August 2012

[New Series]: Ghetto Justice 2

English Title: Ghetto Justice 2

Cantonese Title:怒火街頭 2 (no foh gaai tau 2)

Also see its direct prequel: Ghetto Justice

Cast: Kevin Cheng 鄭嘉穎, Myolie Wu 胡杏兒, Sam Lee 李璨琛 , Alex Lam Chi Sin 林子善, Raymond Cho 曹永廉, Christine Kuo 苟芸慧, Jia Xiaochen 賈曉晨, Elena Kong 江美儀

Episodes: 25

Airing date: 30 July 2012 after Witness Insecurity

Themesong: No Time To Regret (沒時間後悔) Hanjin Tan (ft. MC Jin)  CD (Same as GJ1)

Executive Producer: Chan Wai Koon

Scriptwriter: Suen Ho Ho

Official: Website | Purchase DVD @ YesAsia.com (English Subtitles)

Ghetto Justice 2


After releasing from jail, LAW LIK-AH (Kevin Cheng) wants to start anew and he joins hand with his comrade WONG SZ-FU (Myolie Wu) to fight against injustice.

LIK-AH and SZ-FU soon become the “Condor Heroes” of Sham Shui Po but they have conflicting views on things all the time. To make the situation worse, LIK-AH’s ex-wife KING LING-LEI (Christine Kuo) suddenly returns from the USA and the relationship is put to the test. Meanwhile, they have offended the wealthy property developer by handling a building collapse case and LIK-AH’s life is in danger. Even his good friend TING KA-FU (Sam Lee), GEORGE MIKE JR. (Lam Chi Sin) and the newly-arrived policeman LEUNG PAU-SING (Raymond Cho) are embroiled in the legal battle. Will they be able to fight for the disadvantaged people with law in the end?

羅 力亞(鄭嘉穎)出獄後捲土重來,與承接其衣缽的女Law霸王思苦(胡杏兒)雙劍合壁成了深水埗的「神鵰俠侶」,繼續為民請命,但力亞與思苦的處事態度和方 法往往截然不同,因而產生不少磨擦。而力亞的前妻景伶俐(苟芸慧)突然從美國歸來,令力亞與思苦的感情備受考驗。此際,他們因處理塌樓意外案件而惹來地產 富商不滿,令力亞招致殺身之禍。死黨丁家富(李璨琛)與米佐冶(林子善),以及新落區的雜差梁包升(曹永廉)同受牽連,最終他們能否合力以法律彰顯公義, 為弱勢市民討回公道?

Credit: TVB.com.au

9 Responses to “[New Series]: Ghetto Justice 2”

  • KTVB says:

    Just when I almost forgot about watching TVB series (haha…yup..its been awhile..) I noticed Ghetto Justice 2 has released! XD

    I remember loving its prequel Ghetto Justice heaps last year and since this is a direct sequel, I should be excited to seeing it! My excitement for TVB has died down a bit, but hopefully I can pick it back up and watch it soon!!

    Hopefully it won’t disappoint!!

  • Ri says:

    TVB has released a slew of disappointing and downright dumb series recently but here’s hoping GJ2 will be as good as GJ1 was!

  • AC says:

    I’m really loving the sequel so far. The cast chemistry is great (although Christine Guo is a weak spot) and there are lots of little things that connects the original to the prequel. 🙂

  • misstila says:

    i feel like gj2 cant compete with gj1. gj2 is just plain boring i feel like theres too many characters all linked together. the first one was a lot better

  • JacJac says:

    one word: Disappointment!

  • JacJac says:

    Up to episode 15 now. Thought the first half of this series was boring but it gets better toward the second half. I enjoyed watching Crystal Li, Raymond Cho, and Jazz. This is the only drama i’m watching right now since I skipped King Makers and Divas.

  • JacJac says:

    I’m only watching this drama because I have nothing to watch. I complained everytime I finish an episode of this series because I’m not motivated to watch the next episode. I’m stuck on episode 17 of Ghetto Justice 2 trying to finish this drama faster. I watch an episode every other days since I’m not motivated.

    I would suggest you wait for The Last Steep Ascent than waste time on this drama. This is a good series to watch when you have nothing to watch or really bored.

  • heavenly87 says:

    what a let down this series was!
    the fight between Myolie and Christine for Kevin was a major let down…
    Only one silly confrontational scene about how they will fight for me and that was it… like wth? where’s the suspense and drama in that?
    did not like Sam Lee and JJ Jia’s story line coz we can see from a mile they will get together. did not like how corny tvb made their love story coz they both lost their bf/gf they should be put together. that’s silly!!!
    anyways enough of my negativity…
    I too have lost interest in so many TVB series these few years…
    it seems like they can only produce one or two good series a year and most of which are led my the last generation Fan Dans and Siu sang.

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