March 2010

[Born Rich] Episode 36-41 Finale

Hi everyone! It has been a long while since I finished watching Born Rich (and I’m sure you guys have too), so I’m going to keep this final post nice and brief, yet at the same time, share some of my thoughts on some of the main happenings so I can give my BR postings […]


February 2010

[Born Rich] Episode 31-35 Thoughts

The story is getting more interesting again!! As things are settling down, I begin not to hate Angie anymore because I am slowly accepting what Connie has said. I mean, I don’t mind her that much. Connie and Marcus’ divorce has become a fact now and as long as I see Connie happy that her […]


January 2010

[Born Rich] Episode 26-30 Thoughts

Some more exciting episodes~~!! Topman’s confrontation Topman’s ex-girlfriend finally wakes up so the barrier between him and Rene is removed. Unfortunately Rene continues to find excuses not to accept him. Topman is really disappointed because he really tried his best. They even got engaged, yet she’s still not sure? Topman knew that Rene still had […]


January 2010

[Born Rich] Episode 21-25 Thoughts

I hate Marcus and Angie…!! These episodes have a high focus on the affair between the two and it’s making me feel slightly sick. Finding out Topman has a son, Yatming deliberately tells Marcus and uses Marcus to tell his sister the truth. After refusing to believe Marcus (or much rather in denial),  Rene proceeded […]


December 2009

[Born Rich] Episode 16-20 Thoughts

Within these 5 episodes, the whole series turns into a different mood altogether. Marcus finds out that Angie has never stopped loving him the whole time. Thanks to Wendy (Connie’s cousin and Marcus’ secretary), Angie and Marcus get trapped on a boat as ‘proof’ of the relationship that exists between  the two- in hope Angie’s […]


November 2009

[Born Rich] Polls


November 2009

[Born Rich] Episode 11-15 Thoughts

The focus of these episodes moves away from Anita and Gallen and more onto Ray’s relationships – love triangles and challenge he faces at work. I felt  kinda glad there was a bit of a break off Anita/ Gallen/Joe  since they were heavily focused in Episode 10- keeps things live and refreshing when we will […]


November 2009

[Born Rich] Sub Themesong Lyrics & Translations

English Translations by KTVB Please credit http://tvb.dearchibi.com if re-posted. Thanks! : )