Autographs I own

Moses Chan, Linda Chung, Joe Ma, Shirley Yeung, Kenny Wong's Autographs

From Jade World Carnivals/Autograph Sessions

Nnadia Chan's autograph

Dug it up so thought I’d put it somewhere on my blog ^^ An autograph photo from Nnadia Chan I got in 2002! She sent it to my home address back then when I sent her an email ^^ That was so awesome! Still remember how happy I was when I received it back then ^^

Stuff I own:


Gifts I’ve received:

From Batgwa Community: Olympic TVBuddy Keychain

From Chibi:

  • K for TVB’s 3rd Anniversary

Dayo and Charmaine drawing by Chibi

  • Appreciation for The Master of Taichi Episodic Summaries and Screencaptures

  • For 500,000 hits

  • For K for TVB’s first year anniversary

  • For 100,000 hits

  • For 2000 hits

  • Raymond Lam’s Debut Album: Xmas Present

From Summer: Raymond Lam Calender Poster 2008

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