Episode 13

A scene where Vincent (Sammul) is waiting with Lily (Ella) at the lifts, talking about (MK) Kenneth.

Vincent: How are things with you and MK?
Lily: Don’t put our names together, thanks!
Vincent: You’re not that shy are you? Someone is pursuing you, you should be really happy instead.
Lily: We’re just workmates, those super ordinary ones.
Vincent: If you say that, he’ll be very hurt.
Lily: Of course he’ll be hurt. These few days when I see him at work, his head is low and his eyes are like all watery and red. He must of been unable to accept that I rejected him so it’s got a huge impact. He deserves it.
Vincent: So heartless…looks like MK is really serious about it.
Lily: To him, I must be more heartless! If I relax a bit he’ll be at it again. And for his personality, he’ll use everything he could to get close to me. I won’t give him the chance.
Vincent: Do you know when you talk about MK you’re very nervous. It looks like you really care about him.

Ella spots Kenneth walking towards them and she quickly hops into the lift before he noticed them.

*Later in the Office when Ella sees Kenneth very down, and passing her without saying anything to her or giving her any eye contact, Ella starts looking around the office for him who seemed to have disappeared off. When she calls his name, he quickly appears behind her and he makes an excuse to ask her out for lunch. The lunch turns into a take-away order and she bosses him around, yelling at him to get it for her, and Kenneth happily agrees with it.

Episode 14

Kenneth and Ella get into a disagreement because of Ella’s dad. Ella’s dad’s company has misled a group of landlords into agreeing to sign some contract which puts them in a disadvantage, and being the righteous defender of Justice, Kenneth stands up for them (including his friends which are involved) in taking action against the company. Ella believes in her dad so the two get into arguments.

Ella: One moment you’re pursuing me, the next you’re going against my dad, what do you actually want?
Kenneth: Going after you and suing your dad’s company are two different issues. I separate my private and career life, I’m so manly aren’t I? *Lily angrily walks off*
Rebecca: Don’t chase after her, you’ll only get slapped.


Kenneth has gathered the Landlords and had hoped to protest about being mislead to the media in a conference. In addition, the magazines have published “gossips” about Ella’s dad and his assistant Noel with having a relationship, making Ella upset seeing her dad upset. Others have also being saying harsh things to her. Kenneth goes to cheer up her, saying he’ll be with her until she becomes happy again.

Ella takes Kenneth to go on a cruise with her and Kenneth was really happy that he could spend the time with her, like having a date.
Ella: Thank you for accompanying me tonight.
Kenneth: Actually I’ve waited for a chance like this for a long time now. It was worth the courage standing up in court last time. Like last time in court, was the first time I’ve ever confessed to a girl like that. Show me some ‘face’.
Ella: What ‘face’? I don’t feel that you’re serious about it.
Kenneth: You still don’t believe me? I’m serious about you! Can’t you feel it?
Ella: You’re just like your name, so “MK”. I think you’re just after something fresh, haven’t tried dating a rich girl like me, so you want to try.
Kenneth: I’m definitely not those type of guys! Even though sometimes the things I say are flowery, but I’m still considered a decent guy. Like even if I’m just chatting with you tonight, I’ll be really happy.
Ella: You’re really willing to chat with me for a whole night?
Kenneth: Of course! Whatever you want to know, go ahead and ask. Tonight I want you to really know me. Actually I’m not that “MK”. *Puts his hand on hers, and Ella smiles and flicks his hands off*
Ella: Ok, that’s a deal then. Wait a moment, let me make a phone call first: “It’s not your matters anymore, ok” (hangs up)

Kenneth: Who did you just call? (They see the driver on a small boat going off) Ah, your boat driver really knows how to do his stuff, you should increase his pay. But if he’s gone, who’s going to sail the boat?
Ella: Don’t worry! He’ll be back in the afternoon tomorrow to pick us up.
Kenneth: Can’t…I have to go to the conference meeting tomorrow for the protest (Kenneth notices Ella’s change of facial expression as she looks away). Oh! You’re trying to trap me here, so I can’t go to the conference!

Ella: So what if it is? But knowing now is already too late! You won’t make it back in time on shore.
Kenneth: Lily Suen, you think that you can stop me like this? You’ve underestimated me, MK Sun. (He grabs his phone)
Ella: What are you doing?
Kenneth: You know how to drive away the Captain of the ship, I’ll call the head.
Ella: No you’re not allowed to! *Ella tosses his phone into the sea* MK, don’t blame me. That’s my dad, no matter what I have to help him. Besides, didn’t you say you like me? If you go against my dad like that, where would we have the space to develop our relationship? Just let it be, MK.
Kenneth: You always say that I’m not serious about a relationship, the one who is not serious about it is you! You use love as a tool, I’m really disappointed in you! You’re right! There’s a huge gap between us! From this moment on, I don’t like you anymore! *Kenneth starts taking off his clothes*
Ella: What are you doing!?
Kenneth: No one can stop me from supporting Justice!

Kenneth jumps into the sea and starts swimming back to shore. Ella screams out to him, telling him to come back because he could die but he doesn’t hesitate and continues to swim..

The next day, the conference didn’t go ahead because Noel had threatened the landlords not to go to the protest and Kenneth was hospitalized. He has gone extremely weak for swimming all night and luckily was saved by a passing boat or he would have died. Kenneth tells Ella to go away because he doesn’t want to see her.

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  • Tsunami1313 says:

    OMGOSH!! thnx so much for the screen caps of SL2!!! they’re awsum!!!

  • atimtam says:

    Thank you so much for all the screen shots. They’re very well done and well captured.

    Its a bit late now, but I’ve been wondering throughout the series why they always refer to “MK” as something bad?

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