Dicey Business and Heart of Greed: Bosco and Tavia Similarity: Bosco and Tavia are a couple and they have a wedding ceremony Difference: In Heart of Greed, the wedding goes ahead, in Dicey Business, Bosco refuses to marry Tavia. The Price of Greed and The Brink of Law : Kate and Shirley Similarity: The hospital […]


January 2007

[The Price of Greed] Opening Screencaps

I thought I’d do some screencaps from the opening, since there aren’t many screencaptures or pictures you can find for [The Price of Greed] on the Internet; and since its a warehoused series, TVB doesn’t have an official webpage for it either. So a special treat for [The Price of Greed] fans, here you go!

Warning: Ending Spoiler!! [All my posts contain spoilers, but this is the ending, so an extra warning message ^__^] Episode 19 had lots of suspense, especially with Kate trying to escape out of bed and pretend to be unconscious so the others won’t notice. She was in a really dangerous position! The sister was freaky […]


January 2007

[The Price of Greed] Episode 15-16

This series is indeed getting very interesting!! The more the people find out or suspect Sammul, the more incidences occur to counter it. Feel sorry for Kate’s father!! It must of been a crazy shock to find out Sammul is allied with all those people!! He overheard the conversation that Ben(the doctor) had with Kate, […]


January 2007

[The Price of Greed] Episode 13

Okay..Sammul called Kingdom Yuen (Bosco’s mother) “Si Jie” 0__0 That moment itself was very scary..its confirmed that he knows exactly what is going on. After 3 years+ bad things are starting to happen to Kate’s family. Seems like the same fate the other girl faced will reoccur. Sammul has found another target (i.e Vivien Yeo), […]


January 2007

[The Price of Greed] Episode 12

Kate and Sammul’s characters get married in this episode. Despite all the effort Bosco put in to help Kate, he was unable to find any evidence to prove Sammul guilty, and makes it seem like he was just being silly. I was hoping Bosco could show everyone who Sammul really was, but stories like this […]


January 2007

[The Price of Greed] Episodes 1-10

[I missed episode 1 and 2..] After watching episodes 3-10, what can I say about it? The series is so-so. The cast isn’t all that great, even though Bosco is there. So far I think the storyline is narrow-focused. I’m still not sure where this story is heading; what the story is based around (for […]


December 2006

New Series: [The Price of Greed]

Cast: Bosco Wong, Sammul Chan, Shirley Yeung, Kate Tsui, Kingdom Yuen, Yivien Yeo, Ben Wong… Episodes: 20 Genre: Period Drama/Mystery/Suspense/Pyschology Synopsis: A million people have a million greedy aspirations, a million lies! Lam Ping’s (Kate Tsui Tsz San) boyfriend, Tsui Fung (Sammul Chan Kin Fung), goes missing for a year. Policeman Lui To (Bosco Wong […]