February 2015

[New Series]: Raising the Bar

English Title:  Raising the Bar

Cantonese Title:  四個女仔三個BAR (sei goh nui jai saam goh BAR “Four girls, three Barristers”)

Cast: Ben Wong 黃智賢,Louis Cheung 張繼聰,Ram Chiang 蔣志光,Grace Chan 陳凱琳,Elaine Yiu 姚子羚,Jeanie Chan 陳瀅,Stephanie Ho 何雁詩,Natalie Tong唐詩詠

Episodes: 25

Airing date: 26 January 2015 – 27 February 2015 (Replacing ‘Noblesse Oblige‘)

Themesong: You & Me (我和你) – Stephanie Ho | Sub- In Front of People (面前人) Louis Cheung & Grace Chan

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TVB Raising the Bar

Official Synopsis

A group of barristers, pupil barristers, and trainee solicitors are determined to implement the rule of law in pursuit of their dreams, during which, however, they face great difficulties and challenges. The legendary couple in the legal profession, barrister FAN CHI-NGAI (Ben Wong) and his wife CHEUNG WAI-WAN (Elaine Yiu), have many pupils. Among them, TONG CHING-CHI (Grace Chan), FOK TSZ-YING (Jeannie Chan), and CHOW TSZ-BOK (Louis Cheung) are CHI-NGAI’s favorite ones. CHING-CHI’s classmate, TSANG HO-YAN (Moon Lau), joins WAI-WAN’s law firm to become their trainee solicitor; whereas her fellow sister YIU CHUI-FA (Stephanie Ho) starts her apprenticeship with another barrister YAM CHUN-YIP (Cheng Tsz Sing). TSZ-YING’s elder half-sister CHENG CHEUK-TUNG (Natalie Tong) has to change her job to join CHI-NGAI’s law firm because of her affair with married man CHUN-YIP. During their transformations from novice lawyers to qualified legal practitioners, they are always full of struggles with doubt, faith and agonizing decisions about their future. They all go through so many ups and downs whenever turning theory to reality to handle tricky cases, just like they have to tackle their love, family and friendship problems each and every day. Facing the impact of the legal norms, their personal orientations are thereby tested to the utmost……


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