January 2014

[New Series]: Outbound Love

English Title: Outbound Love

Cantonese Title: 單戀雙城 (daan lun seung seng)

Cast: Ruco Chan, Aimee Chan Lin Xia Wei, Tony Hung, Mat Yeung, Amy Fan, Samantha Ko, Elaine Yiu

Episodes: 22

Airing date: 20 January 2014 (Replacing Return of the Silver Tongue )

Themesong: 很想討厭你 (Really want to despise you)-Lin Xiawei | Just Missed Half A Step (差半步) Sub- Ruco Chan (CD) – Lyrics

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Official: Website | Purchase DVD @ YesAsia.com (English Subtitles)

Executive Producer: MaFong Tsun Chiu

Scriptwriter: Chan Ching Yee

TVB Outbound Love Official Poster

Official Synopsis
In order to develop new business, LAW SIK-SIK (Aimee Chan), who works for a travel agency, goes to Malaysia to have a meeting with her client.

Unexpectedly, her plans are ruined by a local cunning tour guide, LUK KUNG-CHI (Ruco Chan), resulting in a falling-out between the two. All of a sudden, SIK-SIK’s boyfriend CHING CHIN-BOK (Mat Yeung) appears to propose marriage to her. The pair start preparing for their wedding ceremony on the heels of their return to Hong Kong. Just when SIK-SIK thinks she is the happiest bride in the world, out of the blue, the intimate video clip showing her fiancé having an affair with her best friend are made public during the wedding ceremony. As such, grief-stricken SIK-SIK once again heads to Malaysia and changes her job to work in a local hotel, where she re-encounters KUNG-CHI. Due to each other’s different frame of mind, seemingly aloof yet close subtle feelings have gradually been developed between them. CHIN-BOK’s younger sister CHING CHIN-CHUN (Lin Xia Wei) has been taking SIK-SIK’s side instead of her own brother’s, supporting her break-up decision. Also through SIK-SIK, she gets to know celebrity chef CHIN TSUN (Tony Hung), becoming his apprentice to learn the cooking skills. After the two have spent some time together, CHIN-CHUN has a crush on her master. However, for all these years, CHIN TSUN cannot get SIK-SIK off his mind. Just when he is about to disclose his love affection towards SIK-SIK, CHIN-BOK starts pursuing SIK-SIK all over again, whereas the one who lays him a helping hand turns out to be KUNG-CHI…….

任 職旅行社的羅式適(陳茵媺)為公司開拓新業務,特赴馬來西亞與客戶開會,誰料被當地滑頭導遊陸恭梓(陳展鵬)破壞一切計劃,二人因而結怨,式適的男朋友程 展博(楊明)突然現身向她求婚,二人回港隨即籌備婚禮,當式適感到自己是世上最幸福的新娘時,男朋友與自己閨中密友的偷情片段竟在婚禮上公諸於世,式適擁 抱痛苦再赴馬來西亞,並轉往當地酒店工作,令她再度遇上恭梓,不一樣的心情為兩人營造了一種似遠還近的微妙感覺,展博的妹妹程展禛(林夏薇)幫理不幫親, 一直支持好友式適分手的決定,亦因式適的關係認識名廚錢進(洪永城)並跟他拜師學藝,相處之下,展禛愛上師傅,但多年來錢進心裡只有式適,試圖表白之際, 展博再度向式適展開攻勢,而助他一臂之力的竟就是恭梓……

Credit: TVB.com

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    very good

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