October 2017

[New Series]: Line Walker 2: The Prelude

English Title: Line Walker 2 – The Prelude (Prequel to 2014’s Line Walker)

Cantonese Title:  使徒行者2 (si to haang je)

Cast: Michael Miu,Moses Chan, Jessica Hsuan, Benz Hui, Pakho Chau, Priscilla Wong, Benjamin Yuen

Episodes: 30

Airing date: 18 September 2017

Themesong: Sky Net (天網)-Pakho Chau | Sub 1: Forget Myself (忘記我自己) – Hana Kuk | Sub 2: Know One’s Place (安守本份)-Vivian Koo

TVB Line Walker2 The Prelude

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Comments: I’m so excited that this series came out!! :DD I’ve been so out of TVB these days I hadn’t even realised they were filming this ^^; and only recently came across it so I’m still playing catchup!!  The last Line Walker related thing I’ve seen was the movie released awhile back which I surprisingly enjoyed as well. It was a decent movie! Anyways, back to Line Walker 2, this series is a prequel to the first Line Walker series. Michael Miu & Benz Hui will be in it which is great because they’re both characters I liked and excited to see how they will add more to Benz’ back story (how he became what he’ll become, maybe more on his undercover days?). Adding to that, while I will miss Charmaine & Raymond on-screen, I am really excited by the strong casting- Jessica & Moses and the refreshing cast (Priscilla, Benjamin & Pakho). Fingers crossed this series will be a good one that will get my attention and have me hooked to my seat!

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