This is a poll I had up on the sidebar previously (and quite awhile ago) so I’ve decided to take it down and put it on a post on its own. The two series do not have much in common and was merely compared because they were both airred during the same month in Hong […]


May 2008

[The Seventh Day] Episode 16-20

*Final post on The Seventh Day* I finally finished this series! Actually it’s been a while since I’ve finished it (end of March) but haven’t had the time to post it up! Sad to say but I was actually waiting for the series to end…I expected the story to be a lot more touching and […]


March 2008

[The Seventh Day] Episode 11-15

Up until now, Natalie and Bosco still wins it for me <3 I still enjoy watching Natalie and Bosco’s relationship and storyline over Niki and Kevin’s. I love the chemistry they share and I’ve been been rooting for this couple since. I liked episode 11 a lot because I thought the scenes after Bosco and […]


March 2008

[The Seventh Day] Cast your Votes!

*KTVB votes for Bosco and Natalie =)


March 2008

[The Seventh Day] Episode 6-10 Thoughts

In these five episodes, I started to switch my interest towards watching Bosco and Natalie’s relationship and found them more entertaining than Niki and Kevin’s relationship. I guess it might be because they haven’t really gotten together at this stage, even though they started dating. There were still some parts which made my eyes roll, […]


March 2008

[The Seventh Day] Episode 1-5 Thoughts

Am I enjoying The Seventh Day? I guess I can say I sort of am, but I’m hoping that there would be a more solid storyline and direction or I may start losing interest. A lot of the time, this series seems quite unrealistic and a bit ‘silly’, especially between Natalie and Bosco but they’re […]

There were two scenes in episode 2 of The Seventh Day that particularly caught my attention. I really liked those scenes too =) They had resemblances to other scenes used before in TVB. Perhaps it was used more than once, but this is one I can still remember ^^; Near the start of the episode, […]


February 2008

[New Series]: The Seventh Day

Cast: Kevin Cheng, Niki Chow, Bosco Wong, Natalie Tong, Elaine Yui, Eddie Li, Sam Chan.. Episodes: 20 Release Date: February-March 2008 Synopsis Unforgettable Encounter. Two People with Same Birthday Finding a True Heart as the Greatest Love of All YAU CHI-WING (Kevin Cheng) and HUI WAI-YAN (Bosco Wong) were both born on the seventh day […]