June 2007

[A Change of Destiny] 天機算

A List of all Posts made for the series! Entries– contains Spoilers and Screencaptures Series Info & Synopsis Episode 1: Meet Steven, Benny, Yuen Wah Episode 2: Shirley appears Episode 3: Selena and Mimi appears Episode 4 :Selena and Mimi stay at Benny’s place Episode 5: Joel appears. The Soccer match. Benny finds out Selena […]

*contains spoilers* Finally have it written up! When I first found out that [Heart of Greed] and [A Change of Destiny] were both airring, I was anticipating [Heart of Greed] a lot more and was sort of disappointed ACOD took the 7:10pm time slot instead of HOG. However, after watching the first few episodes, I […]

Warning: Ending Spoiler!! [All my posts contain spoilers, but this is the ending, so an extra warning message ^__^] Even though Benny’s plan was revealed, the King could not escape his fate as his brother did end up murdering him and to take over his throne. He shouldn’t have spoke so soon about giving his […]


May 2007

[A Change of Destiny] Episode 19

Benny ends up bringing his father to the King’s ancestor’s grave and locks him in the coffin alive (what a freaky thought =__=) as he believes this would help him become King (putting the corpse over that of the ancestors; like what the evil fortunate teller was trying to do). He’s too selfish and heartless…He […]


May 2007

[A Change of Destiny] Episode 18

Another exciting episode!~~ Benny and Mimi ended up ‘forcing’ the king to let the two be together, because Mimi gets preganant with Benny’s child. She also threatens to kill herself if he won’t let the two be together. Shirley, and Benny’s father find Selena and tells her about Benny’s true identity and ireal motive, and […]

Lately my mind has been everywhere..getting distracted with TVB series, trying to focus on my assignments and catching up on work for uni. Then there’s that news about Raymond coming to Sydney which has gotten my really excited lol My birthday is also coming up on the coming Monday ~ I’ll be turning 20 XD […]


May 2007

[A Change of Destiny] Episode 17

There were a lot of talk about the King, the Book of Destiny and FengSui…it was mainly between Steven, Benny and the evil fortune teller guy ‘assisting’ the King in predicting the King’s ‘death’, and hopefully a way to prevent this from happening. I couldn’t really focus on what they were talking about..lot of technical […]


May 2007

[A Change of Destiny] Episode 16

So much betrayl, backstabbing and acting..everyone seems to be lying to each other… Benny’s family business is re-established. Steven and Shirley is suspecting Benny because getting rid of Joel just went too smoothly. Steven and Shirley falls in the Evil Fortune Teller’s trap, gets hallucinations and start seeing the other as the evil fortune teller, […]