April 2012

[New Series]: Gloves Come Off

English Title: Gloves Come Off (Also known as “The Boxing King”)

Cantonese Title: 拳王 (kuen wong)

Cast: Kevin Cheng 鄭嘉穎, Raymond Wong Ho Yin 黃浩然 , Selena Li  李詩韻, Natalie Tong 唐詩詠 , Kenny Wong Tak Bun 黃德斌, Nancy Wu 胡定欣, Chan Kwok Bong 陳國邦 , Edwin Siu 蕭正楠

Episodes: 25

Airing date: 16 April 2012 (Airring after Daddy Good Deeds)

Themesong: One Hit Strike (一擊即中)  by Kevin Cheng (CD Version)

Executive Producer: Law Wing Yin

Scriptwriter: Kwan Chung Ling

Official: Website | Purchase DVD @ YesAsia.com (English Subtitles)


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TONG SHAP-YAT (Kevin Cheng) enters the underground boxing scene for money when he is learning Thai boxing with his senior brother KO WAI-TING (Kenny Wong) in Thailand, a decision he regrets for the rest of his life.

In order to turn over a new leaf, he withdraws from the boxing scene and finds himself a job as a security guard at a sports goods company. His outspokenness attracts the attention of his supervisor CHAI PAK-FAI (Selena Li). YAT and office assistant BUT KA-SHING (Raymond Wong) do not get along at the beginning but they become friends after their misunderstanding is eliminated. SHING’s passion for Thai boxing impresses YAT. He picks up the sports again and also helps SHING improve at Thai boxing. He returns to the boxing gymnasium, too, where he started out as a boxer, determines to train SHING and deaf-mute boxer TING YAN-TSZ (Nancy Wu) to be boxing champions. Later, YAT and SHING’s amity is put to the test when TING tries to sow discord between them.

唐拾一(鄭嘉穎)醉心泰拳,與師兄高偉廷(黃德斌)遠赴泰國習拳,因一時貪念走上黑拳之路,犯下令他痛苦一生的錯誤,回港後他決意忘記過去,退出拳壇,在 一家體育用品公司任職保安,他的直言吸引了女上司齊柏暉(李詩韻)的注意,而拾一與辦公室助理畢家成(黃浩然)亦在重重誤會後化敵為友,對泰拳充滿夢想的 家成更重燃拾一對泰拳的熱情,二人因拳擊建立了深厚的師徒情誼,拾一不單走出傷痛,更重返騰龍拳館,培育家成及聾啞拳手丁恩慈(胡定欣)成為拳王,可是師 兄偉廷卻對拾一因妒成恨,並從中唆擺家成,令拾一與家成的師徒關係面臨決裂…

Credit: TVB.com.au

29 Responses to “[New Series]: Gloves Come Off”

  • Madeline says:

    Wow Kevin Cheng and Raymond Wong in a drama together..this show is going to be epic and interesting 😀

    • KTVB says:

      Yep I’m pretty excited about this!! The cast looks good- hopefully it’ll be a blog-worthy one 🙂

    • Elizabeth says:

      Two of my most liked actors together!

      • Madeline says:

        Lol I’m actually disappointed in Raymond Wong’s character..I was hoping he can be more like the character in No Regrets.

        But I really love Kevin Cheng’s character 😀

  • Elie says:

    Woohoo Raymond Wong again!!! Looks like there’s going to be a lot more shirts off performance after what he pulled off in BP. 😛

  • Ri says:

    Just caught the first ep! At first was put off by Raymond Wong’s super obnoxious character but I really like Kevin in the role so far, he looks super cool! I sorta always right off Kevin as an OK actor but just occurred to me how far he’s come. He seems to ease into his roles more effortlessly now, like Wayne Lai and Steven Ma do, and I can’t say that for a lot of other TVB actors, even Kenneth Ma for that matter. Of course it’s only been one episode.. here’s hoping it gets better! 😀

  • Shinn says:

    Can you do the lyrics for this themesong? It’s very catchy and it sounds awesome. Anyone agree?

  • 12345 says:

    i have just watch the first 10 eps and i actually really like the show. at first i thought raymond and natalie will make a odd pair but they are pretty funny together. nancy character should develop in the future and i like selina and kevin as a pair. i am a big fan of the casts especially selina. the fighting in this series seems very real and very accurate. i think is very good and i would recommend it.

  • darek says:

    anyone know the english song that plays in the show?

    • Elie says:

      If you’re referring to the song in episode 10 where Raymond Wong and Kevin Cheng trained together, it’s “Don’t Look Back In Anger by Oasis” 🙂

  • Madeline says:

    I really love the bond between Kevin Cheng and his son in the show >.< soo sweet 😀 <3

  • oscarboy says:

    does anyone know where to find the guitar music in the background of the drama?

  • Bob says:

    what about the english song in esp 24 where Raymond reminiscing his deceased wife?

  • yan says:

    Besides “Try To Remember” and “Don’t Look Back In Anger”, there is another english song which always appear in guitar music as the background sound. Anyone knows what’s the name of that song?

    • Elie says:

      Give us a sample of maybe which episode and which scene? I’ve watched the series about 3 times now because of Raymond Wong. Lol I may be able to help you. 🙂

      • yan says:

        It appears in episode 14, time 32:35, where Natalie saw Raymond was making to-fu in their shop.
        I remembered there is a song sounds similar to the music. I think I heard it when Edward was with Don. But I’ve forgot which episode already.
        Hope to find it out. :]

        • Elie says:

          Sorry, but I can’t seem to find it. I’m wondering if TVB has their own database of instrumentals sometimes. :/

          Yes, it does sound like it’s been played a few times in the whole series, but I’m not too sure what song it is… 🙁

  • Madeline says:

    This show really brings in the Boxing Spirit. I really love Kevin Cheng especially in this show. I like what a great character Kevin Cheng is as Tang Shap Yat. And I like how he was able to overcome his past and be a boxer again especially because of Selena. I really think he should be nominated again for Best actor. He probably has a good chance of winning again.

    Not only do I find Kevin’s tang Shap Yat likable but I think Selena, Nancy, Natalie (in later on in the series) did pretty well too. At first I didn’t really like Selena but as her character gets into deep emotion, i’m starting to like her and feel pity for her after receiving this memory disease.

    Nancy also did pretty well, it’s not the best acting from her but I like the fact that she’s really sweet and soft in the inside and she knows what’s right and wrong.

    Natalie..I don’t really find her likable in the beginning because I don’t like how she acts so immature lol doesn’t really suit her. But as she married Buddy, she’s gotten more mature and Buddy has gotten less mature..xD

    There are also antagonists like Katy Kung that actually showed really good acting and her character makes me hate her soo much!! But you know that’s also what brings out very good acting and I’m impressed by her mostly.

    Overall, this drama was great. I’m not really looking forward for this show to have a “Gloves Come Off Two” or “Gloves Take On” lol..but it’ll be interesting to see what they’ll do for this show’s sequel.

    • Diane says:

      If there really is another Gloves Come Off series, I hope TVB will make a prequel. I really want to see Sap Yat’s history, how Muay Thai chose him. I really want to see Kevin and Kate as a couple! There’s so many I want to see that happened to Sap Yat before he entered jail!

  • KTVB says:

    Completed the series awhile back but never got around to dropping down some of my thoughts for the series, so here it is! :

    Gloves come off is one of the more enjoyable series of 2012. I like most of the characters and actors, particularly the down-to-earth Kevin and how he journeys through, trying to forget his past… he killed someone while doing underground boxing in Thailand and was sent to prison for 7 years. His wife (Kate Tsui) past away and he missed out on all those years of being able to raise and watch his son grow up. His life was filled with regrets-although he was once a boxing king; it was something he was not proud of and tried to avoid, refusing to go back to that path. However, fate eventually brought him back when he realises and finally admits that boxing is something he loves.

    I like the storyline and the theme (first boxing series I’ve watched). I noticed a phrase they like to use is “This is not how you should be boxing”- promoting it as a sport, rather than pure fighting so boxing seens to be a good thing XD I really don’t see how winning someone in a boxing match can turn them “good” (like Kevin v Raymond match in the end). I guess TVB is just trying to play safe by saying they’re not promoting violence? ^^;
    I really like Selena and Kevin’s relationship in the series, other than a few major faults (which you can read all about here)
    I can’t emphasis enough how CUTEEEE Kevin is with his son!! XD His son is so adorable and I love watching all their scenes together. It makes me wonder how Kevin raised him up so well- was it credits to Florence and Kenny? Despite them being together for about 2-3 years, it feels like they’ve never separated. Its so touching how much Kevin loves his son, and watching how hurt he was inside when all he wanted to give the best he could to his son- Working a few jobs, wanting to give him piano lessons, etc. For a little boy, he refers him to “Lou Gat” haha And the fist bump…cute! Love the boy so much and Kevin is just a loving father. The episodes where he got to friends with kevin’s father in law so neat too. Very heart felt and was a highlight in the series

    Power annoyed me so much. I thought he was nice character- he can’t even see what’s wrong, all the way until the end. I hated his character and didn’t feel sorry for him at all. He claims that he loves Nancy, yet seems to look down at her, and just wanted to control her life- not allowing her to follow her dreams. Ergh.
    Can’t seem to hate Kenny at the end anymore. Guess he wasn’t that bad towards the end. Nothing really happened that made him change, and he seems to make it seem like he was good all along. Great to have such a supportive wife. Ever since Kat Kung made an appearance, Kenny and Florence seem like good characters again.
    I found Natalie and Raymond quite random at first, but eventually they Natalie grows a lot more mature.
    ARGH!! I hate Katy Kung- her character is almost the same as her role in Bottled Passion- annoying brat, causing trouble and going after men who are married. I love watching how strong Natalie remained even after Raymond cheated on her; and how she finally had the support from her loving parent-in-laws. She’s matured and grown so much through the process and no long holds grudges again Raymond
    And finally, a nice breakthrough role for Nancy playing the mute girl 😉

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