August 2007

[Phoenix Rising] Sorted

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Warning: Ending Spoiler!! [All my posts contain spoilers, but this is the ending, so an extra warning message ^__^] Before watching the final episode, I’ve heard lots of comments saying the ending was very sad and tragic (shocking?) so I was trying to imagine the worse ending possible. I wasn’t looking forward to episode 20 […]


August 2007

[Phoenix Rising] Episode 17

The series is getting more exciting! Louisa’s father-in-law (Ben’s father) catches on to the truth when he findsLouisa’s father wandering around himself down the streets in bad condition (and still crazy from before) who seems to have sneaked back to Shanghai himself. Ben’s father takes him to the mental hospital where Krystal and Jack happen […]


August 2007

[Phoenix Rising] Episode 16

In this episode, Louisa deliberately lures Krystal out by pushing a statue onto Krystal’s son who ends up in hospital. Upon hearing the news on the radio, Krystal rushes out to see him and she falls for her trap. Once again, Krystal’s character really annoyed me for sneaking to the hospital! Sunny’s bodyguard stopped her […]


August 2007

[Phoenix Rising] Episode 15

Very very annoyed. I was quite happy with the first half of the episode. The second half was really annoying to watch. Specifically.. Krystal’s character. She is SO ANNOYING! I hated Krystal’s stupidness. People might disagree because they see this as kindness in her and her love for others before herself, but I personally don’t […]


August 2007

[Phoenix Rising] Episode 14

I wasn’t very pleased with the first half of this episode- Leila and Krystal attempt to escape from prison, succeeded, yet ended up going back again! It annoys me because the old women got beaten up and suffered for nothing! She didn’t betray them because she wanted the two to escape! I just feel its […]


August 2007

[Phoenix Rising] Episode 13

After realising the man Sunny was going to seek help from had died and was no longer able to use that power to set Krystal free, Leila didn’t give up in hope and attempted to escape illegally again! While asked to clean the basement, Leila remembers a tunnel to the sewages hidden behind the cupboard […]


July 2007

[Phoenix Rising] Episode 8

Nancy Wu appears as a new prisoner who is pregnant with her boyfriend’s baby. She was imprisoned as a result of injuring her boyfriend after she realised that he was two-timing and seeing another women. I quite like her here. She’s able to stand up for herself so isn’t easily picked on. She often uses […]