Moonlight Resonance 溏心風暴之家好月圓

2008 Grand production, indirect Sequel to 2007’s Award Winning series Heart of Greed 溏心風暴, currently the highest rated TVB series ever produced! (peaked at 50 points in the finale)

Moonlight Resonance 家好月圓


The Younger Generation

    • Moses Chan 陳豪 as Gam Wing Ga 甘永家/ Ah Ka
    • Raymond Lam 林峯 as Gam Wing Ho 甘永好/ Ah Ho
    • Tavia Yeung 楊怡 as Suen Hou Yuet 孫皓月/ Ah Yuet
    • Chris Lai Lok Yi 黎諾懿 as Gam Wing Yuen 甘永圓 / Ah Yuen
    • Fala Chen 陳法拉 as Gam Wing Heng 甘詠慶 /Ah Heng
    • Vincent Wan 溫家恆 as Gam Wing Chung 甘永中 / Chung Jai
    • Linda Chung 鍾嘉欣 as Yu So Sum 于素心/ Yu So Chau
    • Kate Tsui 徐子珊 as Low Ga Mei 路嘉美
    • Bosco Wong 黃宗澤 as Ling Chi-Shun 凌至信
    • Dexter Yeung as Cheng Ga Lok 鄭家樂 /Kelvin

The Older Generation

    • Louise Lee See Kei 李司棋 as Chung Siu Hor 鍾笑荷/ Hor-Ma
    • Ha Yu 夏雨 as Gam Tai Jo 甘泰祖 /Jo-bao
    • Michelle Yim 米雪 as Yan Hong æ®·ç´…
    • Susanna Kwan 關菊英 as Chung Siu Sa 鍾笑莎 /Ah Sa
    • Lee Heung Kam 李香琴 as Grandma
    • Wayne Lai 黎耀祥 as Nin Chi Yung 年子勇 /Lin Ji Yung
    • Louis Yuen 阮兆祥 as Yuen Yan Chi 袁恩賜
    • Chow Chung as Grandpa


  • Shirley Yeung as Young ‘Hor Ma’
  • Jack Wu as Young ‘JoBao’
  • Tracy Ip as å©· å©· Raymond’s Girlfriend
  • Astrid Chan as Eliza

Producer: Lau Gar Ho
Scriptwriters: Cheung Wah Bill & Sit Ka Wah
Themesong: Susanna Kwan- Unintentionally Harm You
Sub Themesong: Raymond Lam- Love not enough

There is nothing new under the “moon”.
Generations come and go, but the “love” remains forever.

CHUNG SIU HO (Louise Lee Sze Kei) and her husband KAM TAI CHO (Ha Yu) have been working hard for many years to establish a famous reputation for their Moonlight Cake Shop. However, HO discovers that CHO commits adultery with her best friend YAN HUNG (Michelle Yim) and she breaks up with him miserably. HO brings along her children KAM WING HO (Raymond Lam), KAM WING HING (Fala Chen) and her adopted daughter SUEN HO YUET (Tavia Yeung) to set up another cake shop for a living.

HUNG moves in to live with CHO and she starts playing tricks in the family. She tries pleasing her mother-in-law SHEH KWAN LAI (Lee Heung Kam) in every ways while disuniting her stepson and CHO. Outside the family, HUNG starts expanding their business rapidly and HO’s younger sister CHUNG SIU SA (Susanna Kwan) is displeased. SA decides to fight for the ownership of their cake shop’s brand name in court with HUNG and their relationship with HUNG further deteriorates.

Apart from the cake shop business, HO also spends a lot of efforts on her children. Her oldest son KAM WING KA (Moses Chan) is not interested in managing the cake shop at all and he indulges himself on stock trading. He also develops an entangling relationship with his cousin LO KA MEI (Kate Tsui) and YUET at the same time. On the other hand, HO’s younger son WING HO takes up the role of a father in the family and he works hard all the time to earn a living. WING HO loves his childhood friend CHAU (Linda Chung) whole-heartedly but CHAU is in love with the doctor LING CHI SHUN (Bosco Wong).
HO works hard unconditionally to strive for the well being of her family members. HUNG, on the other hand, is a very mean person who values her own benefits only. CHO is caught between the two women all the time and he feels helpless. One day, a disaster happens at the cake shop. Here comes a time when human nature, family bonds and love are brought to a trail.

Entries– contains Episodic thoughts and Screen captures

Initial Anticipation
Episode 1 The Divorce-Family breaks apart. Susanna’s return. Raymond and Linda reunite.
Episode 2 Susanna locked in the bathroom.
Episode 3 The ‘secret’ 8th Month 15th Day family Dinner
Episode 4 Fala’s Interview. Tavia Vs. Susanna
Episode 5 Tavia’s moves out
Episode 6 Moses’ gambling problem.
Episode 7 HaYu wants Moses to come back to work for the business. HaYu tells Raymond not to pursue Linda.
Episode 8 The Court Scene. Lee See Kei begs Michelle to let Susanna off.
Episode 9 Raymond’s love story. Tracy appears.
Episode 10 Vincent returns from England. HaYu confesses his inner feelings.
Episode 11 Susanna becomes ‘friends’ with Grandma. Vincent’s rowing competition
Episode 12 Grandma won’t eat. Wayne leaves for Australia
Episode 13 The Grand promotion
Episode 14 Fala’s love problems- the family sings to cheer her up
Episode 15 HaYu becomes ‘blinded’. Michelle wants the children to come back to ‘Ga Ho Yuet Yuen’
Episode 16 Bosco Appears! Lee See Kei’s birthday
Episode 17 Fala’s Birthday. Chris supports Michelle. Moses speaks out the truth.
Episode 18 Dexter’s mother accepts Fala
Episode 19 The family forgive HaYu. Michelle insists on going on a 2 year holiday with HaYu.
Episode 20 Grandma becomes hospitalised.
Episode 21 HaYu and Michelle return from their trip. Tavia gets accused.
Episode 22 Kate & Louis Yuen appears. Bosco’s past
Episode 23 The giant Mooncake. The 8th Month 15th Day family Dinner! Dexter proposes to Fala
Episode 24 Fala & Susanna’s joint Wedding
Episode 25 Is Lee See Kei (HorMa) Grandpa’s real daughter?
Episode 26 Susanna pushes Michelle down the escalators
Episode 27 Michelle & HaYu’s ‘wedding’
Episode 28 Moses and Kate start dating.  Tavia finds out Kate has a son
Episode 29 Grandma investigates Ah Hong. Kate’s evil-doings revealed
Episode 30 Grandma finds out Raymond’s feelings for Linda
Episode 31 Bosco breaks up with his girlfriend
Episode 32 Bosco leaves for England. Kate dumps Moses
Episode 33 Kate starts dating Chris
Episode 34 Trying to stop Michelle selling off the business to her ex-husband
Episode 35 Kate and Chris get married. Kate gets rid of her baby
Episode 36 Raymond and Linda get together
Episode 37 Grandma passes away
Episode 38 The Court Trial
Episode 39 (2 hour finale)


Themesong Lyrics, translations, download + other songs in MR
English Sub Themesong Lyrics & Download
Moonlight Resonance Cartoon Drawing Ga Ho Yuet Yuen Hing Chung
Jadeworld Carnival Full Moon at Hurstville Tavia and Moses comes to Sydney!
Love Triangle Poll– Who do you want to end up with Moses and Raymond?
Vote your Favourite character!
Purchase DVD @ (English Subtitles)

42 Responses to “Moonlight Resonance 家好月圓”

  • Ugene says:

    love HOR MA(李司棋) .. always support you..
    you are the best , every words comes out from your mouth means everything
    obviously feel that u have come across alot of difficulties in your life..

    always admire you..!!
    all the best and take care

  • Anna says:

    I’m loving MR !!! I love Hor Ma too, everything that comes out of her mouths makes sense and i worth listening to.

    Wow, a 3 hr final ??? seriously ??? Cant wait !!

  • TVBHugeFan says:

    i’m not sure. cause is episode 41 not 40. cause i rent dvds and they told me its episode 41 not 40. maybe they have something special on episode 41.

    3 hours final might be wrong!
    but you could says i’m wrong if you want.

  • james81 says:

    Dear all, Moonlight Resonance English subtitle from episode 1 to 34 can be found here

  • Kop says:

    Actual dvd rental does not state eps 41..only till eps 40…

    Alternate ending?..tvb combined eps 39 and 40 together to show it on Sunday nite..

    Average ratings already surpassed HOG and they are hoping the overall ratings will topple Tai Cheong Kum..

    A sure win in TVB awards show but i’m afraid the 80 eps grand production will take some shine off this drama..

  • Kop says:

    Here’s my top 10 pros and cons of the show

    (1) Fast paced drama
    (2) Veterans acting (especially Har Yu)
    (3) Golden words by Hor ma
    (4) Tavia and Har Yu crying scenes
    (5) Lee Heung Kam’s mama role
    (6) Those 80’s canto songs
    (7) Michelle Yim baddest role to date
    (8) Raymond’s improved acting in the 2nd half of the show
    (9) Fala’s mute character
    (10) Theme song sung by Susanna

    (1) Bosco and Linda love plot – a waste of time
    (2) Linda excessive crying scenes in almost every eps she appeared in
    (3) Ah Ka illness – a no brainer plot
    (4) Kate’s trying hard to act
    (5) Ramond’s amatuer acting in the 1st half of the show
    (6) Similar formula to HOG
    (7) The title of this show is repeated more than 100 times in it
    (8) Lin Chi Yung limited scenes in this show
    (9) Not much depth in the lover’s plot
    (10) Last but not least, Ah Sa and Mama loud voice which i always need to tune down my volume to avoid complaints from my neighbours, haha!

    Guys, please share your pros and cons of the show..hehe

  • TVBHugeFan says:

    i dont agreed with you in cons, Kop.

  • kop says:

    u don have to agree..TVBHugeFan.

    just my personal opinion..

    pls state yours then..:)

  • TVB Fan says:

    Does Moses and Tavia together in the end?

  • Kop says:

    Hi TVB Fan is a happy fact too happy to be true..haha

    ah ka was supposed to die..but the producer changed his mind in the end..

    I feel the show will create more talking points if ah ka did die..i do not understand why the producer gave him an illness and then not kill him off..

  • moonz says:

    omg the ending was sho good!!!!!!

  • miow miow says:

    I have the some opinion like Kop except for cons-raymond is improving. don think he is improving, perharps still the same..don get me wrong…i don mean to say his acting skill is bad. However i think Fala is really improving and Tavia also. Tavia is alr very good but she is really performing her best esp when she cry. I like Tavia’s character-straight forward.

    Totally agree tat Bosco and Linda scene is waste of timea dn Linda excessive crying. I and my sis even want to fast forward it when see them. Really hate the tongue twist about CHU KIOK KEONG….not funny at all, not romantic at all.

  • TVB Fan says:

    Bosco-Linda-Raymond’s relationship in Moonsoon is similar to Raymond-Linda-Moses’s relationship in HOG. But, the love plot in HOG is more touching. Always remember the love contract between Linda and Moses, and Raymond’s diary on “Life without Linda”, and how moses console Linda when Raymond passes away…. But, there isn’t a single scene on Bosco-Linda-Raymond’s relationship that touches my heart..

  • miow miow says:

    very true..the contract part is the most touching part. But same goes to ah ka and ah yut – cant’t feel it.

  • James81 says:

    Here are Moonlight Resonance English Subtitle updates for episode 1 to episode 38

  • QuiinSyii says:

    I love Tavia. Her acting is the best. I also support Raymond Lam.

  • 67 says:

    anyone know wat is the brand name for the watch in MR ? the one tat bosco gave to linda for her birthday preset.

  • may says:

    What is that song that they sing together as a family.
    singing about happy and love.
    the one to get there daughters spirit happy and to cheer her up.


  • Felicia says:

    Does anyone have any idea where I can get the clip of them singing ‘Yue Liang Dai Biao Wo De Xin’ on episode 40?

  • iciel says:

    @ may:

    I have that song, but I don’t know the name. I just call it Hing’s favorite song xD

    If you wanna download, here’s the link:

    It’s a great song. Very touching!

  • haallooweeeen says:

    nice drama, just love it. fabulous casting 🙂 🙂 bravo!

  • ^-^ says:

    I love this drama!
    One of d best ive seen!
    Herez a hard decision-
    Who do yous fink iz a betta pair?
    Raymond and Linda Chung
    Bosco and LInda Chung
    I prefer toi see Bosco and Linda together bcoz dey hav more fun together ^-^
    Even though Raymond and Linda are lyk totally CUTE!!

    WHat’s betta
    moonlight resonance or heart of greed

    i lyk MR betta


  • Janice says:

    Anyone has any idea where to download Raymond’s “Ai Bu Jiu”? Thanks so much!!!

    Reply from KTVB: I believe you’re after Raymond Lam’s Love with No Regrets which is the Sub Themesong 🙂

    Here is a piano version in case you’re interested

  • Kenny` says:

    HI, what is the name of the song, when the dad went to the hospital the second time (toward the end of the series)and everyone was singing while giving away the mooncakes, then I think Bosco? The big brother got a heart attack??? It is one of those old song, if you can please tell me the name thank you

  • may says:

    :: iciel

    thank you!
    I’ve been looking for this song all over the place!

  • tony says:

    Hi folks :

    In which episode did Hong Yi slapped Hor Ma? I wanted to re-watch some of the episodes. Some of them are very touching and usually such scenes involve Hor Ma. Thanks.

    Reply from KTVB: I believe that’s episode 24 🙂

  • tony says:

    Hi KTVB :

    Thanks!! It IS episode #24!!

    I also liked the episode where Sa Yi’s scheme to proove Hor Ma was not Gong Gong’s daughter got backfired. Liked this little twist.

    Also liked Yau Min Keong appearance for a few episodes & my feelings turned from hatred to a bit sympathy for him.

  • bamboo says:

    hello is this series worth watching
    It has got mixed reviews and viewing 40 episodes is it
    worth it.

  • MRandHOG says:

    Definitely worth watching. If you liked Heart you will probably like this.

  • ya sure says:

    veddy goood movie

  • bamboo says:

    o.k thanks I will watch it in between studying for exams.
    Dont think I will watch that 800 episode one though.

  • Cheryl says:

    I really enjoy watching this drama. So lively and full of moral values. Love it so much!
    I felt that the first 20 episodes are quite boring. It’s just about the ‘sap sap sui’ conflicts that happen.
    The 2nd part of the drama is mush better. Full of dramas and excitements.
    The ending would be better if Grandma (Lee Heung Kam) survived after falling from the stairs.
    Ga Wing Heng (Fala) did a great jod in this drama. So touching…
    OK TVB… I will be waiting for Heart of Greed III 🙂

  • HOG says:

    in episode 15 when young raymond and linda were having flashback.. young raymond was singing this canto song (20-21min scene) does anyone know the title and original singer of that song?

  • Nicole says:

    Hey!!Does anyone knows the episode when sa yi shows everyone her grandson??Plese tell me.Thanks!!

  • Wee says:

    its still not good enough…i have to admit this is a lot better compared to heart of greed but Goon Ga Chai(Raymond Lam) and Yu So Chau(Linda Chung)’s lovers part very little..i like the part in HOG that they coupled.n hated when alfred died in an accident!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Meemee says:

    I love this drama!! It’s a little better than Heart of Greed too

  • kelly says:

    ha i love this drama it so awesome like heart of greed and i support susanna kwan she was so funny in this drama however she is not a villian just a bit greedy though i love susanna kwan!!!

  • Edward says:

    Hi, I was wondering does anyone know the epic piano song that is played i believe in the beginning third of episode 10? its the one that makes people cry?

  • sharlinlee says:

    sorry, which ep is it when moses shock eliza with his ringtone?

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