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Kenneth continues to pursue Ella..

Episode 12

The Essay

*At work, Kenneth asks Ella to help read through Bobo’s homework because there were a lot and she does for Bobo. It was an essay:

My Mother
My mother left me and went to the heavens when I was little. But I’ve already found the ideal candidate to be my new mother, her name is Lily Suen. She is really nice to me, taught me many beautiful things and besides, I really like her. She is like my guardian angel sent from the heavens to protect me. Not only beautiful, but also brings Daddy and I a happy life, so I really want her to become my new mother.

Ella was quite amused and really happy to realise how much Bobo loves her.

Kenneth: Ah, so , uhm..the essay, is it ok(does it work)?
Ella: Ok! I really like it.
Kenneth: As long as you like it ^^
Ella: Bobo is so smart, I think I gotta reward her, what do you say?
Kenneth: Whatever you say~ ^^

// From how it looks, when Kenneth asked ‘if the essay was ok or not’, I think he was referring to the idea of Ella being Bobo’s new mother , but Ella’s response made me feel she was saying the essay was good, rather than the actual point of being Bobo’s mum..Kenneth seems to have misunderstood thinking Ella has accepted him.

*Kenneth tells his friends at the bar that he has won Ella’s heart*

Ella finds out the Truth

Ella gives Bobo a present for her well written essay when Bobo tells Ella she didn’t write the essay. Ella realises that Kenneth has been lying to her and she becomes more annoyed when Kenneth’s friend called her “Ah So” (Sister In-law).

Ella: Would you know why Ah Fei would call me “Ah So”?
Kenneth: Ah, they’re just ‘Mo-liew’, they like to play around, don’t worry about them.
Ella: Can’t be more ‘mo-liew’ than you pretending to be your daughter and tricking me!
Kenneth: Yeh, I wrote the essay and drew the pictures and pretended Bobo did them. You saw it and was happy, that’s all it matters. Who cares who drew it?
Ella: Who cares? You’re lying to me!
Kenneth: Do you have to make it sound like a serious problem? I only wanted to make you happy.
Ella: You’re always like that, always playing around. You give people the feeling you’re not serious about anything, don’t you know? And also, before at the bar, you must of used me to gamble with your “pig/dog friends”
Kenneth: I can’t control what they gamble and the things they say. And also, they’re my friends! Not “pig/dog friends”
Ella: If it wasn’t for you, they’ll do that? You can’t toy around with things like this! You’re too immature!

//Did Kenneth honestly think Ella has accepted him? XD Since Bobo likes Lily and wanted to help her daddy be with Ella, I thought at least she would actually write that essay and help him out with the act.

*When Rebecca and Waise were arguing in the office, the other employees stand outside the door listening and one of them tells Kenneth to help say something.

MK: Husband and Wife are just quarreling/playing around, it’s just a part of living, don’t need to be so serious about it, right Lily? (Kenneth puts his arms around Ella’s shoulders)
Lily: Do you really think there’s no problem with that?
MK: What problem? Joel Chan is confessing his love to the women he loves, there’s nothing wrong with that.
Lily: You don’t even know where you’re wrong.
MK: It’s to do with me? I’ve done something wrong? (Lily gets MK’s arm off her)
Lily: You’re always like that, always playing around and not serious about anything.
MK: Where have I been just playing around? I am serious about you!(Lily pushes him away)
Lily: You’re crazy!

Kenneth’s Confession

In a Court Case which was about a man (played by Joel Chan) who had confessed his love for a married women (Rebecca) has hugged and kissed her in public. Kenneth was trying to argue that there is nothing wrong with being honest and expressing yourself. He is applying the case to his own relationship with Ella and half way through he turns and faces her, saying that he really is serious about her. This embrasses Ella and she leaves the court room.

Outside, Lily sees Noel (Queenie Chui) kiss her father on the cheeks in the car and becomes really upset and angry. Not knowing it was the wrong timing, MK approaches Lily and tries to reinforce what he had said in court. MK leans forward towards her and Lily angrily slaps him across his face.

Episode 13- Scene continues

MK: Why did you slap me for!?
Lily: Do you think love is that unstable, you can just be with who you want to be with?
MK: You still didn’t have to slap me! I took the risk of having being sued in court, to confess my love for you in court!
Lily: Did you think about my feelings?
MK: What feelings? If we like each other, just be together
Lily: What do you mean just be together if you like it!? (Lily runs off)

//Can’t Kenneth see Ella’s face expression?? She doesn’t even seem in the mood for it.

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