I love watching every bit of Raymond and Kate’s interactions in [Highs and Lows]- no matter how small the scenes may be. They’re so cute together and I enjoyed watching their relationship develop through the series.

I’ve picked out some of my favourite scenes to share 🙂 Warning: May contain Spoilers (Episode 1-12)

Episode 6:

While following and eavesdropping on the criminals for Raymond,  Kate gets locked up in a cold storage room and eventually passes out. Raymond eventually rescues her. With the help of Ella, he removes her clothes and dips her in a tub of warm water. He performs mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and hugs her to share some of his body heat. I loved watching how worried he was and how hard he tried to save her- so sweet! <3
Raymond and Kate in Highs and Lows
Raymond and Kate in Highs and Lows

Episode 12:

A really cute scene where Raymond and Kate co-incidentally (or by fate?) bump into each other at the mountains while picking flowers. Kate was picking flowers for her mother’s grave nearby.
Raymond and Kate in Highs and Lows

Raymond: Finally found you [Refering to the flowers] *He then notices Kate.* Hey what are you doing here?
Kate: Why are you here? This is my hometown. What are you doing here?
Raymond: I’m thirsty, let me have some first *grabs Kate’s bottle of water on the ground and starts drinking it*
Kate: Hey that’s mine, don’t you have any manners? You don’t even ask and you just take people’s things to drink.
Raymond: It tastes familiar- did you buy it at ‘Flower-Tea Shop’?
Kate: No I made it myself. I’ve added two drops of honey in it. I was the one who taught the boss at the Flower-Tea Shop
Raymond: No wonder there’s no business there- because you taught her
Kate: Did you go there today? Oh..so you’re the person who complimented that it taste good today, I know now..
Raymond: I did drink it. That’s why, when I drank it today it taste kind of strange. Now that I drink it more carefully- it stinks
Kate: If it stinks, spit it out- you drank half my bottle already *The two start laughing*

Love how they can joke around like that 🙂

Later in that episode, Kate’s brother gets upset that the other kids won’t play ‘Hide and Seek’ with him. Kate told him it was because they only play with people of similar height. He then makes Kate and Raymond play with him. As he starts counting, Raymond dashes off to hide.
Raymond and Kate in Highs and Lows

Kate eventually hides inside the same closet Raymond was hiding in.
Raymond and Kate in Highs and Lows
Raymond and Kate in Highs and Lows

Too bad Kate’s phone had to ring… lol Love Kate’s expression in the last screenshot XD

15 Responses to “[Highs and Lows] Raymond & Kate Scenes 1”

  • Ri says:

    Raymond and Kate together is my favourite part of Highs and Lows! They have such natural chemistry though I somehow don’t rmb them being so in The Four.. then again, their characters this time around seem more natural. I like that they always seem to be on the same wavelength and are both equally street smart and loyal. I hope they get some sort of happy ending! I doubt I’ll be too happy if Raymond ends up with Ella..

    • KTVB says:

      Same here!! Raymond and Kate are the highlights of the series for me. They were absolutely horrible as a couple in “The Four” lol… XD

      I really really hope they get a happy ending together, but where the series is heading at the moment, I have a bad feeling things might turn pretty ugly =X

  • Elie says:


    Can I just ask if anyone knows who is the actor who portrays “Keung Chi Hung” around episode 17-18? The one that Kate is dating. The triad boss. 🙂

  • aiMiXue says:

    Hope you’ll screen cap Ella Koon moments too.

  • Chibi says:

    hehe, just finished watching episode 12! Some nice scenes between them. I think episode 12 is where it really starts to show that they like each other. All it took was some time to get to know each other, talk a bit about their problems and everything just fell nicely in place. It was a nice change of environment~ it’s hard for them two to just hang out and be honest about things if it’s always about drug cases etcs.

    I too, hope they have a happy ending! So far, I really don’t like Ella so I’ll be rotting for Kate 🙂

    • JacJac says:

      You’re going to see some cute scenes between Raymond and Kate on episode 13.I just finished it. Can’t wait to see Vincent Lam as the leader of the drug triad. I heard the masked guy on the black cop case is coming back again on episode 19.

  • Anna says:

    Hi Everyone,
    Does anyone know the actress that plays the singer ‘Wendy’?

  • daisy says:

    The closet scene between raymond and kate is my most fave scene so far, they just cute to be together. i hope they will.pairing in a new drama again.. and i hope it will.be happy ending..

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