April 2013

[New Series] Bullet Brain

English Title: Brain Bullet

Cantonese Title:  神探高倫布 (san taam go lun bo)

Cast: 黎耀祥, Wayne Lai Yiu Cheung, 敖嘉年 Pierre Ngo, 馬賽 Sire Ma, 蕭正楠 Edwin Siu, 唐詩詠 Natalie Tong, 劉丹 Lau Dan, 布偉傑 Brian T. Burrell, Joe Junior

Episodes: 25

Airing date: 8 April 2013- 10 May 2013 (After Sergeant Tabloid release in HK)

Themesong: My History (我的歷史)- Edwin Siu (CD Version)

Genre: Mystery, Fantasy, Detective

Official: Website

Executive Producer: Lee Tim Shing (Rosey Business, A Fistful of Stances, No Regrets, Bottled Passion)

Scriptwriter: Yip Kwong Yum

Bullet Brain TVB Official Poster


This story takes place in Hong Kong during the 1960s. KO TAI-HEI (Wayne Lai), an illegal immigrant who is kind-hearted by nature, gains recognition from his father’s good friend LOUIS KIM (Joe Junior), who helps him join the Police Force. By accident, he gets shot in the head, and the bullet fragments stimulate his brain cells, accelerating his brain evolution to the highest IQ level. With such a dramatic change, TAI-HEI becomes a brave and resourceful detective, consecutively solving mysterious cases. Meanwhile, he turns ruthless and is utterly unscrupulous in his dealings with others, saving his best friend and partner PAU PING-ON (Pierre Ngo), to whom he still shows some mercy. Realizing the situation could have been worse, his supervisor LOUIS assigns a female inspector called EVA KIM (Sire Ma) to spy on TAI-HEI. Unexpectedly, his adopted daughter EVA instead defends TAI-HEI in all respects, leading to fluctuations in her once progressive relationship with her fellow colleague CHOI FEI-LUNG (Edwin Siu). Later on, TAI-HEI encounters famous social butterfly SZETO NAM (Natalie Tong) who resembles his first love MUI MUI (Natalie Tong), entailing the intricacies of the relationship between them. PING-ON cannot bear to see TAI-HEI is led astray and gets into more trouble, so he schemes to save TAI-HEI. Instead, that gets TAI-HEI injured, rendering another tremendous transformation in his personality……

故事發生於六十年代的香港,本性善良的高大喜(黎耀祥)偷渡來港,得父親好友金路易(Joe Junior)賞識加入警隊,一次意外腦部中槍,子彈碎片激活腦細胞進化令智商飈升,大喜搖身變了屢破奇案的智勇神探,但他同時變得冷酷無情,不擇手段, 唯獨對好友兼拍擋包平安(敖嘉年)還留下幾分情義,上司路易見勢頭不對,即指派女督察金伊娃(馬賽)暗中監視大喜,豈料這個養女反過來處處維護他,令伊娃 與同僚蔡飛龍(蕭正楠)漸入佳境的感情起了變化,而大喜因結識了貌似初戀情人梅妹(唐詩詠)的名交際花司徒男(唐詩詠),令各人關係錯綜複雜;平安不忍大 喜誤入歧途越踐越深,本想施計相救,卻令大喜受傷,性情再度出現大逆轉……

11 Responses to “[New Series] Bullet Brain”

  • Rin says:

    Any comments on this? I’m interested as it’s by the same producer as Rosey Business, No Regrets, and Bottled Passion but the weird poster is throwing me off. & the cast is meh meh besides Wayne 🙁

    • KTVB says:

      I haven’t started watching it either, been a bit busy lately! Like you, I’m interested for the same reason, and having doubts because of the same reason..hahah

  • karen says:

    I watched a few eps… its so boring in the first few eps… Im hoping it will pick up soon or otherwise im going to drop it.

  • Mei says:

    Is anyone following this series? I have watch the first ten episodes and feeling confused. I don’t get the storyline, timeline or character motivation/development. I normally love Wayne’s series but this is really weird. I don’t know if I will carry on with it.

  • ac says:

    i will be giving this one a miss because of bad reviews.

    • JacJac says:

      Heard a lot of bad reviews this drama. I skipped it since the casts doesn’t interest me. I’m waiting for Change of Heart for Bosco, Michael Miu, Niki Chow, and Joey Meng. <3.

  • Sam says:

    Well i defnitely think it’s worth watching. There’ll be showing of wayne’s struggles in the latter half, and also pierre’s struggle, he gets polluted by Wayne in mid late… (im trying not to give much spoilers here)
    This drama is like how in a great way to care 2’s Tavia Yeung defecting because she wanted to be powerful….
    There’s a lot of flashbacks. It says how like wayne has double personalities… when he has a headache, he sounds nicer… but he eventually loses that cold ego and only remembers up to when he gets shot…. there’s more to happen… I’m a bit lazy too
    so i can just tell you, there’s a lot to do with pierre and wayne in here… If you concentrate on them more than everyone else…. apart from Mui Mui…. (Natalie) or the character’s popularity in the Fictional Hong Kong… The motivation is that the evil personality seems to even want to deprive of their dumping spouses…. (oops more spoilers)
    Also a bit of feeling produced slowly over the episodes that the Sky/God seems like a semi villian, even mocking the two buddies Tai Hei and ‘Good’ Ping On by messing with their IQ’s and dispositions towards dealing with social life.
    (oops even more spoiler!!! Eurrgghh I feel like these people can’t understand unless I translate the backdrop of what’s happening… -_-

    • Mei says:

      So okay the mixed timeline and split personality thing could be interesting but it’s being done in a really tedious way. I could even probably cope with the meandering and seeming pointless storyline, and lack of character development if it weren’t for the seriously bad acting by the 2 female leads – especially since Wayne was in a coma. Not expecting Oscar worthy performances but it has to at least not make me want to remove their hammy acting from my memory with a cheese grater. I think I am now ready to completely give up.

  • ac says:

    can u add the synopsis for Beauty at War

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