November 2012

[Highs and Lows] Raymond and Kate Scenes 3

Here are my last lot of screencaptures I’ve made of Raymond and Kate  from TVB series “Highs and Lows” (before their relationship got really messy!) Contains spoilers from Episode 18-21. Also see scenes 1 and 2. Episode 18 This is the first real talk Raymond and Kate had after Kate pushed Raymond away and refused […]

Warning: Contains Ending Spoilers Most TVB endings are unsatisfying- Highs and Lows is no exception. It was ok, but nothing too impressive. As usual, TVB would try to throw in some action scenes, a couple of deaths and sacrifices and leave some sort of an opening ending. The first thing I noticed was the cross-over with […]


October 2012

[Highs and Lows] Raymond & Kate Scenes 2

*Note: Contains spoilers from Episode 13-16* Episode 13 *SUPER CUTE scene where Raymond and Kate finally get together <3 * I feel like I’ve been anticipating this scene for so long, especially seeing it in the intermission clips. It didn’t disappoint! Kate awakes in the hospital bed after Raymond puts her out of danger. The […]


October 2012

[Message from K] New Layout: Highs and Lows

New Layout dedicated to my favourite couple in [Highs and Lows]: Raymond and Kate ^_^ Hope you guys like!!


October 2012

[Highs and Lows] Raymond & Kate Scenes 1

I love watching every bit of Raymond and Kate’s interactions in [Highs and Lows]- no matter how small the scenes may be. They’re so cute together and I enjoyed watching their relationship develop through the series. I’ve picked out some of my favourite scenes to share 🙂 Warning: May contain Spoilers (Episode 1-12) Episode 6: […]


September 2012

[New Series]: Highs and Lows

English Title: Highs and Lows Cantonese Title: 雷霆掃毒 (lui ting so duk) Cast: Michael Miu 苗僑偉 (飾向榮), Raymomd Lam 林峯 (飾韋世樂), Kate Tsui 徐子珊 (飾陳家碧), Elaine Ng 吳綺莉 (飾于詠彤), Ella Koon 官恩娜 (飾高希璇), Ben Wong 黃智賢 (飾潘學禮), Derek Kwok 郭政鴻 (飾何葵), Alex Lim 林子善 (飾年有富), MC Jin 歐陽靖 (飾吳德添), Law Lok Lam 羅樂林 (飾鄭志成) Episodes: […]