February 2008

[Survivor’s Law II] Episode 9-10

Bobo is extremely hurt by the Kenneth, accusing her of stealing the money and then not wanting her.

Ella went to the bar to find Kenneth for accusing Bobo for stealing the razor. Ella was the one who gave her money to buy it. It was wrong of Bobo to lie to him but he shouldn’t have told her that he doesn’t want her anymore. Kenneth still says that he is still not sure whether Bobo is really his daughter because the results of the DNA test isn’t out yet. When Ella asks him what he would do if she really wasn’t his daughter, Kenneth claims that he’ll send her away to the Homeless (?)! Bobo was actually there and had heard. She starts crying and Ella takes her away trying to cheer her up. Bobo had came with Power to the bar, who had begged Power for a long time to take her to apologise to her dad…awww…poor Bobo!! So slack..even though I don’t think Kenneth really meant that..

Kenneth’s view towards Bobo had alway been affected by his past relationship with Bobo’s mum, “using” him, and then later running away with his brother’s money. Seeing that Kenneth kept blaming Bobo’s mum, affecting the way he sees Bobo, Kenneth’s grandma comes out to tell the truth. She was the one who actually stole the money years ago to help a friend, and everyone thought Bobo’s mum took the money because she “conveniently” had ran away at the same time.

Kenneth waking up to find Bobo’s hair clip on his bed. While he is eating his breakfast by himself, he notices his leg shaking and remembers the time Bobo pointed it out to him. Kenneth misses Bobo, thinking about the good times they shared together. Something seemed empty and missing from his life.

Bobo ends up staying at Ella’s place and Kenneth tries to find ways to contact her and apologise to her. The vice principal wanted to see Bobo’s parents so Ella and Kenneth both went. She was concerned about what was affecting her recently, and how she kept asking about DNA.

Kenneth apologises to Bobo, and Bobo admits that she was wrong to lie as well. Kenneth explains to her what a DNA was, and why the test was made. This really bothered Bobo, and wonders if Kenneth would really send her away if she wasn’t his daughter. Ella tries to cheer her up saying the results aren’t out yet, so their DNA may be the same. Ella decides to take her to play at her swimming pool, hoping Kenneth would come as well. Ella tells Bobo to show Kenneth the photo they took at a amusement park, and it featured Bobo, Ella, Ella’s dad, Noel, and a “cut and pasted photo” of Kenneth. Kenneth is reallly touched when he sees the picture agrees to come along ^^

Daddy Seal

At Ella’s home, Bobo was still pretty down about the DNA thing and wasn’t in the mood to play with the water.

Ella: Is it really important whether or not she’s your own daughter? Besides, you two have been together so long, as if you don’t have any feelings.

Kenneth: If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be so bothered.

Ella goes inside to get Bobo a drink. Kenneth tries to cheer up Bobo by jumping into the pool and swimming up to her. He decided to imitate a seal to make a performance for her lol

Half way when Kenneth jumps into the pool, he doesn’t come back up for a while, and Bobo jumps into the pool where she starts to drown. When Kenneth “appears” out of the water, he doesn’t find Bobo to realise she was in the water and quickly saves her. Bobo tells her that she wanted to play with her daddy seal.

Bobo: “Bobo only knows that she only has one daddy which is you. Please don’t not recognise me”

Awww!! Very sweet scene!!! ^^

Bobo and Kenneth are together again and closer than ever! Bobo goes home with her daddy ^__^ Kenneth realises that it wasn’t important if Bobo was his real daughter or not because the feelings and bonding were there. Kenneth’s grandma returns with the DNA results and Kenneth becomes extremely nervous. He goes into his room then later starts running out in joy, saying the results did prove that he and Bobo were blood related!! I was really happy for him then, though I did find it a little suspicious when his grandma said : “Good it didn’t waste my effort“.

On the other hand, Ella tried to help Sammul by offering him to work for her dad. It was an excellent opportunity for a turning point for his career. However, he wanted to test Sammul’s ability first.

Selena’s dad is still not happy with Sammul, but after Selena’s mum saw how much the couple were committed to each other and when Sammul promises to marry her daughter and take care of her for the rest of his life, she got their blessing. At that moment, Sammul said he’ll marry Selena but next he changed refused to marry Selena because he felt it wasn’t the right time yet. He wanted his career to go well before he gets married.

Selena did not know how to tell her mum when she found out Sammul’s intentions. Her mum had already persuaded Selena’s dad in accepting Sammul as their son in-law and organised a dinner to discuss about the wedding. However, Sammul does not turn up to the family dinner, saying he has a very important meeting (gone to see Ella’s dad). Sammul’s parents are not impressed by Sammul’s priorities and how much he cares about their wedding, so they leave. At the shopping centre, they see Sammul with Ella looking at something at a shop (angered to see that Sammul’s important meeting was being with another girl) and in hope to ask for an explanation, they rush down to find them, using some other side eixt. Being in a rush, Selena’s mum pushes open a door (where screws were loose) which was pulled open before her on the other side. As a result she falls over and injures her back, and the family “pendant” breaks in half. They hope to sue the shopping centre for compensation for the injury, as they failed to provide adequate safety precautions. Selena’s dad wants to find Kenneth as their representative lawyer and Kenneth accepts the case.

However, the shopping centre was owned by Ella’s dad and he gives the case to Sammul, as a chance to prove himself worthy.!! >_< poor Sammul who is stuck in the middle…having to choose between his career or his lover. Sammul ends up taking the case, hoping Selena would understand tha he wanted a good career so he can earn money to bring her happiness…

Kenneth ends up losing to Sammul and is unable to claim compensation for Selena’s mum. Selena can no longer face him and breaks off their relationship 🙁

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