TVB 電視劇《通天幹探》片尾曲 作曲:鄧智偉 填詞:陳詩慧 很天真 這個閒人 每日也在你的附近 等獻身 誰亦聽聞 深愛著你這種女人 這一生 失去靈魂 我沒法去徹底自拔 太愚笨 從沒有人 可發現我傷得太深 * 得不到你歡喜 偏偏深愛著你 戀火無法再點起 懇請賜我一死 很想忘掉顧忌 編寫驚世傳記 重遇你 永遠在一起 像贖罪 不懂應對 軟弱到 我這刻寂寞 要流淚 誰愿失去 怎去面對 分開獨居 怎爭取 心都已碎 再沒法 碰到的身軀 怎去追 其實有誰 可以做到經典壯舉 Repeat ** *Download the song here *Download the Female Version -Eva Chan- 2nd part (No talking in the background) (Right click link-> Save Link/target as) […]

I was just browsing around TVBSquare when I came across the magazine scans from the TVB Weekly Magazines for 2007. I had only previously seen three of the covers so I found it quiet interesting seeing the different covers for various TVB series of 2007. So! I decided to pick out the TVB related ones […]

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December 2007

[The Ultimate Crime Fighter] Part 3

Part 1 Part 2 (About episode 33-35) Yoyo goes to Moses and tries to comfort him as he starts to break down again because of Gigi’s death. Moses  getting drunk and even ends up sleeping with Yoyo! I get the feeling Yoyo wasn’t exactly drunk, and slept with him because she secretly loved him, but […]


December 2007

[The Ultimate Crime Fighter] Part 2

Continued on from Part 1 (Around episode 32-33 ish) Later, Moses steals a copy of the video-recording of Gigi’s death from Yoyo and gives a copy to Kevin’s father. The confrontations between Kevin and his father causes Kevin’s father to be hospitalised after hearing the truth coming from Kevin and as Kevin blames his father […]


December 2007

[The Ultimate Crime Fighter] Part 1

The episodes from Gigi’s death onwards were quite exciting and I really wanted to see how Kevin was going to be arrested. Moses tried so hard to help avenge for Gigi and slowly he started to change…Moses wasn’t allowed to be involved in the case but he continued to nevertheless. He went through all means […]

Episode 28 A pretty funny/cute scene ^^ After the two got together, they didn’t tell Natalie or Maggie’s son. I guess they were a bit embarrassed to tell them, or more like didn’t know how. Besides, Maggie’s son might not accept him. So for the time being, the two decided to keep it a secret. […]

More Screenies! I feel really sad for Moses when he sees the two together *sigh* I guess only when Gigi is with Kevin now, that Moses realises he shouldn’t have take her for granted..Even being with Kevin, Moses is the one Gigi loves.I really hope the two can get back together.. Episode 26 Kevin’s father […]