Here are my last lot of screencaptures I’ve made of Raymond and Kate  from TVB series “Highs and Lows” (before their relationship got really messy!) Contains spoilers from Episode 18-21. Also see scenes 1 and 2.

Episode 18

This is the first real talk Raymond and Kate had after Kate pushed Raymond away and refused to admit her feelings for him. When Raymond realised Kate was helping Ben become a police informant, he tried to pursuade her to back out becauseof the danger she as putting herself in. However, she refused to listen and re-emphasised there is nothing between them.
Raymond and Kate in Highs and Lows

In episode 19, Raymond and Kate are both looking for evidence at a warehouse where they almost get caught out. I really like seeing them work together, and having Raymond be by her side to protect her although some circumstances have changed.

Raymond and Kate in Highs and Lows

Episode 20 was ony of my favourite episodes. It was really suspenseful, action packed and emotional. My favourite scene was the one below which clearly showed how much they still cared for each other
Raymond and Kate in Highs and Lows

Raymond and Kate in Highs and Lows
Raymond and Kate in Highs and Lows

When Kate was held hostage, Raymond went crazy and started pointing his gun at the other cops, demanding they put their guns down so the criminal won’t hurt Kate.
Raymond and Kate in Highs and Lows

Episode 21:
Raymond and Kate in Highs and Lows

Raymond: I know that you’re really sad that Ah Jun is gone. I promise you that no matter what happens, I will look after you. I’m not doing this out of responsibility. After we’ve gone through so much, I realised that I really can’t live without you. Trust me, I won’t let you get hurt ever again. [He then kisses her on the forehead]

I was so hopeful at this stage that they could finally be together…if only 🙁

I think their relationship pretty much goes down the drain from here…

One Response to “[Highs and Lows] Raymond and Kate Scenes 3”

  • Chibi says:

    Sigh.. this couple could have been so cute together but Kate just never believed in it. Such a pity.

    They have some very strong confession scenes where Raymond clearly shows how much she means to him (basically everything)~ but it seems to have little-to-no effect on her :/

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