June 2009

[Sweetness in the Salt] Updates

I was pleasantly surprised to hear that TVB is planning to release Sweetness in the Salt in Hong Kong on 8 June 2009  (as it was initially warehoused). It is believed that TVB decided to air the series due to its popularity from overseas rentals and the recent Success of Rosy Business, also produced by […]


February 2009

[Sweetness in the Salt] Episode 4-6 Thoughts

Tavia is now staying at Raymond’s place- helping out at the Salt Business, and taking care of Raymond and his health 🙂 Raymond’s father knows his son really likes her, and he really likes her a lot too so is always hoping they’ll end up together- it’s kinda cute lol XD The story is progressing […]

After recently starting Sweetness in the Salt, I’ve fallen in love with the themesong <3 (and the series of course) I really like the soothing melody and along with the lyrics, it leaves me that sad bittersweet feeling inside. The lyrics reflect the feelings of the main couple and suits the series really well. I […]


February 2009

[Sweetness in the Salt] Episode 1-3 Thoughts

I’ve just started watching Sweetness in the Salt and so far I’m quite enjoying it. I think Tavia’s pretty cute and I started warming up to her character quite quickly. The story revolves around salt where it is pretty much monopolised by rich business men (e.g Raymond Wong‘s father). In hope to help the poor […]


January 2009

[New Series]: Sweetness in the Salt

Title: Sweetness in the Salt 碧血盐枭 Cast: Steven Ma, Tavia Yeung, Raymond Wong, Kwok Fung, Halina Tam, Ngo Ka Nin, Joel Chan, Kara Hui, Cheung Chi Kwong Episodes: 25 Released: 5th January 2009(Overseas only)- Warehoused Series Airring on TVBJ Australia: 16 February, 2009 8:30pm after The Gem of Life Filming Date: December 2007 Producer: Lee […]