It has been a long time..I have finished this series in early April which is almost 3 months ago..finally I have the time to do a final overview ^^I figured I should hurry and finish this post now or it won’t be published indefinitely (and perhaps appropriate while the banner is still on The Master […]

This is a poll I had up on the sidebar previously (and quite awhile ago) so I’ve decided to take it down and put it on a post on its own. The two series do not have much in common and was merely compared because they were both airred during the same month in Hong […]


April 2008

[The Master of Taichi] Cast your vote!

*KTVB votes for Melissa and Vincent ^^

Warning: Ending Spoiler!! [All my posts contain spoilers, but this is the ending, so an extra warning message ^__^ With Derek holding the Vice President as hostage, they free Power and the President. As they slowly attempted to leave the place, Fred drives a car and crashes in! In the confusion, the Vice President frees […]


April 2008

[The Master of Taichi] Episode 24

And the action continues..approaching the end! As I had thought, Raymond deliberately rejected Myolie and pretended that he only did to take revenge on her to make her leave him, so he could commence with his plan with Power. They hope to gather evidence against the Vice President for his betrayal to the country and […]


April 2008

[The Master of Taichi] Episode 23

Another very exciting episode!! Raymond gets really upset and drunk thinking about the things Myolie had said to him. That night, Myolie was walking along the streets because she didn’t want to go back. A ‘crazy’ woman mistakes her as her granddaughter and starts offering words of advice to her and that she should try […]


April 2008

[The Master of Taichi] Episode 22

Such Excitement!! Vincent fights the Sect leader and eventually wins by throwing him off the stage, but grabs onto his arm so he wouldn’t hurt himself =) Such a nice guy <3 and the audiences were cheering on for him too. The Police Captain got Derek to secretly kill the Sect Leader internally, so shortly […]

Awwww…isn’t this just SO CUTE!!!?? I received this drawing from Chibi today so I thought I’d post it up to share! 😀 Thank you Chibi!!! ^^ I totally LOVE Melissa and Vincent in The Master of Taichi! I hope they end up with each other in the end 🙂 I’m really happy to see all […]