Linda tries not to see Bosco again, and she tells him how his girlfriend did so much for him, including giving up their baby because she didn’t want it to burden him. Instead of feeling sorry for his girlfriend, he angrily confronted her, asking her why she went to tell Linda and not him >< It was like he didn’t care about her at all!

Raymond and Linda finally sat down together after that scene of confessions and they openly spoke about how they used to like each other, and the ‘what ifs’ etc and how they may have been together already. And perhaps Ah Hong would get angry if she knew the two ‘were together’  making them unhappy and at the end they would break up again? The scene was kinda cute but weird in that they talked and acted like they were over each other already.

Back at the hospital when Bosco and Linda were visiting the baby they both helped bring to this world, Bosco tells Linda that he has broken up with his girlfriend, and Linda goes back with him..what the heck?? So much for that idea -_- She says one thing and does another… and tries to make it sound like what she is doing is right. When will this cycle end??

[Email to Raymond]

 Goon GaJai, I used to be so silly, asking you ‘if this’, ‘if that’ what would happen. In this world there is no such thing as “what if”. Some things are already predetermined. It’s fate that the big truck came by and that I didn’t run over to see you, and that I met Ji Sun (Bosco), and then becoming the third party. Now fate has arranged JiSun to break up with his girlfriend and now we are officially together. I don’t know what else is predetermined ahead, I only know that whatever sadness lies ahead, I won’t be alone. GooGaJai, there’s no need to worry about me.

[Reply email to Linda (that he ended up deleting and not sending)]

Subject: I will never change

Ah Chau, that night you told me you don’t have those feelings for me anymore, and that there’s no way of finding it anymore. At that time, I really wanted to tell you those feelings have always been with me and will never change. YuSoChau, I really want you to know that no matter you’re a person or who you’re with, my promise to you will never change. As long as you’re unhappy, I really want to lend you all the time I have, until you’re happy again.

Kate and Susanna continues to lie and act in front of Moses and the family, trying to make Kate seem like the innocent one and that she didn’t mean to lie to him. Slowly she’s getting back closer to Moses and you could tell he’s starting to fall for it because he still loves her a lot.

There was a scene which I quite enjoyed watching. SaYi was planning to go back Portugal and the family have a farewell dinner for her and HorMa asks the children to play an honesty game- say something they hate the most about SaYi and the one who answers the best will not have  to go to the airport to send her off XD It was hilarious when all the children started raising their hands wanting to answer XD  and I wonder if this is part of their plan too. Nevertheless, SaYi seemed touched by the things the others have said about her, everything she did was for her daughter and so this helped patch up SaYi and GaMei’s relationship.

There was another promotional event and Tavia and Moses was supposed to dress up as a couple in wedding gown. However, Tavia backed out and got another colleague to dress up in her part, with the excuse that she can’t fit in the dress. It’s sad because I’m sure Tavia would have been so happy to, but she felt awkwardness because she knew that he knew about her liking him. After moses had a talk with Tavia, Tavia was becoming more comfortable again and the two started to act like how they use to 🙂

On the other hand, JoBao is aware of Ah Hong’s possible scheme and asks Ah Yuen to help him investigate about the shops they were purchasing. However, Ah Yuen was on Ah Hong’s side and betray him, humiliating JoBao in front of everyone.

Later, JoBao, Grandma and the family try very hard in ‘forcing’ Ah Hong to let Ah Yuen take her position and for her to come down from the decision making powers for the company. However, little did they know Ah Yuen continues to be ‘controlled’ by Ah Hong.

One Response to “[Moonlight Resonance] Episode 31 Thoughts”

  • rachel says:

    ahahah i loved the scene where sa yi was supposed to go back to portugal, her expression was so funny when all the kids wanted to go first to say what they hated her most. but it was yet so touching because i think they finally all can get along and sa yi is finally sort of turning around with herself.
    i hate the fact that ah hong and her ex husband are blackmailing Ah Yuen like that. you can just tell that the blackmailing is going to cause so many problems and hate ah hong’s ex husband. i really hope ah yuen won’t cause GaHoYuetYuen to collapse because of ah hong >.<

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