The family looks like it is heading into a real crisis…

Kate and Chris started dating >_< geez..this is so not love. It looks like they’re just together for the sake of it, or part of Ah Hong’s plans. Sometimes it makes me wonder if Ah Hong told GaMei to go hook up with Ah Yuen and he accepted her because of his own loss of love life. Kate left Moses and went straight to Chris as his personal assistant- and now they’re dating? Something just doesn’t feel quite right. Within the same episode, GaMei claims that she has Ah Yuen’s baby and Ah Hong pressures Ah Yuen into marrying her! A conversation between Ga Mei and SaYi suggests GaMei is only lying about the baby >< Ah Hong and GaMei also haven’t had much of an encounter (if any) with each other before this so I’m curious as to who-approached-who and how Ah Hong managed to get GaMei on her side.

On the other hand, Raymond is always with Linda trying to cheer her up and help her get over her sadness about Bosco. Michelle sees this as HorMa telling Raymond to pursue Linda and she threatens she’ll do something back to her children~ Can’t she understand it’s Bosco who dumped Linda and left?

JoBao learns from Ah Yuen about being blackmailed, which is why he has to listen to Ah Hong in selling off the business and JoBao tries to reassure him that everything will be ok.

Later, Michelle’s ex-husband punches JoBao causing his eye to go ‘blind’ again and end up in hospital! Michelle’s ex-husband is also back to help Michelle for his last days before he dies of cancer. I reckon he’s a weirdo- like some crazy wild man. He seems to be deceived by Michelle in thinking she was the nice person, raising HaYu’s children etc but JoBao is ‘neglecting’ her after ‘using her’. I hoped that he would learn from Linda the truth about Michelle’s real nature, but Michelle is deliberately not letting the two see each other! Grandma on the other hand wanted to stop them from selling the business to Michelle’s ex-husband by barging into the meeting room and tearing up the contract. However, she also ends up hospitalised from all the commotion and from being hurt that her own Grandson Ah Yuen got security to send her out. Poor thing>< In addition, during a Moon Festival Promotional event for their CakeShop business, Mose’s heart problem started acting up again and faints; getting sent to hospital as well!

The final scene was another dramatic moment! Grandma and JoBao comes out of hospital in attempt to once again, stop Ah Hong etc from selling off the shares to her ex-husband! This time, JoBao also openly reveals Chris’ car accident in Thailand so that he won’t ever have to be blackmailed again! JoBao declares that if Chris was to go to jail, Ah Hong and her ex-husband will also have to for ‘helping’ Chris, Ah Gong for stealing the company’s money and GaMei will have to suffer since Chris is her husband-to-be!

9 Responses to “[Moonlight Resonance] Episode 33-34 Thoughts”

  • kat says:

    oooh yeah Michelle’s husband is annoying and crazy. He kept on repeating JoBao shouldn’t dump his “Jo Hong” (original wife/family or whatever it means!) but doesn’t he get that JoBao’s “original” family is HorMa and not Michelle???? grrrr. After him repeating that phrase 100 times I wanted to reach into the TV and slap him 😛

  • Wendy says:

    KAT: I feel your pain. Really! He’s really some sort of psycho freak.

    K: I also agree that the whole Hong Yi met Ka Mei… how Ka Mei and Yuen fall in love… and how they could have made a baby so fast were all not explored. TVB kind of just inform us that those things have happened.

    And I love Chau for telling Hong Yi that she’s happy at Hor Ma’s place and Hor Ma treat her as her own daughter.

  • rachel says:

    there’s so much drama going on! i am so disgusted by ga mei, she’s just…ugh! i can’t stand her at all! she is so annoying and i get so frustrated everytime she appears on screen, i just want to yell at the tv!!

  • Annie says:


  • sugar says:

    I was so happy when Jo Bao spoke to Kate and when she tried to talk he talked back .. and then she didn’t say anything! XD

  • KTVB says:

    To Kat: haha exactly! Gotta knock some senses into the guy! ^^

    To Wendy: Even though Ah Chau says those things about Raymond and HorMa etc, Ah Hong doesn’t seem to get the point either lol Ah Hong is just like her ex-husband

    To rachel: Yea…I’m quite disgusted by Ga Mei’s behaviour ever since she appeared.
    To sugar: yes! go JoBao!

  • chibi says:

    haha great summary, short and sweet =3

  • foreversweetx3 says:

    I’m still waiting to watch the last few episodes. Right now I’m so mad that TVB would put Gamei and Chris together! They better make me believe that GAMEI is good and love Chris. =]

  • Li Yuet says:

    You tell JoBao. You go.

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