Episode 15

Kenneth finds a Barbie Doll in Bobo’s school bag. After finding out that Power and his grandma didn’t buy it for her, he suspects Ella did.

Kenneth: Don’t have to ask, the “crazy woman” bought it.
Power: Geez, your mouth. You can’t get her , so you start calling her “crazy woman” again.
Kenneth: But she is a crazy women. She must be trying to win Bobo’s heart, and try to cheer me up again. One toy and trying to cheer me up? Not that easy~ *smarts grinning*
//It’s obvious he wants Ella to go after him and is just putting on an act.

The next day at work, Kenneth barges into Ella’s room and throws the doll on her desk.

Ella: Can’t you knock on the door before you come in!? What’s this? *Picks up the doll* Is it for me?
Kenneth: Ah, you still pretending? I told you heaps of times already, don’t buy anymore expensive stuff for Bobo, but you never listen. Seems like someone is trying to make Bobo happy, so that I’ll pretend nothing has happened.
Ella: What buy expensive stuff for Bobo? To make Bobo happy? You think I’m like you, using your daughter to pursue me?
Kenneth: You really didn’t buy it?
Ella: Of course not! This is the first time I’ve seen this doll. It’s quite pretty~
Kenneth: If you didn’t buy it, who would have bought it?
Ella: How should I know? You’re her dad and you don’t know.

**The two later go to school to find Bobo in case she has been harassed by some pedophile, and they find Bobo with her Aunty who had returned to Hong Kong and bought the doll for her. It turns out Bobo’s Aunty wants to take back Bobo. Of course, Kenneth does not agree, especially how she left Bobo at the start and abandoned her. Bobo’s Aunty decides that they’ll settle the matter in court!

Back at home, Kenneth tells Ella that he doesn’t actually know if Bobo is his daughter, because he never opened up the DNA results. He didn’t know what he would do if Bobo wasn’t his real daughter because he was scared of losing her. He thought that as long as Bobo treated him like her dad, and he treats her like his real daughter, it wouldn’t matter, so pretended that the DNA results said they were in fact, related by blood. The two sit in the room, and Ella encourages him to open it up because they need to know the truth. Kenneth ends up getting Ella to open it up and she reads out that Kenneth is actually blood related to Bobo!! The two are so happy that they jump around in each others arms and they accidentally fall onto Kenneth’s bed. The two spend some moments looking at each other before they get up.

Kenneth drives her home and offers his jacket to her since she was feeling cold. Ella was in a really happy mood as she spun around in her room and looked herself in the mirror. However, when her servant came in and told her she looked weird in the jacket, Ella is reminded that they don’t match at all and feels disappointed. When she takes off the jacket, all the things fall out of it and she comments the things are all so dirty.

Ella (talks to self in mirror): Just forget it Lily Suen, he and you are both people from different worlds. There’s absolutely no way you can, nor will like someone like that MK guy.

Episode 16

A Secret Kiss on the Cheeks 

**Kenneth finds out that the DNA report was actually fake and that he really is not Bobo’s dad. For the first DNA report, Kenneth’s grandma actually changed Bobo’s hair to her own so that Kenneth will keep Bobo. As a result, Bobo was to be sent to the place where ‘little kids were unwanted’ , before the case was over. Bobo was crying in tears saying she doesn’t want to stay there, and unable to bear watching Bobo suffer, Kenneth decides to give up fighting for her custody and lets her go with her Aunty.

 Kenneth becomes so upset he doesn’t say a thing in the car and Ella continues to drive around aimlessly. They end up at the top of a mountain where Ella stops the car. Kenneth is asleep and she takes out a tissue to wipe his face. She ends up kissing him on the cheeks, then realises her lipstick mark was left on his face and she tries hard to wipe it of. Kenneth wakes up and asks what she was doing to his face before and she tells him she was just wiping something dirty off his face. However, Kenneth looks in the side mirror of the car and sees the lipstick mark on his face.

** On Power and June’s wedding night, the gang is at the bar and they end up teasing Kenneth and Ella, making the two represent the newly weds in linking arms and drinking. They all then make Kenneth kiss Ella in front of everyone.

Kenneth whispers to Lily: If I don’t kiss, I won’t be able to get out of it. Last time at the mountain top, you secretly kissed me, this time I’ll treat it as returning the interest. *Kenneth pecks her on the cheeks and Ella gets embarrassed*

4 Responses to “[Survivor’s Law II] MK + Lily Highlights Part 4”

  • lola says:

    does anyone know the real name of the little girl who acts as Bobo…

  • guest says:

    very funny scene thanks for posting

  • chibi says:

    wheee..how cute ^^Like the secret kissing scene. Guess the lipstick backfires sometimes.Great post K-san!

  • KTVB says:

    To lola: Sorry I don’t know her real name. She’s also been in The Family Link as Cecilia’s daughter~

    To guest: you’re welcome =)

    To chibi: Thanks! ^^ I think that scene was quite cute too lol I’m surprised the lipstick mark comes off quite visible considering she wore the lipstick for a whole day already.

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