserved except just merely get stabbed. Then what is it about Benjamin going back to tong with tattered clothes and haggard? Is it really that hard for him to survive out there by himself?
    Overall I would not recommend this show to anyone except if you are to your utmost bored and really have nothing to do. In here, I really cannot see both Kenneth ma and tavia yeung shines in their characters. Perhaps their characters are too boring.

    • KTVB says:

      Hi faithict 🙂
      Thanks for sharing!
      I skipped this series overall so was interesting to read your thoughts on the series! Doesn’t sound like a very solid series at all…loops everywhere! Not going to waste my time on this series lol

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