Final Thoughts on the series I finished watching the series last Friday and I’m kind of glad it has come to an end. The series didn’t exceed my expectation (not that my expectations for this series were high anyway) and I thought it was a rather average series. As mentioned previously, the only reason I […]


August 2008

[When a Dog Loves a Cat] Favourite Pet

For me, other than Gallen Lo, the animals are the highlights of the series! They’re really cute (except for the big dogs like Lyhome and his family of dogs lol in my opinion anyway haha) Which Pet is your favourite? I can’t really decide between Siu Ba, Cancan and Bailey lol Cancan and Bailey has […]

From watching the first five episodes, I know I am not going to like this series. It’s hard for me to enjoy it considering my major complaint goes to the female lead, Myolie. Her character “Chow Chow” is ridiculously annoying and gets on my nerves because she talks so much nonsense! Everything she says or […]

  Cast: Gallen Lo, Myolie Wu, Lui Fong, Bernice Liu, Margie Tsang, Raymond Wong… Episodes: 20 Release Date: July 2008 Producer: Kwan Wing Chung Scriptwriter: Chu King Kei Synopsis: Promise you love me, honor and keep me, for better or worse, in sickness and in health. CHOW CHI YU (Myolie Wu) once adopted a stray […]