November 2013

[New Series]: Bounty Lady

English Title: Bounty Lady

Cantonese Title: Myç››Lady (My Sing Lady)

Cast:  Dayo Wong 黃子華, Kate Tsui 徐子珊, Sharon Chan 陳敏之, Louis Yuen 阮兆祥, Benz Hui Siu Hung 許紹雄 , Elena Kong 江美儀, Samantha Ko 高海寧, Sammy Sum 沈震軒

Note: Dayo won Best Actor 2013 for this series; Benz Hui won Best Supporting Actor

Episodes: 20

Airing date: 25 November 2013 (Replacing Will Power)

Themesong: Dayo Wong | Think of a Day (想一天) Sub- Sharon Chan  *CD*

Official: Website | Purchase DVD @ YesAsia.com (English Subtitles)

Executive Producer: Man Wai Hung 

Scriptwriter:  Leung Yan Tung
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Official Synopsis

Leading Public Affairs Expert HEUNG KWONG-NAM (Dayo Wong), a renowned savior of the bachelorettes in town, often helps his single female clients have a happy marriage by using unexpected methods, yet he himself remains single and is satisfied with short-term relationships.
Newly joined Account Officer SING FA-LUI (Kate Tsui) misconceives that KWONG-NAM, his elder brother HEUNG SIN-NAM (Benz Hui ), co-worker TUNG TIN-KIU (Louis Yuen) and BUT FAN-KEUNG (Jazz Lam), who are also known as super senior, indulge themselves in having fun and partying all night.  Despising what KWONG-NAM has done, she expressly reprimands him for being such a bad guy and courting women by taking advantage of his job.  Meanwhile, seeing that KWONG-NAM makes his subordinate YUEN HUEN (Sharon Chan) popular as an internet singer so as to pursue her.   YUEN HUEN’s aunt YUEN SUM (Elena Kong) also hates his guts, frequently criticizing KWONG-NAM in her column.  However, KWONG-NAM makes light of it and continues in his own way until his ex-girlfriend emerges.  As such, the relationship between them turns upside down dramatically, triggering a fierce battle between the Hong Kong Guys and Girls that is never seen before……

皇 牌公關香廣男(黃子華)被譽為城中盛女救星,經常以出位手段幫助單身女性客戶找到美滿姻緣,自己卻獨善其身,選擇短線戀愛,新上班的客戶主任盛花蕾(徐子 珊)誤會廣男及其大哥香善男(許紹雄)、同事董天驕(阮兆祥)和畢奮強(林子善) 合稱的super senior愛夜蒲尋歡,因而不恥廣男的所作所為,直斥他是爛滾港男,藉工作親近女性,又眼見廣男為追求下屬袁萱(陳敏之)將她捧為網絡歌手,身為袁萱姑 姐的袁琛(江美儀)同樣對廣男恨之入骨,經常在自己的專欄惡意抨擊廣男,但廣男對這一切不以為意,依舊我行我素,直至前女友突然現身,令各人關係出現戲劇 性的逆轉,引爆前所未有的港男盛女大激戰……

Credit: TVB.com.au

One Response to “[New Series]: Bounty Lady”

  • ben says:

    Though the drama is good but the ending is kinda disappointed. They could have made it better. Despite what I just said, this drama help Dayo Wong win the 2013 TVB BEST ACTOR. Congrats!

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