This would be the last part of MK+Lily Highlights

Episode 17

Ella’s Confession and Proposal

Kenneth decides to fight for Bobo’s custody again when he realises that Bobo’s Uncle (which is Bobo’s biological father) treats Bobo badly and even plans to have a divorce with Bobo’s Aunty because he has another girlfriend outside already. He knows that Bobo won’t grow up in a happy environment. Ella becomes Kenneth’s representative lawyer where she asks Bobo to come in court to tell the judge how she really feels. The judge is very moved by the things Bobo said and realies how much Kenneth loves her and vice versa. The opposing lawyer (played by Pierre) tried to argue that what is best for Bobo should not only consider what she wants but the environment she would grow up in, saying that Kenneth can’t provide her a healthy family being only a single parent. Ella stands up in court and says she has 6 words she wants to confess: “Sun Man Kwan, I love you”

Judge: What do you two think the Court is? Last time he confessed his love to you, and now its your turn?

Ella: Judge, I agree with what Sun Man Kwan said last time in court. The Court is a very serious place. He chose to confess his love for me in court, that is a proof of being sincere. So that is also the reason why I chose this place, in front of the judge, who is a very just and righteous figure, to confess me love to Sun Man Kwan. (To Kenneth) I promise I will marry you, you will marry me, right? (To the judge) How much Bobo relies on me, and how good our relationship is, is not hard to prove. As long as Sun Man Kwan and I get married, we will become Bobo’s dad and mum. We can definitely provide a perfect family for her. And the income from Sun Man Kwan and I as lawyers, and our love for Bobo, can definitely provide her the best environment to grow up in. So here I’m asking you as the judge, to give custody to Mr. Sun Man Kwan.

Judge: So MK Sun, what is your answer?
Kenneth: I do/ I’m willing to 🙂

Ella tells her dad her relationship with Kenneth and he does not accept him

Episode 18

The tragedy between Sammul and Selena has made Kenneth realise you need to cherish every moment or it may be too late. He doesn’t want to have any regrets with his relationship with Ella so at that very moment, the two run off to get registered as a married couple ^^ (despite knowing Ella’s dad hasn’t accepted them yet).

Bobo calls everyone to eat dinner, and calls Ella as “Lily- mama”

Their wedding day was on the same day as as Power and June’s court case (where the two were suspected and accuse of a false marriage). Ella ends up coming into court in a wedding dress! They end played the wedding music in court lol This is getting a bit extreme and put of place. At the end, Ella and Kenneth were able to win and prove Power and June to be innocent~ And the couple get married in the court =D

9 Responses to “[Survivor’s Law II] MK+ Lily Highlights Part 5”

  • guest says:

    thank you for your posting !

  • TomzJack says:

    Yes, very good..I like this part because affected.
    By the way, can let me know what the music name of this part ?

  • guest says:

    i m kind become Ken.Ma. ‘s fan,
    he is not handsome, but cute.
    what do you think about him ?

  • KTVB says:

    To TomzJack: I’m not sure what music you’re referring to..

    To guest: Kenneth’s ok I guess. Really depends on the role he plays though. I don’t “live” him, I don’t “hate him” ^_^;

  • Shurlee says:

    Ella looks so pretty in her wedding dress =) x

  • TVBHugeFan says:

    i love ella in the movie cuz she is so pretty and i love her clothes and stuffs she wear in survivor’s law 2.i wish she could do more movie.and her acting were very good.ella acting impoved very well.

  • lovesam says:

    Hey, I noticed that most of your entries are on Ella and Kenneth, where’s Sammul?

  • KTVB says:

    To lovesam: I only focussed on Kenneth and Ella in the latter posts because I found their storyline a little more interesting. I had more screencaps of Sammul’s character in the earlier episodes, but later I didn’t like his character much and I felt he had a smaller screentime.

  • elley says:

    hi i was wondering where i can find that yellow and brown dress with the bows on the side that ella koon wears in this drama if you watched gem of life constance(gigi) wore that same dress.

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