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*KTVB votes for Survivor’s Law2

The two series that have just finished airing in Hong Kong: Wars of In-Laws 2 and Survivor’s law 2. Both of them are sequels to two popular series I quite enjoyed watching, Survivor’s Law which was released in 2003, and Wars of In-Laws in 2005. For WOIL, the sequel was a modern-day version of the ancient prequel. For SL, it continued on from the prequel, but there was little link, having new characters.

Looking at the current poll results, Wars of In-Laws 2 seems to be making the obvious lead and I also believe it is because of the popularity of its prequel and original cast.

In Survivor’s Law 2, only Sammul’s character was kept, while the other original three leads: Raymond Lam, Myolie Wu and Bernice Liu were removed. Out of the four, Sammul’s character was my least favourite.

I personally found both series enjoyable to watch, but towards the middle and latter half of both stories, I didn’t like them as much. The story got very messy, especially in Survivor’s Law 2 because things seemed very rushed.

Comparisons with ratings

I couldn’t find the TV ratings in HK for the prequels, but here are the ratings for the Sequels (2007). Credits to Metal.

Survivor’s Law 2

  • Episode 1-5 26
  • Episode 6-10 29-peaking at 29
  • Episode11-15 31– peaking 33
  • Episode 16-20 31 -peaking at 37

Wars of In-Laws 2

  • Episode 1-4 33 -peaking at 36
  • Episode 5-9 33 -peaking at 36
  • Episode10-13 32 -peaking at 35
  • Episode 14-18 32
  • Episode 19-20 37-peaking at 41

Other random facts:

  • Raymond Lam won Most Improved Actor Award for his role in Survivor’s Law 2003
  • Bosco Wong won Most Improved Actor Award for his role in Wars of In-Laws 2005
  • Liza Wang won Best Actress Award for her role in Wars of In-Laws 2005

6 Responses to “[Wars of In-Laws II] Vs [Survivor’s Law II]”

  • haha seems like you personally liked WOIL 2 slightly better?

  • KTVB says:

    To blue_angel_12: lol, not really, pretty much the same lol I voted for SL2 though

  • lizzy says:

    Hi Kerry!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!! aww though i expected WOIL2 will be better than SL2, it turns out that i like SL2’s storyline lots more.. xD especially the ending of SL2 was much more better than WOIL2 ^^

  • kate says:

    ive watched WOTIL 2 twice i love it!!!! epesh the first ep!!! was disappointed in SL2 tho watched 3 disc and quit watching it first one was better in my opinion

  • karened says:

    SL2 was…disappointing with it’s weak links to SL. I’d rather they start the story afresh than to have them brand it as a sequal when it lacks the necessary essence of SL. =/ WOIL wasn’t as good as WOIL, I feel, but at least it made me laugh. haha. So my vote goes to WOIL2

  • Vaneffle says:

    I read somewhere on this site that sequels are never as good as the original… that’s probably why I like SL2 more… coz I’ve only watched bits of SL whereas I watched both WOIL & WOIL2…

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