August 2009

[Poll] Laughing Gor Movie

Overview and Thoughts
*Contains some spoilers*

I went to see the movie last night and thought it was pretty cool!! Haven’ t seen a HK movie in Aussie cinemas for a long time. I went up to the counter and I’m like..”I’d like tickets to ‘Laughing- gor” (It sounded a bit awkward lol!! Would have been easier to say “Turning Point” Movie please ^^)

I think it’d be quite different watching this movie as a standalone movie, and one as the prequel to E.U. Watching it from the perspective of E.U. prequel, I like how there were references from the series (e.g the coin).

They’ve also mixed in similar ideas from E.U- mainly the latter bit in the series where everyone gets killed…

Like E.U how they mentioned the police force sends a lot of undercovers; and many either die – identity revealed, or get shot by their own police members (like Laughing Gor in EU, Kenny Wong in Turning Point) without them evening knowing- or what the police fear the most- undercovers turning into real gangsters.

But as it is also a standalone movie- and Laughing’s character being a bit different from the series; the story does not directly link to E.U. Laughing, is not the same Laughing in E.U- his intentions are different- the one in the series never had doubts about his identity and his intentions were clear- he was a cop. In the movie however, I’m slightly confused in what he was actually doing lol Did he start out wanting to be a gangster and follow Anthony Wong because he saved him and he looked up to him? When he was sent to be an undercover, and the police sent him back as an undercover- what was he really trying to achieve? I saw Laughing as a good guy though so this part kind of confuses me ^^

Storyline put aside, I really liked watching Anthony and Francis XD One was cool, the other was funny and entertaining to watch! Anthony looked great with the makeup~ rather stylish I must say haha I also enjoyed watching Francis and Fala’s sibling relationship~ it was very touching… and sad they had to end that way. Seeing the TVB actors in it was also quite awesome~ Fala Chen (Francis’ sister), Koni Lui (Anthony’s gf), Tracy Yip(Lawyer), Johnson Lee (traitor), Wayne Lai( Cop- yuck, didn’t like him at all), Kenny Wong(undercover) and of course, the cameo appearance of Ron and Sammul!! LOL (I loved that part at the end XD) Wish we got to see more of them hehe

Finally, a scene which left me thinking. Near the end of the movie, we are once again shown the flashback of where Laughing follows Anthony Wong out of the convenient store.. We still see the shoe left behind by the robbers. As the two walk out; a police officer walks pass them and the scene is frozen there. Were they trying to imply that the police/justice will eventually win in the end? Or imply that if the police had came by sooner and saved Michael- he may have been a police instead of following the bad side?

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39 Responses to “[Poll] Laughing Gor Movie”

  • sandalls says:

    I saw this movie last week and it was a worthy film to watch… but it was kinda anti-climatic towards the end too hence I give this film 4/5 stars… Anthony Wong was hilarious, Francis Ng was awesome, Michael Tse has room for improvements, and Fala, well she was ok…

  • jRAW says:

    Fala didn’t even get any screen time.. Koni lui had more than her. Which was.. stupid.
    The jokes in this movie between Anthony and Francis are hilarious.

    • TVB_4eva says:

      hahaha yea I agree !!!
      I reckon Koni Lui suited the role alot, maybe it was because of her in “Catch me now”.
      Since Fala was her old girlfiend, why didn’t they mention anything about “Wendy” in E.U, for the movie ?
      Anyway, 5 STARS FOR ME xD !!!!!

      • jRAW says:

        Cause I don’t think Wendy was his GF yet. I think wendy is after fala. I like this movie because it lets you think and add bits to the movie because not all things connect to the drama xD

    • KTVB says:

      Yea..I read in some article about Koni Lui stealing the spotlight as female actress (which I don’t particularly mind since I really liked her in Catch Me Now). Guess I’ll just have to see 🙂

      • chibi says:

        They gave Koni quite a lot of spotlight and tried really hard to make her “cool” – like the part where she hops in the car and just drives over the other cars reversing! And the part where she pours water/tea on the ground at the restaurant. That was amusing.

        I really liked the dialouges! Entertaining.

  • TVB_4eva says:

    it’s funny how they actually write “Laughing Gor” as the movie title in Hoyts. Instead of the actual movie name “Turning Point”.
    Hope we see more of Laughing Gor in the future !!!
    TEEHEEE XD !!!

    • KTVB says:

      It’s just more well known I guess 🙂 Everyone knows Laughing Gor. Not everyone knows “Turning Point ” ^^ It’s like how in promotions and stuff, they refer to Fala as Laughing- So XD

  • sugar says:

    I would watch in the cinemas but where I live that would like never happen hahah, well it might but it’s very very rare.

    Really? Koni gets more screentime than Fala? That’s interesting haha. Is Koni playing Anthony’s gf?

  • Nicole says:

    i watched it in HK! one of the better HK movies in recent years i must say. yeah, the end was anti-climatic cos it had to connect with the beginning of the series. the sibling relationship between Francis/Fala was touching. i still don’t really understand Anthony’s character though…maybe you can explain him to me when you’re done watching. 😛

    • chibi says:

      hmm…I always thought Anthony was a good guy..but then he turned so eevil in the end O_O woah what a twist.. I don’t really understand his motive either..maybe he was a character that demonstrated that undercover cops can turn into a true triad. He didn’t feel trusted in the police force anyways.

      Francis and Anthony’s acting were exceptionally well done…very good! Michael’s character was a lot more likeable in EU.. but he still did a good job nevertheless.

    • KTVB says:

      Yea..I had a feeling everyone was going to die..and Laughing will choose to continue being an undercover (I can’t remember- did he flip the coin to make that decision in the end?)

      As for Anthony…he was an undercover; but after the police took him back- they didn’t accept him so he became a real triad member. It was an interesting scene watching him visit the cop at the hospital because something about that scene makes me feel that perhaps he was the only cop he still respected and looked up to. They worked together in the past while he was undercover etc But then something came along and Anthony believed Laughing was going to betray him- so he wanted to kill him off..

  • chibi says:

    The movie was pretty good!! Glad I watched it at the cinemas.. ^_^ I really liked the EU references, like “Fai Ye” leading the triad group at the time, the coin, and mentioning of “Hao Gor”. Sammel/Ron’s appearance in the end was made on WIN! LOL… they look so funny..

    That being said, a lot of Laughing Gor’s backstory has been changed..actually, all of it is completely different. It was a little disappointing in that respect, but it would make the story more interesting as a standalone- since.. if he was just purely good from beginning to end- I dunno, makes it less exciting? Here we have him kinda good- kinda bad.. don’t really know what he’s thinking. Though yes, it can get confusing when you think of him as the same Laughing Gor in EU.

    Francis, Anthony, Eric were very entertaining! Michael was good..Fala was..okay, I guess. Her kissing scene looked a bit awkward but her crying scenes were quite good.

    Didn’t like Wayne’s character very much..all he did was look angry, smoke a ciggy and kick people. XD

    Wong Yat Wa was good..though he looks really old now compared to his younger TVB days XD

  • jenny says:

    hey im a very big fan of TVB dramas and your blog too . but im viet and i can’t understand it til it out in my version . but i have a ? , will laughing gor turning point be out and in viet version ?

  • jRAW says:

    Did you find it weird at the end when laughing said ”I’m going to go closer to Hau gor now” Shouldn’t it of been ‘Tin Gor’? Cause Laughing didnt have that hairstyle when he wanted to get closer to Hau gor in E.U..

    • KTVB says:

      Yea..lol It makes me wonder how much time has passed too.

      It wouldn’t fully follow on to the series since Laughing wouldn’t have had underlings before he met Tin-gor lol Perhaps they mentioned Hau-gor because people would remember that name more than Tin-gor ^^;

    • chibi says:

      haha, you know I thought the exact same thing ^^;

  • Karenn says:

    It sounds very umm confusing????

  • LilBbySara says:

    Does anyone know where I can download this movie? Thanks. 🙂

  • jRAW says:

    The movies not confusing. But I think they had a bit to many flashbacks and you couldn’t tell if it was the past or now.

  • iamthetvbholic says:

    i like the end where they actually linked to EU.. but it was somewhat wrong.. like cos Laughing was supposed to bring down Tin Gor.. not Hau Gor yet cos he was still in jail.. and i feel that Laughing’s role is different cos he was still green to being an undercover.. it was probably after this whole Yat Gor (anthony) incident that probably he was able to blend in well with triads. and Ron and Sammul’s role are just nice cos at that point of time, they started off as patrol officers. the movie. IS COOL no doubt

  • Sammy says:

    I watched this in Australia as well!!

    Some of the scenes were pretty disturbing..Fala was suprisingly great with her character!

  • kat says:

    Well, I saw this movie last night at the cinemas and I must say it was rather disappointing. The music was soooo bad, it sounded like TVB was too cheap to hire anyone decent for the score. Not to mention there were WAY too many flashbacks. You have to really concentrate otherwise you wouldn’t know whether things were happen in “real” time or in the past.

    Laughing Gor was almost a supporting role in this movie, since Anthony Wong was probably the standout. I liked Anthony’s story though (going from UC to real gangster, his nickname of “Seven gor” was also funny).

    Even though Koni was very cool, Fala probably had the better role because he had more emotional scenes, esp the ones with Francis were done well.

  • zhao says:

    when is this movie available for download?

  • Strawberry_Eva says:

    I watch it in Australia too!

  • Lam says:

    Dear KTVB,

    Do you know where can I watch laughing gor online at?

  • Karenn says:

    It was confusing when i first watched then i had to re watch it for the second time and actually concentrate on the flash back. Then afterwards at the end i kinda didnt get the main plot of this movie but it was still a good movie

  • victor says:

    Anyone know the name of that song at the credits? Like the one that starts playing when Laughing meets Rom and Samuel

  • Anthony says:


    I really didn’t get the ending at all. Anthony put one gun down, and then he still had two, which if you think about it is one for each of them. Then he puts one in his belt. Then he stimulates Tse Teen Wah into taking his lights out. So what is happening!? Why does he choose to shoot the defenseless cop first, after he tried so hard to chase Tse?

    Just don’t get it…

  • fiona says:

    ehh…ok laaaaaaaa. I guess these are one of those movies that are really good the first time you watch it…but really, the second or more time you watch this…I guess you’d just fall asleep lol

  • Cindy says:

    Um, where do you guys live to watch Laughing Gor at Hoyts? Cos i live in Adelaide & I’ve seen no trailer or anything up on the screens.

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