November 2014

[New Series]: Overachievers

English Title: Overachievers [Grand Production- Anniversary Series] Cantonese Title:  名門暗戰 (ming moon am jin) Cast: Wayne Lai 黎耀祥,Raymond Wong 黃浩然,Edwin Siu 蕭正楠,Power Chan 陳國邦,Raymond Cho 曹永廉,Nancy Wu 胡定欣,Maggie Shiu 邵美琪,Susanna Kwan 關菊英 Episodes: 30 Airing date:  4 November 2014 – 14 December 2014 (Replacing Tomorrow is Another Day) Themesong: 真實謊言 True Lies– Susanna Kwan | Sub […]


September 2014

[New Series]: All That Is Bitter Is Sweet

English Title: All That Is Bitter Is Sweet Cantonese Title:  大藥坊 Cast: Linda Chung 鍾嘉欣,Ruco Chan 陳展鵬,Raymond Wong 黃浩然,Natalie Tong 唐詩詠,Pierre Ngo 敖嘉年,Sammy Sum 沈震軒,Ngo Wah 岳華,潘志文 Episodes: 30 Airing date: 8 September 2014 – 17 October 2014 (Replacing Rear Mirror) Themesong: 心藥 Heart Medicine-Teresa Cheung* | Sub- 大愛 Big Love-Linda Chung* Official: Website Executive Producer: […]

Yesterday I decided to head out to the city to attend Kristal Tin & Raymond Wong’s autograph session at Sydney Sussex Centre! It has been awhile since I’ve attended one of these ^^  I wasn’t too keen on last years since Moses came (for the 3-4th time?? XD) but I do like both Kristal and […]


July 2014

[Meet the Stars] TVB Australia Carnival 2014

Details Event:  TVB Australia Carnival (previously known as ‘Jadeworld Carnival’) Date: Sunday 31 August 2014 Time: 9am-5pm Location: Burwood Park, Burwood NSW, Australia Guest Stars: Kristal Tin & Raymond Wong =================== Event: Autograph Session Date: Saturday 30 August 2014 Time: 4pm Location: Sussex Centre I would love to go meet these two! 🙂 Currently watching […]


April 2014

[New Series]: Swipe Tap Love

English Title: Swipe Tap Love Cantonese Title: 愛我請留言 [Love Me, Please Leave a Message] Cast: Raymond Wong 黃浩然 , Priscilla Wong 黃翠如, Eddie Kwan 關禮傑 , Tony Hung 洪永城, Kelly Fu 傅嘉莉, Elaine Yiu 姚子羚, Vincent Wong 王浩信 , Rebecca Chan   陳秀珠 Episodes: 20 Airing date: 31 March – 25 April 2014 (after ‘Storm […]


July 2013

[New Series]: Karma Rider

English Title: Karma Rider Cantonese Title: 師父‧明白了 (si foo ming baak liu) Cast: Raymond Wong 黃浩然  , Priscilla Wong 黃翠如 , Evergreen Mak 麥長青, Yoyo Chen 陳自瑤, Law Lan 羅蘭 , Kaki Leung 梁嘉琪, Cilla Kung 樂瞳, Mat Yeung 楊明 Episodes: 20 Airing date: 15 July 2013 (replacing ‘Awfully Lawful‘) Themesong: Understood (明白了) by Hubert […]


May 2013

[New Series]: Slow Boat Home

English Title: Slow Boat Home Cantonese Title: 情越海岸線 (ching yuet hoi ngon sin) Cast: Raymond Wong 黃浩然, Ruco Chan 陳展鵬, Aimee Chan 陳茵媺, Selena Li 李詩韻, Elaine Yiu 姚子羚, Matt Yeung 楊明, Cilla Kung 樂瞳, Yueh Hua 岳華 Episodes: 25 Airing date: 13 May 2013 (After Bullet Brain) Themesong: Still Wishing (還想)- Kay Tse (CD)* […]


January 2013

[New Series]: The Day of Days

English Title: The day of days Cantonese Title: 初五啟市錄 (choh ng kai si luk) Cast: Raymond Wong Ho Yin 黃浩然, Sonija Kwok 郭羡妮 , Sunny Chan 陳錦鴻, Lin Xia Wei 林夏薇, Mat Yeung 楊明, Patrick Tang 鄧健泓, Cilla Kung 樂瞳, Evergreen Mak Cheung Ching 麥長青 Episodes: 20 Airing date: 21 January – 15 February 2013 […]