• Warning: Contains Ending Spoilers
  • Most TVB endings are unsatisfying- Highs and Lows is no exception. It was ok, but nothing too impressive. As usual, TVB would try to throw in some action scenes, a couple of deaths and sacrifices and leave some sort of an opening ending.
  • The first thing I noticed was the cross-over with Tiger Cubs by using the same technique to display the casts at the opening credits (like a movie). I thought that was a bit random..and then at the end,  Him Law, Vincent Wong, Oscar Leung, and Benjamin Yuen guest-starred too, using their character names from Tiger Cubs. Is this TVB’s way to promote Tiger Cubs 2 perhaps?
  • There were a lot of deaths which seemed rather unnecessary. Firstly, MC Jin (Sa Dam Tim)’s death seemed so forced and reckless. Despite him saying he thought it was all worth it, he didn’t achieve anything. He was also drunk..he was in no condition to be climbing up a building like that.  I felt it was just TVB’s way to get rid of him. Has his character done anything worthwhile at all? My favourite scene of his (not in the finale) was after he saw Kate (Pat) sleep with Ben (Poon Hok Lai) and he went pleading Raymond (Happy-Sir) to help Kate…nothing really else came out of that though.
  • I liked Michael (Heung-Sir)’s character and acting- especially in the finale. Leading up to the ending episodes, his character was the only one I really cared about. I’m glad his character remains good throughout the series (despite some twists in the middle about him taking the money for himself), and how he went back for Raymond after the fire.  He died trying to protect Raymond, and it was quite tragic but- I felt it added a nice conclusion to his character. One of the moving moments was the hospital scenes where Michael told Raymond it was because he treated Raymond as his brother, he wouldn’t let anything happen to him.

TVB Highs and Lows Finale

  • I liked the action scene where the bad guys were going to steal the drugs back. That was quite suspenseful and it was really out of Michael’s control to stop them
  • May I ask how Ben put those explosives in the secure area to set off the water system though?
  • I was extremely annoyed at Ben Wong’s character- it was annoying to see how hard it was to get rid of him. Surely it can’t be THAT hard? The scene where Michael, Ben and Raymond were pointing guns at each other- why don’t they just shoot him first? They all know he is deserves to die. The brothers should talk afterwards! Michael pleading Raymond to let Ben off makes a lot more sense later when he dies since he was buying time to hack into his phone to delete all the data.
  • I felt Kate’s character was quite inconsistent- it was like she suddenly turned back good and innocent in the finale, especially when she called Raymond to tell him about the ambulance she found. Yes, she found out she is pregnant, and yes MC Jin just died and she wants to avenge her loved ones. Was the baby all she needed to stop her from taking drugs?

TVB Highs and Lows Finale

  • Kate and Ella have also both appeared to have turned into best friends. I know Kate’s character is “good” on the inside and appreciated Ella’s help, but for her character to come out crying by the hospital bed doesn’t seem so convincing. The Michael-exploding-ambulance-with-Kate-inside scene was quite dramatic.  It was awesome that she came running out with a huge gun to point at Ben but she just gets shot on the spot- what’s the point in that?? To reveal she was pregnant?? Can’t she shoot him from a distance? Sometimes I wished she had died with the baby..argh! Ben killing his own unborn baby would serve him right! Why make Kate become an unconditionally loving mother and giving birth? She is so irresponsible (not that she had the choice) to give birth and have the kid raised up by Raymond! I think it’s so cruel to make Raymond raise up Ben’s child- it would be so different if that was Kate and Raymond’s child but I guess the world isn’t all that perfect..sigh..Why would Kate want to keep the baby when she hates Ben so much? Makes me wonder if she would equally keep the baby if she became pregnant from the gang rape …

TVB Highs and Lows Finale

  • Kate’s character is lives a tragic life, and I felt sorry for her initially.. but sometimes I feel that eventually towards the end, she had many chances to change that, but she didn’t and she chose the path she did..
  • I’m glad Ella and Raymond’s ending was quite open and TVB didn’t make them get together. It would be too forced if they did, especially it’s quite clear that Raymond loves Kate, and he doesn’t love Ella the same way.
  • I liked Ben’s death scene- he deserves to be blown up in pieces.  Funny that it was his boss who saw the criminal on the boat, and decided to let the criminal take him instead xD It would have been better if Raymond was able to have at least at stab or shot at him though.
  • Raymond and the kid scene at the end were kind of cute, but knowing that’s Ben’s kid leaves me feeling quite annoyed on the inside.
  • Overall I think this series had quite a few refreshing twists and great characters. The first half of the series held well and I felt it had great potential. The second half started going downhill and the ending was quite unsatisfying.
  • What did you guys think of the ending? Am I being a bit too picky…?

TVB Highs and Lows Finale

39 Responses to “[Highs and Lows] Ending Thoughts”

  • Ri says:

    I’m so glad you wrote about this because I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU!! I caught the last ep yesterday and wow do I have a lot to rant about! I apologise in advance for the long post…

    When I was watching this, I had one thought throughout: TVB is INCAPABLE of doing good finales. They always try to add one last conflict, a few more deaths, some overseas travel, pointlessly long scenes (i thought the closure for the other members of Heung Sir’s team was unnecessarily long!).. and yes, sad to say, Highs & Lows was no exception. It’s really a shame, because I felt it started off so strong and the NB team was really quite capable especially because of Heung Sir’s and Happy Sir’s unconventional methods. It’s a shame to see them be at odds with each other at the end which I feel was the reason Poon Sir was able to get away with so many things. It’s TVB’s way of penning a tragic ending because an ending where Heung Sir and Happy Sir work together again to beat Poon Sir would be too happy and not conducive for any more (unnecessary) deaths to happen.

    And of course, the death count has got to fill a certain quota for this kind of TVB show. They sort of go into a killing spree when the last few eps roll around 😛 Never felt much for Sa Tam Tim so that’s that. Kate’s brother’s death was sad and I can see how it compelled her to turn “bad” because clearly she felt her previous principles regarding drugs didn’t do much for her. Personally, I felt Poon Sir got off too easily just dying like that. He was such a hateful character! I was quite intrigued to see his Boss be the one to “allow” the kill, so to speak, haha.

    Not to be sadistic or anything but I literally laughed out loud when Kate got shot by Poon Sir (after surviving the ambulance bomb explosion) because seriously? That’s just bad writing right there! What was the point? I sorta knew Kate wouldn’t have died in the explosion but to have her survive and then die like 5 mins later? -.- Kate had a pretty good role up until the end though, it’s one of her few roles she’s really excelled in, imo. Not sure if she’ll clinch TV Queen, we still have Michelle Yim to look at in The Confidant! Not too sure about Raymond taking TV King for this role though. Granted, this is my favourite role of his but some of his scenes seemed, hmm, overacted? Haha, I dunno, somehow some scenes just made me cringe a little.

    Overall, I really enjoyed the first half of the show. Everyone was actually really well-casted and it’s always interesting to see what kind of procedural TVB can come up with since I still think that’s TVB’s strong suit (and that’s not saying much..) I’m glad about one thing and that’s not pushing for Raymond and Ella to end up together. That would’ve just been an insult to us viewers’ intellect because it would’ve been such a cop out!

    • KTVB says:

      Hi Ri!

      Glad I’m not the only one feeling a bit unsatisfied

      I felt what has become of Raymond and Michael’s relationship was quite sad, but it gave the series more impact and Michael’s last words for Raymond become much more touching.

      Kate’s brother’s death was indeed very sad; especially knowing how much Kate loved him and did for him.

      I was hoping Poon-Sir got at least some kind of injury from Raymond or any of the other good guys before blowing up like that.

      I think Kate deserves the Title of TVB Queen, over Raymond as TVB King. I liked Raymond’s character but his acting here is nothing too special. I liked Michael Miu’s acting more. We’ll have to see.

  • Jia says:

    keeping it nice and short.. not satisfied!! 🙁

  • curly_fries says:

    I agree with most of your points. Especially about Raymond and Ella not ending up together. The flashbacks of the two got me scared that at the “Three years later” epilogue, they’d be together, but I liked how the focus turned back to Kate. Perhaps the flashback sequence is planting a seed for a sequel.

    On another note, we shouldn’t underestimate the emotional attachment a mother can have to her unborn child – I don’t find Kate’s choice to keep the baby unrealistic. For Happy Sir to then raise the child up as his own shows how much he loves Kate and embraces everything she values.

    • KTVB says:

      “The flashbacks of the two got me scared that at the “Three years later” epilogue, they’d be together”

      Haha- same! Phew…

      That’s true I guess, you do have a point. I guess the baby is the only last bit of hope she has to live, and its encouraging to see her determined to bring the baby to the world.

      Kate’s kid was extremelllyyyyyy cute!!

  • Chibi says:

    Nice write up 🙂

    I’m usually very picky about endings and such, but I found the finale surprisingly enjoyable, even though it has its flaws. By no means were there anything unpredictable~ the ending was a very typical TVB style ending; with someone going overseas (Ella), someone left on coma (Kate) and all the “bad” guys are in jail or dead. Most things were wrapped up nicely though there weren’t any twists.

    I really enjoyed the scene with Michael/Raymond/Ben’s confrontation, it was intense, and I was incredibly sad for Michael. He’s one of the few characters in the drama that I actually cared about, but I knew he was going to die (accidentally read the spoiler… >.<) I feel like Michael did an incredible job in this role. It was pretty tragic how he was shot by Raymond when he was trying to protect him. The following scene in the funeral was a nice touch. I like that his legacy lives on, and that in the end, everyone, including Madam was able to love him and accept him even though he did many bad things.. Very sweet that Madam put a ring on his finger (Though Michael didn't actually look dead since his skin wasn't even pale lying in the coffin…XD)

    Agree with you about MC Jin's character. He pretty much threw his life away..climbing up a building while he's heavily intoxicated is pretty foolish… but he is that sorta guy, you know? It's very much his character to do something stupid like this. He was never really a "hero". TVB love to kill off any characters that were evil at some point (or throw them into jail) and for MC Jin it wasn't an exception. He previously push a guy down the building..so maybe it's karma.

    Ben's character is actually..really really clever. We just don't like giving him any credit since he's such a douchebag XD He's too good at what he does the point where I find it a too unrealistic. How the heck is he able to let a whole bomb slip through into such a secured room without any detection?

    “The scene where Michael, Ben and Raymond were pointing guns at each other- why don’t they just shoot him first? They all know he is deserves to die. The brothers should talk afterwards! “
    hhm.. I don’t think it’s that simple. Raymond is convinced Michael is with Ben.. he’s made to believe he’s the one who pulled the trigger, killing Kate just a few minutes before. Under such circumstances, it’s hard for Raymond to trust Michael..which is ultimately what killed him.. Raymond doubted Michael. Plus, Raymond had his gun pointed at Ben earlier, but Michael begged him not to kill Ben.

    I agree that Kate’s character change felt very unnatural in the end. Kate’s thinking is confusing and inconsistent, though time and again we’ve been told she’s actually good deep down. That whole part with her calling Raymond about the ambulance and pointing a gun at Ben was just weird to me. @_@

    “Was the baby all she needed to stop her from taking drugs?”

    I think it’s a valid reason. Many people quit smoking because it’s harmful to their child too. Earlier, Kate kept taking drugs because the pain was too hard to bare. She thought there was no future for her, so she didn’t care about the harm it was doing to her.. But now that she knows she’s pregnant, she can’t be so selfish no matter how hard it is.

    Kate and Ella have also both appeared to have turned into best friends. I know Kate’s character is “good” on the inside and appreciated Ella’s help, but for her character to come out crying by the hospital bed doesn’t seem so convincing.
    It was a bit odd, but I really liked this scene. It showed that Kate always appreciated Ella’s friendship and help, even though she always seemed so ungrateful towards her throughout the series. I’m not a fan of Raymond/Ella pairing, but it would have felt more natural with Raymond talking to Ella..not Kate :p I just rolled my eyes when Ella did the same for Kate later on… that felt awkward. They are not supposed to be best friends..

    Why make Kate become an unconditionally loving mother and giving birth? She is so irresponsible (not that she had the choice) to give birth and have the kid raised up by Raymond! I think it’s so cruel to make Raymond raise up Ben’s child- it would be so different if that was Kate and Raymond’s child but I guess the world isn’t all that perfect..sigh..Why would Kate want to keep the baby when she hates Ben so much? Makes me wonder if she would equally keep the baby if she became pregnant from the gang rape …

    Yeah, I can’t really understand Kate’s choice either, but everyone’s opinion differs when it comes to such sensitive issues. Maternal instincts can be rather strong, so even though the situation isn’t ideal..some wish to push on. Kate acknowledges Ben as the one who killed her father, the one that practically ruined her life, but to her, the baby is innocent. Personally, I don’t think it’s cruel to Raymond to be left looking after the child. Judging from the scene in the end, Raymond seems to be very happy… and that’s all that really matters, right? It was a very touching heart-felt scene.

    All in all, I felt Kate’s character had a lot of potential in this drama. It was the only series where I actually liked Kate but that kinda went down hill as the plot progressed. She made a lot of dumb an questionable choices and it became quite frustrating when she was so adamant that she’s at a point of no return. I guess when your life is screwed like that it’s hard to be convinced things can be okay again. It’s just painful to watch because Raymond never gave up on her, no matter how much she pushed him aside..and things could have been so different, if only..

    • Ri says:

      “Ben’s character is actually..really really clever. We just don’t like giving him any credit since he’s such a douchebag XD”

      Hahaha I begrudgingly agree. I can’t even give Ben credit for his portrayal of Poon Sir because I REALLY REALLY cant stand Poon Sir!!

    • KTVB says:

      Hi Chibi =) Interesting writeup!

      Heung-Sir was always destined to either die or go to jail. He was a good character so TVB wouldn’t leave him crippled or anything like that because he doesn’t deserve it.
      I thought it was really sad he was killed by Raymond too; and more sad in his letter where he said there was a high-likely chance Raymond would kill him 🙁 yet he stuck by his values to do what’s best for his friends and family.
      I really liked the funeral scene- so touching!

      You have a good point about MCJin pushing the guy down a building and being Karma (I forgot about that- although there was a flashback of it XD)

      I think Ben’s whole set-up was indeed very clever. When Michael, Ben and Raymond were pointing guns at each other,it was inevitable that someone was going to die…it only made sense if that person was to be Michael (for storyline purposes).

      I liked the scene where Kate visited Ella but I found the whole thing weird when Ella did the same to Kate…

      Totally agree with you on your comment about Kate’s character throughout the series. Raymond never gave up on her. He loved her so much that he gave up his values and left Kate off the hook…I loved the scene with him and Kate’s baby at the end..that was indeed so cute! (I just have to cut Ben out of the picture haha)

  • Nicole says:

    just dropping by to say that i really enjoyed the series and especially Ella’s character…simple and subtle but with a certain toughness. not just your typical nice girl. i think Ella deserves a lot of credit for bringing dimension to this character. will miss seeing her on the small screen (stupid TVB/recording company politics…)! i’m a fan of Raymond/Ella, but glad they didn’t push them together at the end. the bubble scene was beyond lame, but i like the montage afterwards. /fangirl XD

    Kate and Ella’s relationship was kinda intriguing too, since they were mostly frienemies throughout the show. Kate was pretty horrible to Ella at some parts, but the hospital scene cleared up alot of questions about their relationship.

    my favorite scene was actually when Raymond and Ella talked to Kate in the hospital. emotional scene with great acting by the two.

    i don’t like Kate (as in the actress) at all, but she did well i think. prolly more deserving than Tavia as TV queen this year.

    • KTVB says:

      I felt Ella’s character was too naive and really gulliable. (e.g when investigating the shoe-print) She just trusts what people say without putting in a degree of skeptism- she tells Ben out of all people? Maybe this just shows she’s still inexperienced, since I guess she is a rookie. I also felt her character at times appeared to be sucking up to Ben/ leading him on- she constantly praised him etc and yet when she visits Raymond, she complains how she does not like Ben etc Inconsistency from the script?

  • miriamfanz says:

    Clarify how Ben put the bomb in secure area. I think he planned to have police take the drugs so he planted it in there beforehand (like before police took it in the first place).

    I think the ending was actually pretty good. Some illogical areas that you pointed out, but overall must better done than other series this year.

    Someone mentioned Ben is actually very smart, but doesn’t get credit. I agree. He’s steps ahead of all those useless cops. Haha, I think TVB is out to ruin the reputation of the police force. Every drama, they make the police either incompetent or corrupt.

    My full thoughts on series: http://casualtvb.blogspot.ca/2012/11/highs-and-lows-review.html

    • Chibi says:

      “Clarify how Ben put the bomb in secure area. I think he planned to have police take the drugs so he planted it in there beforehand (like before police took it in the first place).”

      I just thought they would have done a security scan before taking the drugs into the storage room to begin with, but I guess they don’t (Ben probably knew about the loophole) Also not too sure if that was actually a bomb..cause wouldn’t that explode and destroy all the drugs too? Seems like all it did was activate the fire alarm… O_o

    • KTVB says:

      I agree in that there were quite a few illogical areas throughout the series (like the many instances of Raymond’s injuries not leaving a scracth on him XD), but overall an enjoyable series.

  • starocean01 says:

    Just finished the episode..i found it hard to watch for the first hour…i really think this drama and this episode in particular makde the HK police look so incompetent. Really liked watching michael and ella’s scenes though!

  • Jason says:

    Just finished the last episode. I agree with you on most of the points. Good thing Raymond and Ella indeed didn’t get together. That would be a real bummer.

    You said that it could be way for TVB to promote Tiger Cubs 2. That’s indeed how I see it too. But Vincent Wong does in Tiger Cubs 1, so I found it sad to see him there. And it couldn’t play before Tiger Cubs 1, as they seem to know each other.

    Ending could have been better, but it’s a normal TVB ending you could say.

  • Gigi says:

    I have a question. Ben had a child but with who????
    As soon as i watch this movie from the beginning. I knew somebodybis going to die at the end. That hw tvb movie r. Especially abt cops, investigation type lol

  • Yang says:

    what is the ending english song for the drama ? Its nice to hear

  • Theresa says:

    As time goes on … I started to hate TVB .. the last couple of seires, the endings are aweful. So far not one good ending. Why couldnt they make Pat lose the baby from Ben shooting her, he dies and she and Happy sir get together. The last couple of series, is the endings that spoil the whole thing. The beginning was ok .. middles started to get interesting not knowing is Micheal is good or bad, but the ending of Pat is too crap!

  • ceci says:

    This drama is very good and interesting from the 1 to 29 episodes, but the 30 one sucks. I plan to rewatch it, but now I even don’t want to think about it. Don’t understand why they point guns each other and talk too much. Just shoot Ben and everything wlll be solved.

  • Susanwo says:

    I think Highs and Lows overall was really good, one of my favorites this year. But I think TVB’s endings are so unrealistic and unsatisfying.
    Anyone know where I can find the background music? TVB makes and fits the instrumental music in the background so good.

  • Lindsay says:

    The ending was dissatisfying, but that’s not new with TVB, right? I found it particularly interesting with the final scene crossover with the SDU drama from a couple months ago. I guess the SDU guys have now joined the narcotics team?? I wonder how that will play out.

    I also felt that Ben’s death didn’t provide me a sense of justice. I have an inkling that he may return if there is a sequel to this drama!!

    • Chibi says:

      Watching Ben die in an explosion is similar to if Kate really died in the ambulance explosion… it just doesn’t feel right, and unless I see a dead body, I’m not convinced the person actually died XD.. Look at Raymond Lam the Iron Man! He could’ve died countless times in the show but always return without a scratch (even with direct contact with an explosion, lol)

      • Karen says:

        HA! im not the only one! i have to see the body before i believe hes dead… cause you never know TVB could say he swam away. Remember Kenneth in Tiger Cubs, he mysteriously disappeared he could probably appear in Tiger cubs 2.

        I found the ending pretty intense. I thought it would have better if Kate died in the ambulance… rather than have escaped then get shot like 2 mins later…pretty weird anyways… why shoot from so close? why couldnt she shoot from a far? i mean that is the point of a gun…

        and the trio scene… they were standing there so long. Raymond should have shot Ben first, cause Michael and Raymond were brothers, and what not, they could discuss it afterwards and all the comments that Ben was throwing in it was pretty obvious that he was trying to cause issues between them two… it got pretty annoying to see Ben THAT good with his plans and to the extent that it was THAT hard to kill him off.

      • Linh says:

        lol, I agree, I never assume that anybody is dead unless I see a body..

        I was half convinced that the original guy blackmailing the cops were still alive because it was such a weird way to kill off a character (through flashback)…also, why would he be in disguise the whole time just to be killed off without any further plot development.

        I agree that Kate should have been killed in the explosion but it would have been a little unsatisfying that Ben never found out he killed his own baby (after all, Sa Tam Tim and Kate were the only ones who knew).

        …btw, when Raymond and Ella were talking at the end and SUDDENLY there were bubbles… I nearly fell off my chair laughing wtf! hahaha.

        • KTVB says:

          I agree! Ram , ie “Agent” just died..very easily..and through a flashback….I was so convinced he was not dead/ or that was a fake Agent he killed…lol

  • Komodo says:

    I am looking for the name of the English song “You’ve got one foot out the door….” In the last episode. If anyone knows the title of this song, please reply.


  • hk says:

    I really enjoyed the series. Pat put on a great performance as did happy. Sir.I thight the ending was justified. As for pong sir I think he should of for life imprisonment instead and made him suffer.it is so easy to turn corrupt.

    • KTVB says:

      I agree! Pat and Happy Sir did a great job in their respective roles. I wish Happy-Sir got recognition for his role though~~ I’m glad Kate won Favourite Character Award 🙂

  • thomas says:

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone remembers episode was the scene where Gordon went back to save Happy? thanks

  • Mandy says:

    this is so late but …….
    well overall this drama was great! I really love the Raymond and Kate pairing.
    the ending.. well when Kate pointed the gun towards Ben I was like “OKAY THIS IS IT YAY BEN DIES and raymond & Kate get to be together this is perfect” * shoots * Kate dies. I was like erm… what just happened?! seemed a little unrealistic & dumb but I thought of it after and I guess she isn’t a professional shooter or anything so she might have been
    1. scared to pull the trigger / shoot
    2. Ben is her baby’s father so I don’t think she did have the actual intention to kill him, maybe she was just scaring him? I mean, no matter how much she hates Ben, he IS the father of her baby and so …. yeap.
    okay continuing. I found Kate’s character fine, wasnt inconsistent? O.o my opinion though! the thing is, she became a drug dealer ; got close to Ben, all for revenge purposes! (To avenge her brother.) it was said briefly by her in one of the episodes (I forgot which) . so I guess she’s still good in a sense? can’t say she’s completely a good guy since she did after all, traffick drugs. but she wants to take revenge on Ben, so it was no surprise that she called raymond in the last episode!
    also, I found the scene where Kate visited Ella so sweet omg. hehe. well I guess yes to a certain extent they shouldn’t be friends bc they’re like enemies in love. but Ella’s character is kind & everything and she does treat kate as a friend. although Kate acts like she’s indifferent towards their friendship, she does treasure ella, as Ella did try to help her and everything. but okay it was kinda weird too HAHA.
    totally love this drama and I’ve rewatched it many many times already! (it’s still good, lol) there’s just so many refreshing twists that makes me wanna watch more! I give it 6 stars out of 5. ;D

    • KTVB says:

      Never too late ^^ Thanks for sharing your thoughts!
      This was one of my favourite series; only seen it once though! hehe (ending twice!)

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