More cameo appearances from 72 Tenants! This post includes some of the main characters too, so not limited to cameos. Kate Tsui as some mandarin-speaking secretary Stephy Tang  & Bosco Wong Linda Chung & Yip Man (hehe) Joe Ma and Ben Wong as Tenants

Kenneth Ma & Kevin Cheng as Firefighters Can this be Kevin from Burning Flame 3? XD Kenneth doesn’t even get a line in the movie lol! Nice to see Kevin and Kenneth together after A Fistful of Stances! Michael Tse as Laughing Gor Yes! This is the “same” Laughing Gor who is also undercover in […]

I’ve just finished watching the movie last night and found it quite entertaining 🙂 As most of you probably already know, this movie was released during Chinese New Year in February earlier in the year and now available on DVD! The highlight in the series was definitely the cameo appearances of the many many TVB […]