Face to Fate 布衣神相 TVB Drama Poster


  • Raymond Lam (æž—å³°) as 賴藥兒
  • Tavia Yeung (楊 怡) as 葉夢色
  • Selena Li (李詩韻) as 嫣夜來
  • Frankie Lam (林文龍) as 李布衣
  • John Chiang (姜大衛) as 沈星南(「飛魚山莊」掌門)
  • Anne Heung (向海嵐) as 米纖 (沈星南妻)
  • Nancy Wu (胡定欣) as 沈絳紅 (沈星南女)
  • Derek Kwok (郭政鴻) as 柳焚餘

Episodes: 30


According to the practice in the martial world, a duel between the virtuous sects and the evil cults is to be arranged every five years, in which five representatives from each side are involved and the winning party will be appointed the leader of the martial world for the coming five years. A number of kung-fu masters from the virtuous sects have been mysteriously assassinated before the upcoming duel. Lee Bo-Yee (Frankie Lam), who is an expert in martial arts and physiognomy reading, steps into the Martial Arts world is to look for sake of Peace and the virtuous sects to help five other potential representatives.
Lai Yeuk-Yee (Raymond Lam), a gifted physician who does not care too much about others.

Thoughts and Comments

I love this series!! Its been one of my favourites for the year (2006) ! ^^ I really like the casts in this series, the storyline and the romance ^^ And there’s Raymond!! I was really looking forward seeing him in the series =D All Raymond Lam fans should watch this series hahaa…he has a really cool personality XD

Funny though, the first episode didn’t really catch my attention (maybe started picking up after episode 2?) From then, it had kept me addicted and hooked for the rest of the series..and I was quite sad that it was ending. 30 episodes really isn’t enough! After seeing trailers on tv, it caught my attention because of the cool fighting scenes, graphics and it was a Wuxia Ancient series =D Haven’t seen a good one in ages~~


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My favourite couple in the series is Raymond and Selena!! (with Derek and Nancy close behind) I love it every time they appear on screen; watching their relationship grow ^^ Raymond appeared to have liked her when they first met, but that was because he likes flirting with pretty girls and she’d start bickering back at him. ^^ They are so sweet!
Having watched half way into [Face to Fate], I couldn’t help but start my own blog ^^ I wished I had done so earlier though.

Rating: 9.5/10

Purchase: Buy the DVD from YesAsia!


Entries– episode synopsis, thoughts (contains spoilers):

Episode 16: Raymond and Selena’s sweet moment. The third warrior found.
Episode 17: The death of Raymond’s brother. Tavia’s father revealed.
Episode 18: The battle between the god and ghost doctor. Nancy and Derek embrace each other.
Episode 19: Convincing Fiona and Evergreen to battle.
Episode 20: Dark clan leader revealed.
Episode 21
Episode 22: Nancy’s wedding. Nance and Derek Elopes.
Episode 23
Episode 24
Episode 25
Episode 26
Episode 27
Episode 28
Episode 29
Episode 30[Final] Includes Screencaptures *new*


I’m a bit bias when taking screencaptures ^^ You’re notice there will be a lot more Raymond Lam captures than the others XD

Episode 1, 2: Meet Frankie, Tavia, Monk, Raymond

Episode 3, 4: Raymond saves Tavia [the bath scene]; Anne first appears; Anne and Frankie’s past

Episode 5: Selena first appears

Other Random Thoughts

Same Casts, Mixing Characters
After Thoughts
: after finishing the series
Cut Scene: Raymond and Selena


Screencaptures: Opening and Ending
Themesong Lyrics, Translations & Downloads: Themesong | SubThemesong | Full Version
Nancy and Derek Music Videos
Behind the Scenes Interview Clips

18 Responses to “Face to Fate 布衣神相”

  • KTVB says:

    I haven’t found any yet. I will post them up if I do, but I don’t have access to the interview clips. I was hoping to find some on Selena and some on Derek too. I have noticed there’s someone slowing putting up clips with scenes of Nancy and Derek, and Tavia.org is only putting up ones related to Tavia, Tavia/Raymond.

  • KikoTsukino says:

    Do you know anywhere in you-tube that you can watch an interview on Derek as Lau fun yu in FTF, because i want to watch it badly…

  • Em says:

    Just finished watching the series – really enjoyed it!! : )

  • frostbite says:

    Hello! Nice blog! I just realised that you are from spcnet. Hehe, nice to meet you! Pity this is the only section of your blog i can read. I haven’t watched MV and AHWL and i don’t want to be spoilt. Hehe. Keep going with your blog!

  • Ra says:

    I think there were some parts the have bein cut.

  • lynn says:

    hi, do u know where i can download the theme song by frankie and tavia??

  • lynn says:

    hey, sorry to leave another msg so soon. Thanks for the tranlations, could you pls, in your spare time type out the pin yin for the frankie and tavia song?? =) Thanks loads, or just tell me where i can find it.

  • stormquickening says:

    hi …. nice blog u hav here
    but juz one request do you know where to download this series? i’ve been trying everywhere thanks

  • wong says:

    Anybody know the torrent for this ?

  • Cathy says:

    I would rather have fungyi being paired than raymond and selena.

  • onecentz says:

    hihi….i love face to fate too !

    i prefer LiBuYi & YeMengSe together than the other 2 but it’s nice man
    if only i can see the whole thing now…it’s currently 19-20+ episodes now on TV

  • rourou says:

    can u have the sub theme to be downloaded by Zshare?i cant receive that one.thanks!

  • Flower says:

    i lyk li bu yi & ye meng se, then shen jiang hong & liu fan yue.

  • cookie says:

    did whoever put the screen captures for episodes 1-5 like raymond???You put alot of pictures of him

  • MissyMe~ says:

    do you noe any active links to download this series? i really want to watch it again.
    ty xD

  • Angela says:

    lol i love that bath scene where Raymond saves Tavia.

  • BlueMoon says:

    I love this series. I had watched it in Vietnamese guess it doesn’t in English. Even though I’m Vietnamese but i eagle to watch the series in English.
    Espectually I just love Derek. He’s so cool^^. And another of my favorite character is Tavia’s father, don’t know why, maybe it because he’s the first character made me… cry. He’s evil but he not lost his heart.

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