July 2012

[New Series]: Witness Insecurity

English Title: Witness Insecurity

Cantonese Title: 護花危情 (woo fa n gai ching) Dangerous Protection

Cast: Bosco Wong 黃宗澤 (飾許瑋琛), Linda Chung 鍾嘉欣 (飾喬子琳), Paul Chun 秦沛 (飾喬江山), Ram Chiang 蔣志光 (飾喬江河), Cilla Kung 樂瞳 (飾李巧欣), Ronald Law 羅鈞滿 (飾楊耀東), Queenie Chu, Rachel Kan 簡慕華 (飾周美虹)

Episodes: 20

Airing date: 2 July 2012 (after ‘Master of Play’)

Themesong: The Most Blissful Thing (最幸福的事)- Linda Chung (CD)

Executive Producer: Lau Ka Ho

Scriptwriter: Choi Ting Ting

Official: Website | Purchase DVD @ YesAsia.com (English Subtitles)

TVB Witness Insecurity

Inspector HUI WAI-SUM (Bosco Wong) of the Witness Protection Unit of the Hong Kong Police Force is assigned to protect tycoon KIU KONG-SHAN’s (Paul Chun) daughter KIU CHI-LAM (Linda Chung). The lives of these two complete strangers are thus interwoven. CHI-LAM is a bit of an eccentric who lives in her own world. WAI-SUM opens her up. Despite the opposition of KONG-SHAN, she takes the initiative to court WAI-SUM. With CHI-LAM getting more and more cheerful and positive, KONG-SHAN, though reluctantly, acquiesces to her going out with WAI-SUM. In the meantime, the sudden appearance of LAI SHU-FUNG (Lee Kwok Lun), a friend whom KONG-SHAN has not seen for over 30 years, gets on everybody’s nerves. When WAI-SUM discovers the secret amongst SHU-FUNG and the KIU brothers accidentally, he is put in a dilemma of upholding justice or choosing CHI-LAM.

警方保護證人組督察許瑋琛(黃宗澤)奉命保護城中富商喬江山(秦沛)女兒喬子琳(鍾嘉欣),從此兩個南轅北轍的命運交織一起!子琳性格孤僻古怪,一直困在 自己的世界,瑋琛的出現叫她打開了心扉,還對瑋琛暗生好感,更不理江山反對,主動展開追求!江山眼見女兒變得開朗主動,逐漸軟化默許,但一個三十多年前的 故人黎樹風(李國麟)突然回來,掀引著各人的神經線,瑋琛發現樹風與喬氏兄弟之間有著不為人知的秘密,令瑋琛陷於困局,掙扎於公義及愛情之間……

Note: The series was originally announced to be a spin-off of the 2011 series Yes, Sir. Sorry, Sir! featuring the popular character “Miss Cool” portrayed by Linda Chung

Credit: TVB.com.au

22 Responses to “[New Series]: Witness Insecurity”

  • echizen says:

    I’m chasing this!

    Bosco is damn hot and made me addicted! It’s a totally different flip from bai-co 😀

  • Ri says:

    This reminds me of that TVB show from awhile back also about bodyguards! Don’t remember much from it but it’s interesting that this is only the 2nd bodyguard-themed series TVD has made! Hope it goes well, it does look interesting!

    • KTVB says:

      haha I don’t think I’ve seen that Bodyguard series before ^^; I haven’t really been following the series- might start once I hear great reviews about it! =) I saw the first episode with reference to “Chok Fung” though..TVB should stop making references like that..kinda getting old.

      • Ri says:

        I’m abt 7 eps in and so far so good. Not GREAT but Bosco’s character is pretty likeable. I get a bit bored with the other storylines tho haha. And i agree, TVB needs to put this “chok Fung” thing to a rest.. I can’t be the only one who desperately wants to forget Raymond’s “Chok” song/MV -.-

        • Linda says:

          There was another show about WPU …was a rather old one that we had bought some time the start of the year..And i too thought of that when I saw this series…but…lol despite it not being long ago I don’t really remember it…OH OH OH! I think it was a Wong Hei series…let me look it up =]

          http://www.spcnet.tv/TVB-Series/Deadly-Protection-p1501.html ok. so now I have the poster i can remember the series without reading the review xDD

          But yes was a good story all round. Very interesting =]]

    • Shermaine says:

      You mean the one with Michael Miu?

  • misstila says:

    bosco is so hot here!!!

  • Madeline says:

    I find this show pretty interesting. Bosco looks handsome as always!! I like how Linda is pretty much into her character and I like the new song she sung for this show’s themesong. This show…So far so great. Hopefully we can see more action along the way 🙂

  • echizen says:

    I’m on episode 8. The drama is getting better and I’m spazzing at Hui sir/wai sam’s charm! OMG 🙂

  • faithict says:

    I started watching this series…and found this show pretty interesting… :)Both the main actor and the main actress aka bosco and linda are pretty charming as a couple…
    I am amazed that Paul is pretty good in portraying as a caring father and big brother…basically he did a lot for both of them….i really hope that he did not get into trouble or ended up in jail since he did a lot for his family…
    For both linda and bosco…i am really liking their cool characters…one is having depression and so am very cool towards everyone around her…while the other is cool as a bodyguard… ^_^ really hoping that both of them can end up together…:$
    Another thing that i like about this series is the theme song…really really like the song a lot… :)sort of mysterious, sad but at the same time romantic happy feeling…lol…
    In summary, i would recommend this series….I am currently at episode 9, hopefully this series won’t disappoint me as the story moves on… 😛

  • xFatee says:

    Are you going to write summaries for each episode? ;o

  • sugar says:

    hey K you should watch this drama when you have time ^_^ I love Bosco here~ it’s ending next week T_T sad but it’s a great drama so far.

  • Diane says:

    so sad that Bosco and Myolie broke up

  • Domofreakxx says:

    Witness Insecurity is a great movie. The part tht i didnt like is the ending since bosco died. I was hoping Bosco and Linda could be together. I liked the theme song alot <3 bosco is so awesome.

  • Amy says:

    I’m very disappointed that they cut this series from twenty episodes to only nineteen. When I finally saw the finale, it felt like I was given a summary of episode nineteen in the first two minutes then was watching episode twenty. This series captivated me and I have über ADHD, so that means a lot. The actors are all phenomenal, and the storyline is really good even tho it could be slow a bit at times. Overall I really liked this one, and I especially loved Paul Chun’s acting, this guy deserves an award, I mean he can play any character and ace it. And Linda and bosco’s romance is really sweet too. Someone in this series should win an award please.

  • Amy says:

    Ps: sorry for the rant, Is there a legitimate link or site where I can complain about them cutting an episode out of the series? I wanna rip their heads off :)) only because I read that they only did that to promote ghetto justice 2…. I like Kevin Cheng, but I also like to watch my tvb in full, and bosco was super sweet and hot in this series. Anyone know of the site I can complain to so the pple in hk can read it? Lol

  • JacJac says:

    This is one of the better series this year. I kinda miss Boda. I think this series is better than most of the series that has been aired.

  • ruby says:

    Its so sad he died at the end. They should have left him be with Linda. He is already an orphange, he should be with someone he love

  • Joanne says:

    Anyone have any idea about what is the song played in episode 17 around 36.40mins where the scene bosco went home after talking to linda?

    • Joanne says:

      I couldnt find the song after few hours of attempt. Do let me know if anyone have any idea. Thanks

      • Maria says:

        i searched for two days and no luck. 🙁 at first i thought the song is singing in enlgish then part french? and realized it can be part spanish. i tried “i need moses i need moses pele si yo i need moses i need moses pele si yo”

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