*Note: Contains spoilers from Episode 13-16*

Episode 13

*SUPER CUTE scene where Raymond and Kate finally get together <3 * I feel like I’ve been anticipating this scene for so long, especially seeing it in the intermission clips. It didn’t disappoint!
Raymond and Kate in Highs and Lows

Kate awakes in the hospital bed after Raymond puts her out of danger. The worried Kate immediately runs off to Raymond’s home, eyes filled with tears and rings the door bell constantly.

Raymond: Are you ok?
Kate: ..I thought you died
Raymond: I’m ok now
Kate: Why are you so stupid? Why can you give up your life to save me?
Raymond: I’m fine now
Kate: It’s not worth it!
Raymond: Listen to me-
Kate: No you listen to me. I’m not your little yellow flower. I’m just rubbish. Ever since I was little, no one cared for me, no one loved me. The only reason I am living is for my brother. I don’t know what love is, and I don’t know how to go love someone. But you’re so nice to me, and have done so many things for me..I don’t want to owe you anything. I don’t want you to give me hope, but at the end, I’ll only have disappointment- do you understand?

*The chorus of the sub themesong starts playing and Raymond kisses Kate*
Raymond and Kate in Highs and Lows

When Kate awakens from her sleep, she starts watching Raymond sleep. I haven’t seen her so cute and carefree before. Unfortunately before the two really started dating, Kate couldn’t get over her pitiful past and constantly thinks she’s not good enough for Raymond. She starts avoiding him leaving Raymond quite helpeless.

Episode 14
Raymond and Kate in Highs and Lows

Epsiode 14

In this scene, Raymond asks Kate out for some desserts- I thought they were so cute here XD For a moment I was hopeful that Kate and Raymong were still together since she still came out to see him. However, due to her brother’s inability to look after himself, Kate had to leave, which again caused insecurities and self esteem issues to arise again.

Raymond and Kate in Highs and Lows

Raymond: Pat, open up- Pat!
Kate refuses to response nor open the door for him. She stands and listens
Raymond: I know you keep thinking over and over again, and keep thinking you’re just trash. Think about it, then what about me? I’m just some General overlooking the garbage (not sure if this is correct translation xD). We match.- Ok I won’t joke anymore, open the door first. Chan Ka Beck, you listen carefully. You’re not my burden. Your brother isn’t either. I don’t care what other people think, but I’m telling you, I will look after you, I will love you, we’ll be very happy together. Now you’re turning things around- you gave me hope now leaving me disappointed. How could you just do that? You have to mean what you say! Let’s start our relationship seriously, ok?

After a long pause and no response:
Raymond:  I know you need some time to calm down. I’ll go home and wait for your reply. I will continue to wait, until I have an answer.
After Raymond leaves, Kate’s brother runs out and assures her that he now knows how to take care of himself- he knows how to use the remote control, knows how to bath himself and grab the towel to dry himself. This brings Kate into a happy mood and decides to find Raymond as she starts putting on lipgloss while in the taxi. Unfortunately when Kate arrives, she sees Raymond piggybacking Ella which brings herself back to square one.

In another scene, Raymond finds Kate who is a bit tipsy.
Raymond: Enough- when do you have to pretend until?
Kate: What? What pretending?
Raymond: You know what I’m talking about
Kate: Oh…you mean the thing last time? What generation are we in now? We’ve had some happy moments, finished playing and that’s it. Why so serious for?
Raymond: I know you’re not just playing around
Kate: Don’t tell me you were being serious?
Raymond: Yes
*Kate starts laughing*
Kate: Don’t play with me, Wai Sai Lok, you’re a Senior Inspector- you can have any girl you want- why do you need to pick someone like me?
Raymond: So what? I know I only love you
Kate: Just Forget it- you’re just after something fresh/new at the moment. How many times have we slept with each other? Even if you’re not over it I’m bored
Raymond: I know you love me. Why do you have to avoid me because of identity issues? *Raymond grabs onto Kate’s arms* If we love each other, that’s enough. Why calculate so much for?

*Kate flings his arms off and starts yelling*
Kate: Why you do need me to be so blunt about it? I don’t have feelings for you! It’s not about identity, I don’t like you- can you hear? Why do you have to force me for? Finish playing- just leave it. Ok! Never see each other then!

Episode 16:
Raymond and Kate in Highs and Lows Episode 16

In episode 16 when Raymond gets injured, Kate secretly visits him.

5 Responses to “[Highs and Lows] Raymond & Kate Scenes 2”

  • Chibi says:

    I really liked the scene when Raymond and Kate got together~ very sweet and felt natural..except what annoyed me was how unrealistic it was for Raymond to suffer absolutely NO injuries in an explosion. I mean, even Kate who got pushed out of a car was taken to hospital..but for Raymond to not have a scratch? O_o… didn’t make sense..

    • KTVB says:

      Yea..that tends to happen to Raymond quite a bit in this series lol

      I thought Kate would have ran to find him in another room at the hospital..

  • Daisy says:

    Such a tragic couple! I really wished Raymond woke up to see Kate visiting him

  • Cherry says:

    This is so sad. I really enjoyed their chemistry in this series and their ending was so tragic. 🙁

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