August 2014

[Black Heart White Soul] Polls

Now half way through the series..which is your favourite character and pairings? 😀


June 2014

[The Ultimate Addiction] Polls



May 2014

[Never Dance Alone] Polls

*Note: Poll is for the character so this includes their young versions as well! 🙂


April 2014

[Ruse of Engagement] Polls

Cast your vote! 😀  

Hi everyone! Hope everyone is well 🙂 Sorry for the slow updates in the recent months! I have been super busy that I’ve been losing track of time..and it just hit me that The TVB Anniversary Awards Presentation is on tonight!! As part of K-TVB’s usual tradition, I have put up a poll of all […]


August 2013

[Triumph in the Skies II] Voting Polls


June 2013

[A Change of Heart] Polls

I’m currently up to date with this series on episode 15! I really like it so far and it is mainly due to a good storyline and very interesting characters and interactions. Hopefully the rest of the series won’t disappoint! 🙂


April 2013

[A Great Way to Care II] Polls