Kate and Chris actually got married! 0_0 I just thought it happened too quick. It was quite a cheesy wedding though because they only showed us a few ‘snapshots of the moments’. I don’t really care much though since they’re not really a couple I care about.

But now that Kate is HorMa’s daughter in-law, they have to put up with her (like how they had to put up with Susanna when she was a part of the family) Kate idolises Ah Hong and continues to side with her even after she is married to Chris. She continues to arouse problems in the family with her disrespectful attitude. Poor Susanna too, having her own daughter treat her like dirt. Her husband also sides with Ah Hong because of money ><

It turns out that Kate is actually pregnant with Jimmy’s baby and he blackmails her when he suspects her. While Chris is away on a business trip, Kate gets an abortion to remove the threat and gets her mother to cover up with her, saying she accidentally lost the baby. However, co-incidentally HorMa had a talk with Kate where Kate to fall over, and she ends up putting the blame of losing her baby on HorMa instead!!

When Chris ‘found out’ from Kate that it was HorMa who made her fall and lose her baby, he pleaded her not to tell her because he doesn’t want HorMa to feel guilty for the rest of her life. However, Ah Hong overhears the conversation and deliberately gets Kate to confront HorMa and scold at her! Luckily at the end, Susanna couldn’t help seeing her daughter act like that anymore. Angry and heartbroken, Susanna takes a out a cane and started whipping her!!! GO SAYI!!! I truly LOVED that scene! Susanna spoke out the truth about Kate’s baby in front of everyone!! It was so awesome watching Kate scream in pain! hahah..she totally deserved it!!


Linda on the other hand continues to annoy me. After reading Bosco’s blog and finding out he should be getting married with his girlfriend at a specific time in England, she holds onto the watch he gave her. I’m disturbed that she said she plans to wait 7 years for him to have a divorce. I thought she was joking but she had a serious expression that it didn’t look like it. She starts crying again!! I hate it every time she cries and hugs onto Raymond saying she misses Bosco >< That is so slack to him!! He also gets her to write a ‘report’ to him every night expressing how she is feeling about Bosco etc in hope it would help relieve ‘her pain’  >< I can’t believe he’s doing that..and she’s..argh…this is annoying to watch!

After Raymond has dinner with Linda, Linda’s dad follows him and starts beating Raymond up, threatening him to stay away from Linda! Luckily Linda ran back and her father ran away. Raymond kept the truth from Linda and denied knowing who the person was…

15 Responses to “[Moonlight Resonance] Episode 35 Thoughts”

  • iciel says:

    Yup, Chris and Kate’s relationship was weird in this series. How Chris develop feelings for Kate so fast? It took the entire series for the main couple RaymondxLinda and TaviaxMoses to get together, but with them it’s only a few episode. I love Susanna in this ep though, especially when she was whipping her, I was shouting yes! I love the part where Moses said, “Don’t hit… don’t hit so lightly, hit harder!!” LOL it was hilarious

    Like always, Linda’s character annoys me to no end. I think her only job in this series in crying. At least she could have tried to cried differently each time. It’s the same every time, getting on my nerve! Raymond’s role is wasted here too. Totally unnecessary. Alfred was much cooler.

    Poor Linda, most of the fans she got from Seung Joi Sum now hates Yu Jo Chau 🙁

  • Summer says:

    yup.. feel like rushing, suddenly they both married, but, listen Chris interviewd b4, tat , he love Kate in this series, just cos of Ga Mei is pretty, tats it.. haha..so, may b, just she is pretty lo..

    any way, i love the scene on Sa Yi beat Ga Mei with cane..
    when seeing Sa Yi beat her, i clapped hardly..haha.. and so funny Ah Ka, hold Sa Yi hand and ask Sa Yi beat more harder..haha..

  • rachel says:

    yay for Sa yi!!!! totally loved how Sa Yi finally stood up against Ga Mei and beat her to death! *evil laugh* hahah 😀 she deserves it!

  • Rin says:

    DUDE! I totally love the part when Susanna whip Kate!!! I felt soooo good =D
    & yeah, I totally don’t like Rayda in this series! >:[ Linda’s character annoys me sooo much. All she does is cry and cry and urghh!
    Even until the last episode, I still didn’t like her that much… Same for Kate. -sigh- I probably like MosesxTavia couple the most :]

  • chibi says:

    It was at that particular scene that Sa Yi earned my respect =D Alrighty that was too awesome XD kate should just go and die… what an evol person she is.. and Chris was so stupid to be blinded by her ‘beauty’ XD Oh wells, guess he’s stuck with her.

    Linda and Bosco annoys me to no ends… its gets so boring and repetitive, they should show more of Fala =D

  • sugar says:

    I was glad they just put snapshots. A entire scene with Kate marrying Chris would of bored me 😉

  • Lina says:

    Linda crying once again..and again..her character is annoying in the crying and bosco relationship things..really annoy how she would come to Raymond all the time although she is aware of his feeling for her, very inconsiderate of her..and Raymond character, although I love him very much in his, there isn’t much depth in his relationship especially he’s just the one-side love guy who stands on the side which can be annoying..how can he just be there for her and let her say and do inconsiderate things on him..this is why the relationship got nowhere..sometimes you need to stand up, be angry, and all for the other to realize that the most important person is infront of them…

  • witnap says:

    i love the scene where moses say…dun hit…dun hit so spft! Hit harder!!!!

  • KTVB says:

    I agree with what everyone has said ^^

    Did anyone find it weird that Chris didn’t seem that ‘upset’ about Kate losing her baby? I thought his reaction was kinda weird and he calmly asked Kate not to tell HorMa. They’re trying to show that Chris is still a ‘good-boy’ to some extent (i.e loves HorMa) but I just can’t feel it.

  • Lina says:

    To me, I personally feel that Chris is the weird one out of the family. You know, there pretty much “The WEIRD ONE” in a family and Chris in my opinion is that person…I mean, how could someone like him would rather worship their stepmom more than their mother. I mean, seeing him snap at HorMa way back in earlier ep. made me dislike him, how he talk about how wonderful and great his stepmom is to Raymond in the earlier episode made me label him the weird one..and he is..I mean, how could you not have a reaction much finding out that your so-called wife accuse your mother for the cause of abortion, how could you find out the truth and not snap or demand a divorce after how his so-called wife treat his mom…All I can say is, he is the weird one and most dumb one in the family, serious how could you love a cunning fox…marrying Kate is like marrying Ah Hong to some extent cause their both eeeeeeevvvvvvvilllllllll….lol

  • Xuyen Nguyen says:

    hoho, i think that couple is not a good couple in this movie. they just had a little time to meet each other after she has broken with his brother. Man! it can not handle for a long time

  • foreversweetx3 says:

    I feel bad for Chris… I think he never felt loved and evil Hong filled his head with lies about Hor Ma not loving him and stuff. Lina, I think your right, he is weird. But, its the evil ladies fault. I do hate that he didn’t say anything, I guess he was shocked. He should have at least dated her a for a few more months before marrying her! But, I guess he just needs love and that’s what Kate pretends to give him. I feel sooooo sorry for Chris, because for ten years he thought his Ah hong was the only person that really loved him and then to find out that she has been using him…. that got to make him go a little crazy… Good thing, Hor Ma is there to make him feel loved =].

  • Amanda says:

    In this episode.. The only part that i liked about it is when SaYi hits GaMei with a cane.. FINALLY GaMei deserves what she gets for lying and blaming everything on everybody..

    I hate the fact that she acts so innocent in front of everybody and people actually believes her! She has the nerve to create a commotion and puts the blame on HorMa..

    It is so hillarious when SaYi hits GaMei.. GaMei kept screaming and crying.. HAAHAHAHAHAHAHA! She tried hiding behind AhYuen.. hoping that he’ll protect her.. But SaYi busted her and continues hitting her! Hahahahaha!

    The funniest part is when AhKa told SaYi “Dont hit her.. Dont hit her so softly.. HIT HARDER!” Hahahaha! That part was hillarious.. GaMei shouted louder and jumped around.. Lolz! I couldnt stop laughing!

    It was so sweet of ChungJai to comfort SaYi though she insults him and AhHing as well.. =]

  • Judy says:

    Kate was mean =/

  • Jeslene says:

    Lolololol……….. So Funny When AhKa said:”Don’t Hit Her SaYi!,Don’t Hit So Softly,HIT HARDER!!!!” XD So Hilarious man

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