December 2011

[New Series]: Bottled Passion

English Title: Bottled Passion

Cantonese Title: 我的如意狼君 (ngoh dik yue yi long gwan)

Cast: Niki Chow 周麗淇 (飾徐芯), Raymond Wong 黃浩然 (飾佟本善), Joel Chan 陳山聰 (飾高爾泰), Elaine Yiu 姚子羚 (飾高爾喬), Katy Kung 龔嘉欣 (飾高爾雅), Raymond Cho 曹永廉 (飾徐平), Jack Wu 胡諾言 (飾原佑軒), Ching Hor Wai 程可為 (飾林玉嫻), Rebecca Chu 陳秀珠 (飾董幗馨), Kwok Fung 郭峰 (飾高兆堂)

Episodes: 21

Airing date: 6 December 2011 (Airring after ‘Curse of the Royal Harem’)

Themesong: 朝花夕拾- Teresa Cheung (CD)

Official: Website | Purchase DVD @ YesAsia.com (English Subtitles)

Executive Producer: Lee Tim Sing

Scriptwriter: Chan Ching Yee

Bottled Passion

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MRS. KO TUNG KWOK-HING (Rebecca Chan) lies to her husband KO SHIU-TONG (Kwok Fung) that the orphan boy she brings home is his long lost illegal son, KO YEE-HO. TONG believes HO will make a better heir than his elder son, KO YEE-TAI (Joel Chan), resulting in HING’s kicking HO out of the house in anger. HO has been living a vagabond life since. After having enough of the bitter taste of life, he is determined to let the KO family know how it feels to lose one’s family. So he stages a comeback with the name of TUNG PUN-SIN (Raymond Wong Ho Yin). SIN’s childhood friend TSU SUM (Niki Chow) has recently taken over her family soy sauce shop. He decides to win her love, fully confident that he will win her wealth as well. Later, this swindler in love decides that TONG’s two daughters will be his next prey.

高夫人董幗韾(陳秀珠)收養了一名孤兒並捏造他是夫婿高兆堂(郭峰)尋找多年的私生子高爾浩,兆堂認為爾浩比長子高爾泰(陳山聰)更適宜作繼承人,惹來幗 馨的不滿,怒將爾浩逐出家門;爾浩一個人顛沛流離,嚐盡人間苦水,並決以虛假的身份佟本善(黃浩然)回高家報仇,令他們一嚐痛失親情的滋味,其間他重遇兒 時好友徐芯(周麗淇),本善覬覦她剛接管的家傳醬油老店,不惜利用多年的友誼騙取她的金和心,又不擇手段玩弄高家兩位千金,成了一個機關算盡的愛情大騙 子……

Credit: TVB.com.au

18 Responses to “[New Series]: Bottled Passion”

  • aiMiXue says:

    Aww, I was hoping to find out who
    Au Nai Tong (牛奶糖) was from the movie…
    But trailers & the synopsis gave it away. (I know it’s obvious, but I wanted to keep guessing). =)

    • Lala says:

      well you never know there could be a twist… but from whats been said about Niki’s past im guessing there wont be… but you never know =p

  • Lala says:

    I love this series!!! Its so fresh and im always anticipating the next ep! I say fresh because there’s no Kate or Fala (Ive seen enough of them this year)

    And can i say Raymond Wong is such a hottie =D it feels wrong saying it cos his married with a Kid but its the truth =p

    ah Ruco and Raymond W. as Eunuch’s in “the great eunich” – such a waste =P

    • K2K says:

      Ruco pulled out of ‘the big eunuch’ series. He’ll is to film another comedy series in January. Although they added Edwin Siu, Nancy Wu, and Aimee Chan, so it’s like the whole FH3 gang without Ruco.

      • Lala says:

        really??? i was kinda looking forward to seeing him in TGE cos saw the sales presentation of one of his drama with him bosco and Aimee… doesnt look good =/ but at least he will be in something else but i didnt imagine Comedy? wow im curious (but excited) to see how Ruco does comedy doesnt seem “ruco-like”.
        I suppose its a smart move because with such “highly promoted” cast he prob wont get to shine. But im really wanting a Raymond Wong and Ruco drama again maybe with Mandy Wong? i wanna see more “fresh” cast

  • snow says:

    this almost sound exactly like the korean drama BAD GUY. lol is this a remake of the korean version? anybody knows?
    Im watching for raymond !

    • lernet says:

      I’m glad that someone finally pointed out that the plot is not original at all!! Bad Guy (Korean drama) starring Han Ga In has the same plot. The entire revenge on the 2 sisters and family is exactly the same as Bad Guy. The only changes appear to be just the soy sauce factory and the time period.

      But you’re right, Raymond is the eye candy in the show and hopefully the ending is better than Bad Guy’s.

      • Chi says:

        Oh wow, I mentioned the same thing on the thread for this series on the asianfanatics forum. Thought I was the only one who noticed the similarity, haha. Better not have the same ending.

  • hannah says:

    will you be doing episodic thoughts for this? i’d thought it would be nice to read your views on this drama. i’m really enjoying it a lot now! one of the best dramas from 2011 i feel. too bad about the really bad timeslot though. 🙁

  • GLORIA says:

    Seriously, who has fallen in love with the themesong 朝花夕拾 by 張德蘭. I totally love it. The storyline is very original and gets very interesting to see what happens next. I feel sad when I see Raymond cry when we all know he doesn’t mean too but he must for revenge 🙁

    • KTVB says:

      I agree with you, love raymond <3 The storyline seemed quite original to be, but as others have posted- looks like another plagarised story from Korean Dramas.. (sigh) At least they used a good one!

  • Victoria says:

    I wish there was an option for Claire You in the poll! She’s so awesome with the yelling but so sweet when she knows when to stop yelling and support the family 🙂
    I seriously fell in love with Raymond and Niki’s love story!

  • Bob says:

    I just finished watching the series finale. i enjoyed the ending and I really like nikki and Raymond love story but it was a shame that raymond had to die at the end. I felt that they could easily do a BP2 and it does not confirm that Raymond is actually dead they could say some one found Raymond floating on a boat badly injured. I really like Elaine acting in this series and i feel sorry for Elaine as she was one of the victims but did she really have to stab Raymond. I think Raymond and nikki acting in this series was very good and the story line was good. This was a very good series.

  • Gloria says:

    They could make a sequel of bottled passion that shows how they reunited in their next life to continue their third love story 🙂 Ngwaa <3

  • Jessamine says:

    I love watching “Bottled Passion” but doesn’t like the ending part as Raymond and Nikki could’t be together … although it shows their love will reunited in their next life. Hopefully there will be another Part 2 cause it does not shows Raymond dead. Very touching kind of love story.

  • Karenn says:

    I was initially put off by the poster… but luckily i still took the time to watch the entire series and i can can proudly say i LOVED it, but this was before i saw the ending which i so angry at… why couldn’t the script writers let TS and TBS be together they’ve been separated for like 20+ years. i wanted a HAPPY ENDING… i so hope for a part 2 where they reunite… but the ending was pretty much closed off and resolved…

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