May 2013

[New Series]: Beauty at War

English Title: Beauty at War

Grand Production

Cantonese Title: 金枝慾孽貳 (gam ji yuk yip yi)

Cast: Sheren Tang 鄧萃雯, Ada Choi 蔡少芬, Christine Ng 伍詠薇, Moses Chan 陳豪, Eddie Kwan Lai Kit 關禮傑, Kenny Wong Tak Bun 黃德斌, Tracy Ip 葉翠翠 , Rachel Kan 簡慕華,

Episodes: 30

Airing date: 22 April 2013 (After ‘A Great Way to Care 2′)

Themesong: Red and Beauty (ç´…å­½) by Christine Ng (CD) | Sub- Forbidden Rumor (紫禁飄謠)– Christine Ng and Moses Chan (CD)

Official: Website | Purchase DVD @ YesAsia.com (English Subtitles)

Executive Producer: Chik Kei Yee (War and Beauty, Let it Be Love, The Gem of Life, Master of Play)

Scriptwriter: Chow Yuk Ming

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In order to air her grievances towards her elder sister Lady YUE YUET (Sheren Tang), Lady SHUN YUEN-SAU (Christine Ng) spreads rumors of YUE YUET in the palace.

The ambitious nursing mother SEUNG-LING (Ada Choi) tries to collect evidence against the rumors in exchange for money from others. She naturally becomes a trusted follower and a close friend of Lady YUE very soon. Meanwhile, the arrival of famous actors KO LAU-FEI (Moses Chan) and WAN TSAU-YIN (Eddie Kwan Lai Kit) captures the heart of every woman in the palace including the lonely YUEN-SAU. YUE YUET tries to stop YUEN-SAU from committing adultery by playing tricks but this put her into an intricate polygonal relationship with SEUNG-LING and LAU-FEI accidentally. YUEN-SAU tries to fight back by getting help from the fortune-teller TUNG KAT-HOI (Kenny Wong Tak Bun). Others think that KAT-HOI is a crazy guy but they never realize that the palace is origin of all the craziness…

淳 太妃宛琇(伍詠薇)為宣洩對親姐姐如妃如玥(鄧萃雯)的不滿,故意在後宮散播種種謠言,充滿機心的乳娘湘菱(蔡少芬)借勢為他人查證真偽來謀利生財,亦順 理成章成了如妃的親信,二人情同姊妹,直至戲班老倌高流斐(陳豪)及花旦雲秋玹(關禮傑)入宮演出,牽動了後宮一眾芳心,包括深閨寂寞的宛琇,如玥為免宛 琇行差踏錯影響大局,想了一個萬全之策,但萬料不到竟令自己身陷湘菱和流斐一段千絲萬縷的多角關係中,宛琇為向姐姐還以顏色,占卜師佟吉海(黃德斌)成了 她最強一將,旁人眼中以為吉海是個瘋子,但局中人卻深深知道叫人瘋癲的卻是這座紫禁城……

Credit: TVB.com

15 Responses to “[New Series]: Beauty at War”

  • Chibi says:

    Originally I had planned to watch this, but after hearing so much negative reviews on this drama, I’ve decided to give it a pass… :/

  • KTVB says:

    The series has been released for 3 weeks now and I’m still on episode 5 ^^; I really want to watch it because it’s a TVB grand production and has potential to be good, especially with Sheren Tang leading. I’m really struggling to watch it though because the story line is so…slow..and heavy..and confusing. I mean, I get the basics of the story but would like the story to progress. There is so much misunderstandings in the series and scheming going on already.. I don’t particularly like Kenny, Moses or Eddie in here at the moment. Hopefully things will get more interesting when they enter the palace and interact with the female leads.

    What I am slightly confused about is where the emperor and empress are… The fisrt 5 mins of the series we see the emperor in a businss suit, and him leaving (?) the palace… would be great if someone can tell me what’s going on?

    • Magic says:

      The emperor seen in the beginning of the series was actually Puyi, the last emperor. I’ve heard he was there to serve as a metaphor, telling us about the blindness of the people in the palace and how the Qing Dynasty was already in ruins a long time ago. Then the time goes back a hundred years and you get the time when the Jiaqing Emperor rules. I still haven’t seen him or the empress yet but I’m still on episode 13 (waiting for the English sub 🙁 ).

      I am loving Beauty at War! To be honest, there are times when I get confused because they’ve deliberately cut scenes out (well I feel like they’ve done that to make us think (or confuse us…)), but I still love it! The acting is superb (minus Christine Kuo) and the story, I think, is good so far. I don’t mind the pace but I do wish it could’ve been just a little bit faster. The only things I find really boring are Moses and Eddie’s scenes. The episode with Alice was alright though.

      I recommend you continue because it is gradually picking up. I definitely am. I can’t sit still waiting for episode 14 and 15. 😐

      • KTVB says:

        Interesting…! Thanks for sharing. I didn’t even know there was a time difference from the exercpt at the beginning. No wonder it didn’t seem to connect..

  • JacJac says:

    K. I reposted. You can delete my other post. xd.

    I watched up to episode 7. I have a mixed feeling about this series. I enjoy watching the scheming of Ada Choi, Katy Kung, and Rachel Kan but I’m not so interested in Mose and Eddy Kwan. This series is depth but too slow. Just hope it doesn’t focus too much on Mose and Eddy or I’ll fall asleep. I’m actually curious about Kenny and see his prediction. BTW Slow Boat Home is an upcoming love beach drama starring your favorite Raymond Wong and Selena Li. The pictures of Slow Boat looks fun and good but the plot looks cliche. Don’t know if you want to give Slow Boat a try?

    • KTVB says:

      Hey JacJac 🙂

      Yeh I don’t mind watching Ada, Katy and Rachel..Moses and Eddy..ekk…I’m onto episode 25 now, and somehow Moses turns more likeable while Eddie turns….weird and more unlikable.

      I’m loving Ada’s performance more than anything. All her crying scenes are brillant!

      I think Katy’s got a nice role here too.

      Not sure about “Slow Boat” yet ^^;

  • ac says:

    I will be giving this series a miss because of the reviews and low ratings in Hong Kong. Not going to watch bullet brain either. So far this year tvb series have been a big disappointment.The only series I like are A great way to care 2 which I am currently watching and heart road GPS was good as well.I liked ruco chans character and that newbie main actress was alright and not annoying.Undecided if I gonna watch sergeant tabloid. looking forward to triumph in the skies 2 sniper standoff and brothers keeper. Might watch slow boat next.

    • JacJac says:

      2011 and 2012 wasn’t a good year for me. This year is the worst so far. First half of this year didn’t go so well. Hope the second half will be better. But am starting to lose motivation to watch dramas.

    • KTVB says:

      I ended up watching [Beauty at War] anyway….lol Now that I’m on episode 25, I might as well finish it. But yeh, it has some good parts, but mostly draggy and slow…

  • JacJac says:

    Heard from many fans that this series will get better at episode 14 and on. I find this series sometimes boring and sometimes good. Will watch episode 9 then will decide if I will continue. It’s pretty slow.

  • I was so hyped up about this series because of the cast. It was a bit of a let down though 🙁 i have very mixed feelings about this series. It’s really draggy but its amusing once the draggy scenes are over. At the beginning i really hated moses character cuz he was so arrogant and felt bad for eddie. But later on moses got better and eddie got worst. At first i didn’t really like christine’s ng’s character but then later on her acting wasn’t as stiff and she became more natural and i liked her character more. The character i like the most is ada’s. i don’t know why so many people were complaining about tracy yip saying she can’t act for life and botox blah blah but i think she did an ok job (come on look at christine kuo she can’t even say her lines right) sheren’s acting is good as usual but im not liking the evil yu fei shes morphing into :0 even though it’s super draggy i’m still willing to watch each episode ^_^ hopefully the storyline gets more interesting!

    • KTVB says:

      Hi Dongfangguniang, you sound like me! Persisted to watch on despite the draggy-ness. I don’t know whether it was worth it though lol (on episode 25 at the moment)

      I agree with you about disliking the arrogant Moses at start, feeling sorry for Eddie, then switching around and disliking Eddie and now I’m ok with Moses. Moses surprisingly “changed” when he went to the palace. I guess he was more reserved and careful while in the palace. I feel extremely sorry for Vivian Yeo who plays Eddie’s wife. Looks like Eddie’s gone to the point of no return- can’t wait til he finds out what he did to his own unborn child! Teach him a lesson to treat his wife like that. I bet those “rumours” of him “being a girl” to the emperor are true. There is no way he could be so highly regarded by the emperor solely on his performance…

      I’m still not sure why Eddie decided to help Moses when he was almost caught out with Ada- maybe they’ll reveal later on.

      Argh Christine Kuo is just plain annoying..

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