Survivor's Law 2 Themesong Lyrics

Searching back again for love, to light up colours for the story
In the midst of despair, repeatedly use heart to love someone
Previously resenting this love, haven’t fell in deep love yet, leaving already
Only after getting hurt, then you’ll find true love
in the ocean of people

Actually the thing I most desire yesterday
Don’t need to anticipate it, I can already gain much more
Can be relieved, close your eyes , as if no one can interfere
So ‘into’ this love, not care about the consequences
Facing other people, yet still chooses me.

So actually there still isn’t, isn’t anything outstanding
But I’m gentle, and this is what is worth having
I’m ordinary but at least I can quietly love for a long time.
But the enemy, can roam with me over the world
Holding hands

Repeat # #

**Download the Full Themesong here


The above is my own English lyric translation of the themesong (so please credit if repost) ! Of course, if there’s something I have misinterpreted, feel free to let me know and I’ll fix it up 🙂

The song is sung by Kenneth Ma in the perspective of his character “Sun Man Guan” (MK Sun). He mentions in the first part about “resenting this love” and I believe he was referring to his past experience with ex-girlfriend (Bobo’s mum). He was deeply hurt when she had left him, however, he was later able to find his true love, Lily (played by Ella Koon).

The last part he speaks of being an ordinary guy, there “isn’t anything outstanding” about him. Ella’s father looked down on him, and previously Ella did the same. He was not a wealthy guy and led a “lousy” life. Ella’s father felt he was not good enough for his daughter and couldn’t give her happiness. However, he wants to prove that he can, and his love for her was everlasting . He describes himself to be “gentle”, a down-to-earth type of guy.

The only part I found a bit confusing was “But the enemy, can roam with me over the world“. The only way that makes sense if he is referring Ella as his enemy lol (either reference to his relationship with her in the past, or metaphor as the two are the type of couple which argue and tease each other). Maybe I’ve misinterpreted the whole phrase altogether ^^;

7 Responses to “[Survivor’s law II] Themesong Lyrics + Translations + Download”

  • you did a great job translating the theme of SL 2! and the line “But the enemy, can roam with me over the world”.. i thought he was referring to sammul lol 😛

  • KTVB says:

    To blue_angel12: lol..but what about the line after it, the “holding hands” bit? ^^;

    February 3rd, 2008 at 6:23 pm

  • Tsunami1313 says:

    yay!! thnx so much!! more SL2 stf!! yaya!!! and thnx for uploading the song!! yay!!!!

  • oh. about that part… hmm lol i have no idea then xD

  • Cherry says:

    I love this movie !!! I get interested in this movie just because i saw the short movie on astro ON DEMAND………… really perfect !!

  • victor poh says:

    thanks for the link. I love to watch survivor’s law very much. The second one is totally hilarious with Kenneth Ma and Ella Koon’s addition in the drama.

  • Sui Fung says:

    Hi – I love this show! Does anyone know what song they play at the end of episode 10 when Vincent and the girl break up? It’s kind of like an opera singer…I think it’s English, but I can’t tell for sure.


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