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Series Info & Synopsis
Episode 1: Meet Steven, Benny, Yuen Wah
Episode 2: Shirley appears
Episode 3: Selena and Mimi appears
Episode 4 :Selena and Mimi stay at Benny’s place
Episode 5: Joel appears. The Soccer match. Benny finds out Selena is a girl
Episode 6: Shirley and Benny’s wedding. Mimi falls in love
Episode 7: Yeun Wah’s past revealed. Mimi and Shirley’s fight.
Episode 8: Steven pursues Shirley. Mimi finds out the truth.
Episode 9: Selena and Benny reunite
Episode 10:Try to make Rebeeca regain her memories. Benny and Selena Elope.
Episode 11: Joel and Mimi’s wedding. Selena and Benny’s wedding.
Episode 12: Benny becomes poor. Shirley reunites with her family.
Episode 13: Benny sells his wife away. The death of Benny’s mother.
Episode 14: Attempt to save Yuen Wah and Rebecca.The true villain revealed.
Episode 15: The death of Yuen Wah and Rebecca. Joel’s death.
Episode 16: Steven works for Benny
Episode 17: The Empirical grave
Episode 18 : Mimi and Benny’s Wedding. Shirley gets buried.
Episode 19 : Benny’s plans ruined!
Episode 20– Final: A Change of Destiny. The New King.

Overview of the series: review-like *NEW*


Opening Screencaptures
Themesong: Lyrics and Themesong download (Full Version)

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