July 2007

[The Family Link] Overview

I’ve finished this series quite awhile ago and started writing up this Overview, but then got a bit lazy and then left it……..XD So! With some determination, I’ve finally got something to put up =) *contain spoilers* The series has some funny moments; but I did get bored at other times and found the story […]


July 2007

[The Family Link] Screencaptures


May 2007

New Series: [The Family Link]

Airring in Australia on 21 May at 7:10pm, after [A Change of Destiny] ‘s final episode this coming Friday. English Title: The Family Link Cantonese Title: 師奶兵團 (si naai bing tuen) Casts: Sheren Tang, Kiki Sheung, Cecilia Yip, Michael Tse, Leila Tong , John Chiang, Kenneth Ma, Fala Chen Episodes: 21 Genre: Modern Drama/Family/Women Trailer […]