Warning: Ending Spoiler!! [All my posts contain spoilers, but this is the ending, so an extra warning message ^__^]

Because Linda had lied to Raymond that she was at home when he called, Raymond started questioning her what had really happened to Grandma during that time and he eventually finds out she was actually with Bosco. She even dare tell him the reason Bosco had left England in the first place etc! It’s like..so what ?? Bosco was back interfering in their relationship and it was frustrating again to see Linda so indecisive, and every time she was unhappy with Raymond she’ll go find Bosco >< Linda doesn’t know how to deal with problems herself and is always relying on other guys. Other than Bosco, the family matters with Ah Hong wanting to take over the business is causing problems for the two too. They try to patch up but more misunderstandings arise when both of them wanted to give the other a surprise and went to find the other, while saying they were elsewhere. When Raymond wanted to clear up their misunderstandings, Linda claimed to be “tired” and  “didn’t want to talk about it”. She simply did not put any effort into their relationship! That is just so slack..and when Bosco called Linda to chat, she was wide awake and cheerfully chatting away..Doesn’t this just prove she’s not interested in Raymond anymore? This is just so unfair to him! How could Raymond not be angry at Bosco?? or Linda?? Later, she feels that they need time away from each other..and what does she do? She goes to Singapore …with Bosco >< I think that just makes matters worse!

On the other hand, with Kate, Louis and JoBao’s old workers on Ah Hong’s side, she successfully lies and twists the truth in court, making JoBao seem like he did absolutely nothing for the business! Adding to that, ‘he was cheating on her and constantly went to HorMa’s place’ . Things were looking really bad on JoBao and they didn’t have solid evidence. Even the piece of evidence showing that JoBao had borrowed money to start the business had gone missing. It was really frustrating yet exciting to watch.

Later, JoBao wanted to negotiate with Ah Hong out of court and just settle the dispute by agreeing with whatever she had to offer because he didn’t want to continue on with the case and for HorMa to be constantly abused and labeled as “Wu Lei Jing”. However, Ah Hong added the condition that he must sign a document declaring he really is’ having an affair with HorMa’ and deliberately got reporters to come and make it seem like he was admitting his mistakes. HorMa comes out and reveals more bad things that Ah Hong did, clearly laying out the fact that Ah Hong was the one who took her husband in the first place. She reads out the letter that Ah Hong had written for JoBao back then. Reinforcing the authenticity of the letter, JoBao was even able to recite the letter out!! Yay for HorMa! haha take that Ah Hong! =P

Eventually the court trials leads into Ah Hong’s lawyer constantly questioning and interrogating  HorMa and Jobao into admitting they were secretly seeing each other, asking things like ‘Have you ever thought about making up? If he told you he wanted to get back with you, would you?’ It was so frustrating because as if it was any of his business anyway! HorMa stood strongly saying that she will not answer questions that are “what ifs”. However, when JoBao was pushed to the limits, he used the opportunity and put together the courage to confess in front of everyone in court the mistake he has made right from the beginning- abandoning his family and wife. If HorMa was willing to give him a chance, he would definitely take it! Even if he doesn’t end up with anything at the end of the case, as long as he can have his wife and family back, he’ll definitely agree. Aww!! So sweeeeet XD (Even though coming out of an older man ahah) HorMa must have been so was touched!

At the end, 80% of the business was given to Ah Hong, and only 20% to JoBao but he was content. He had won back HorMa and his family and that was what was most important to him =D YAY! Finally “Ga Ho Yuet Yuen’ haha 🙂 The family were planning to live on happily ever after but Ah Hong got really pissed off (haha) that she decided to make an appeal to court and attempt to leave them with nothing.

When Susanna went to talk to Kate in hope to wake her up, Kate almost gets run over by a car but Susanna pushes her away, putting herself in danger instead.

At a press conference where Ah Hong told Kate to announce her divorce with Chris, and his criminal behaviour in Thailand, Kate instead spoke out all of Ah Hong’s evil doings and the fact she was the one who pushed Grandma down the stairs! It turns out that Grandma had returned to take back the signed document proving JoBao had borrowed money to start up the business and in order for Ah Hong to get it back, she pushed Grandma! I predicted this would happen but I just felt it was a little unrealistic? I guess it was the part where Susanna almost got run over saving her that really impacted her and somehow Kate had a hidden conscience? I just have to accept the fact that Kate really has changed because we don’t see much of her after this incident…

Having revealed this in front of everyone, they attempt to arrest Ah Hong and Raymond calls Linda to inform her about her mother and she flies back to Hong Kong. Ah Hong tried to lie to Linda but she didn’t believe her.

She tells her that she doesn’t want anything to do with the family anymore and wants to go overseas, get married with Bosco and start a new life with him. Linda breaks up with Raymond and leaves with Bosco…[Actually it wasn’t even break up,Linda ‘just’ informed her boyfriend that she will be marrying Bosco -_-]

Because of this, Ah Hong trusted her and gave all her shares of the business to Linda. It turns out that it was all an act by Linda and Bosco in gaining Ah Hong’s trust. In front of everyone, Linda transfers the ownership back to JoBao and HorMa, the real owners 🙂

Since everything was an act, Bosco returns Linda to Raymond and the two are finally (and for the last time) back together again XD

And so, Ah Hong gets arrested and eventually learns to ‘let go’. I’m surprised that’s it with her character. She didn’t seem to change or show any sign of self-realisation or any reflections in what she had done wrong. I felt she should have told them what Grandma had said to her before she left, but I guess it really isn’t that important anyway. It also shows that te family also learnt to let go.

Lin Ji Yung also comes back to visit 😀 His appearance was awesome, was quite happy to see him again since he was such a cool character. The family is now happily together and reunited.

Cute little scene with Wayne, Susanna and Louis ^^ I actually thought there was gonna be some love triangle between these three characters.

On Tavia’s birthday, Moses buys her a teddy bear. As he rests on her shoulder, they made it appear like he died ‘lights turned off..’

Years past and Moses also survived past 35 years old and he lives!

Tavia looks so pretty XD

haha..why does everyone looks so old fashioned??

Moses is married with Tavia with children, Linda is with Raymond and everyone is happy..Ah Hong is freed from jail and has turned good, traveling around herself and has finally accepted Linda with Raymond.


Final Comment/Overview
Having written episode summaries/thoughts for 40 episodes, I don’t want to write another whole review on MR ^^ So making some brief comments, there are flaws in this series (like every other TVB series) especially with the romantic-plot/ aspect of the story, but the 40 episodes have been entertaining and worth the time. I thoroughly enjoyed watching MR for its great warm-felt family plot and acting from the many many veterans 🙂 You also slowly learn to love many of the characters as they changed. I was touched in many of the episodes and the series kept me wanting to watch more.
The major let down would have to be Raymond/Linda/Bosco Love Triangle. It got so draggy and annoying to watch! I really hated Linda’s character here. She was just a weak character who kept crying so easily over the smallest issues. Raymond deserves someone SO MUCH better..(haha, you’ve probably all figured after reading the episode summaries on how annoyed I was with her, so I’ll stop here)

I would recommend the series to everyone! I think it exceeds its prequel Heart of Greed in many many areas 🙂 The story was engaging from the start! Give the series a go if you haven’t already!

33 Responses to “[Moonlight Resonance] Episode 38-40 (Final) Thoughts”

  • Annisa says:

    You must be happy to be done with the summaries for this series, lol. 😀

  • rachel says:

    it’s finally over 🙁 i think there were so many unanswered questions, but i still enjoyed the ending. i have a bunch of things i want to comment, but you probably don’t want to hear them all, so i’ll just give a few hahah,
    okay first of all, linda and bosco…i was so so mad at her when she announced she was going to be married. seriously, i yelled at the tv, that was how frustrated i was, but i cheered loudly when she revealed it was fake. 😀 yay for linda for finally FINALLY have a mind of her own!!
    one thing i didn’t like was how ah hong hust went to jail…and that’s it…no explanations, no revelations, nothing, she went in, came back out and everybody lived happily ever after, at least in HOG, susanna knew what she did wrong, i felt like it was too fake for ah hong to just change…ah well, it’s over anyways, can’t do much about it….but so glad you finished the summaries! i loved the screencaptures from all the episodes!
    great job!

    rachel 😀

  • KTVB says:

    To Annisa: haha yes! How did you know? XD

    To rachel: I love reading your comments! haha, feel free to say more 🙂 it’s definitely been great fun watching MR, then sharing our thoughts here =D

    I was still annoyed with Linda though, because I doubt Linda going away to Singapore with Bosco was part of the act..and everything before that.

    I’d say it must be awkward that Ah Hong is still part of the family (through Linda marrying Raymond) and how JoBao still wants to give back half the business to her. (I think she deserves half though for all her hard work) but issues like these still have to be dealt with and faced after she comes back out of jail..It’s good she’s travelling away haha

  • teehee says:

    I have to agree with you about the triangle love of Bosco. Linda and Raymond. It’s so draggy and repetitive.

    I was screaming with Rachel during Linda’s annoucement.

    Linda’s character is so annoying throughout the whole series, very different from HOG. Argg

    On the bright side, Tavia and Moses are soo DARN CUTE!!

  • Prinxess19 says:

    Despite how ruch the ending is and how draggy the love triangle of linda bosco and raymond, I still love MR and I still recommend it to all that I know. No drama is perfect. I laugh and cry so much with this drama. When they sang the song and show all those flashback I cant help but tear for the whole family went through a lot in order to be together. One of the best TVB series not that TVB has that many lately.

    • KTVB says:

      Agree with you ^^ Despite the love triangle, I will still love and recommend MR. There’s more to the story than just love triangles 🙂

  • Yuen says:

    The series was good..besides the draggy love traingle of Linda Bosco and Ray. Ray is just TOO good for her. Sheesh.
    Tavia and Moses are SOOO cute together. I recommend this series for everyone to watch. I watch it over and over and over and over…

  • chibi says:

    I disliked Linda from the start, and ended hating her too. She couldn’t redeem herself even at the end.. I think my hatred for her character sunk in too deeply.. she was too annoying throughout the series and the so-called ‘act’ and ‘twist’ in the end wasn’t convincing AT ALL. I still believe Linda was an indecisive weak two-timer and needed to rely on guys to keep her happy and entertained (doesn’t she have friends?) Who wants to watch a selfish cry-baby (who is apparently a doctor..what the heck?)

    Other than that, happy for the rest of the family.. I thought it was a bit weird how Moses and Tavia just ended up together when there wasn’t really a specific point when they started dating..? Their brother-sister relationship didn’t seem to interfere with their relationship either XD Oh wells.. good for them =)

    Ah Hong going to jail and suddenly coming out as a ‘complete new person’ is odd. Since when was jail the cure for all evolness? It’s not a rehab or anything.. I was disappointed that she never reflected back on the things she did wrong. Not even a sudden realisation that HorMa, the lady she hated so much in her life, was in fact the one who showed her love and care when no one else did =(

    The “Kate-reveals-all” part was.. what can I say..a typical TVB scene.. thrown at the end for a dramatic climax and easy resolution of the problem XD I’m still not convinced she and Ah Yuen love each other XD This was so forced, haha..

    Having said all that, it’s definitely the best series of the year. It deserves the fame and popularity it got, and definitely should be the candidate for best 2008 TVB series award. *fingers crossed*

    Last but not leats…well done K! Congrats on completing the whole MR episodic summaries and screenies!! Huge effort, and it was fun to read. Thanks!!

  • iciel says:

    I was very disappointed about this ending. Okay, there were many parts where I liked like how Jo Bao confessed to Hor Ma in the court. That scene was very powerful. But the other parts, just… (-___-)

    And I thought Linda finally stopped being annoying, but I think the writer wants everyone to hate her so he/she deliberately makes her character like that. It wasn’t convincing at all how in the end, Bosco just gave Linda back to Raymond, saying that she loves him the most.. blah blah. When Linda was leaving with Bosco, I secretly wished that Linda would end up with Bosco, and Ray can find someone who deserves him. I thought the producer finally understand how much fans hate RayxLinda couple and decided to break them up, but in the end, we got a cheesy TVB happy-ending.

    I didn’t understand why they decided to make Ah Ka have the heart disease when in the end they still didn’t kill him. I mean, it’s so useless. And the lack of story line with Tavia just kill their ending too. Got married and had kids? How, when Moses never had a proper confession of love for Tavia?

    The deception/plan at the end was very corny too. I mean, Hung Yee should had known that her daughter isn’t the greedy type. The twist at the end didn’t surprise me at all. Everyone in my family knows what were gonna happen all along. The bad thing about a good drama is a bad ending. I think the writer was pressured so much that he/she just make a happy (and very rushed) one. I didn’t like HOG’s ending very much, but this one is even worse. I wish TVB can come up with more decent endings in the future, because they gotta understand that happy-ending does not mean it’s good.

    • KTVB says:

      You sorta know the ending will be a happy one with the “Ga Ho Yuet Yuen Hing Chung Chau” bit, but I agree with that you’ve said~

      I don’t think the producer deliberately did that to Linda though lol

  • Annisa says:

    Hehe, I must be psychic? 😛 Nah, lol. I can tell because your summaries for it got shorter and shorter and then you finally thought, “Ahhh, only 3 eps left, might as well do one post on it!” right?! LOL. (JK!)

    But I agree with your final comment K. That was the most horrid love triangle I’ve ever watched. I do not like love triangles but that made me hate them even more.

  • Rin says:

    Well it’s not the best series I’ve saw in my whole TVB collection but I have to say that it’s not bad. I really do like most of the characters in MR except you know who lol. & I would have to say I like it better than HOG except for the relationship between Raymond, Linda, & Bosco, way too.. draggy and annoying and stupid.

    I felt that the last few episodes were quite rushed. I mean, the last episode, not everything was resolved and when it finally did, well nothing much was explain. Maybe they want us to infer what’s going to happen or did happen or whatever but still, too fast.

    Maybe I’m the only but I think that HorMa and Cho Bao shouldn’t have got back together. I mean, after all these years, as long as they still know that they care for each other and everyone in the family is already happy, why make it such a big deal? I find it too unrealistic that it’s just a happy-go-ending for everyone. I kinda wanted someone to die, not Moses, but at least someone, like Kate or that stupid Uncle guy who always sided with Michelle.

    Overall it was good but lots of flaws.. 😛 but I guess as long as it’s enjoyable, (and everyone got to see Raymond<3) it’s all good right?

    P.S. I don’t think I’ve paid much attention before, but what’s the song at the end when everyone was together and happy?

    • KTVB says:

      I agree with the HorMa and JoBao getting back together after all those years..

      As for the ending song ~ it’s called “Moon represents my heart” lol

  • kat says:

    I think I’ve already mentioned how much I hate that Ray/Linda/Bosco love triangle in your other posts, so I’ll try not to repeat myself loool.

    But overall, yes the ending was rushed and some part didn’t make sense, eg Kate turning good, Moses & Tavia… that is typical of TVB, but for a “big” drama like MR you really would expect much more. I think MR started off really well, but died off towards the end. I struggled to finish it! Surprisingly though, my favourite character is probably Susanna, all those things she had done actually made sense, and I really felt sympathy for her when she turned good. 🙂

  • toe says:

    I cried at the end of most of the episodes. TVB really has the knack for making people cry with their heartfelt story lines. Given that Linda and Raymond weren’t together in HOG, it’s finally relieving to see them together in MR.
    Raymond practically did everything for her, and even though she wasn’t deserving of him, at least in the end Raymond had gotten what he deserved. And thumbs up for Raymond’s SUB Theme as always!

  • beng says:

    happy you finished the reviews. It must be pretty difficult juggling your life around all these reviews, for I sometimes even forget to read up on things with all the work. But great effort.

    I think this series was done in a more jovial tone than HOG. I prefer HOG more as it was less complicated. MR to me was a typical rating buster series screaming for attention every single episode. Also, with such a huge cast, it was not easy to bring outsiders into the show – thus justifying the ‘incestuous’ relationships scattered all over the series.

    Really liked it in the beginning, but as usual they rushed through the ending. When will we get the perfect series like Looking back in Anger?

    Just my thoughts…

    • KTVB says:

      Thanks beng 🙂 haha funny about the “screaming for attention” comment~ I have to agree with that to some extent, but I enjoyed it! (this series works for me!)

  • Eileen says:

    love tavia!!!!!!!!

  • lala says:

    great series.i was hopin bosco and linda would end up but the dream was cut short. i cant wait to see them in gem of lire.overall MR is a great series and lindas ceyin was pretty emotional^.^

  • XueXue says:

    Maybe I’m kinda weird but I kinda felt bad for Ah Hong at the end. I know how she’s suppose to be all “evil” and such. However I really felt that she loved Joe Bao. She done all those bad things to have a man by her side for the rest of her life. And for what?!? In the end Joe Bao just tells her that he completely regretted all the time he spent with her and that it was all a mistake. Well guess what? She gave up most of her life for you and that’s what she gets in return? Completely unfair!

  • missLISA says:

    this was one of the best TVB series i have watched mainly because of the good storyline, actors and actresses and couples. is there going to be a heart of greed 3 ?

    i think that they shouldve showed more love between moses and tavia though since they had really attracted my attention. i also (like others) felt that it was quite rushed in the end and many things i think wouldve werent showed, such as Jo Bao and Hor Ma reuniting after so many years apart.

    i think they had showed a lot on raymond, linda and bosco which took up most of the movie, which is why the other couples (apart from Ah Hong, Jo Bao and Hor Ma’s) werent given much thought into.

    Overall, i think it was a well done series (Y)

    • KTVB says:

      There won’t be a Heart of Greed3 ..MR is the final one hehe I think that’s a good idea to leave it as the final one though =) for I fear if there was a third installment- it might not make it~ ruining these ones!

      I agree with the Moses and Tavia’s lack of “love” for each other..

  • mang says:

    oyyy so touching =/
    so much series made me cried
    especially the episode where Fala ran away and JoBao sang for her at the dock

  • engsamnanh says:

    just want to say this series is awsame, i came from cambodia. This drama now arrived cambodia and it look so good. It now had 20 episode already. I think this one may broke the little nyonya record from highest rate ppctv channel’s drama.

    • KTVB says:

      oo I see I see, that’s interesting!

      But wow..you guys get the series 1 year later? Glad its going around though!

      • engsamnang says:

        now, it finished already, e.u mission is followed that. It like my thought, it broken singapore’s little nyonya from highest rate drama in ppctv channel. YOu know moonlight not strong promote like the little nyonya but it so disturbing. The little nyonya final point is 30 totally for whole country, mark 70 to 80 for phnom penh citizne but moonlight more suprised, final point for whole 40, the phnom penh citizen almost 100. The final episode is followed by two time, morning took 88, evening took 97. oh my god strong, wished later tvb bring our cambodia to watch another good drama like that. maybe BTORC broke the record. HA Ha.

  • Wilson says:

    a very great drama from tvb. same to all comments above, linda spoiled the drama from the beginning till the end.(not i dislike linda, but every drama of her for me, just she is the spoiler…)(the way she cry! ah cannot stand or it!)

    for me this heroes of these drama is totally Hor Ma and Ah Hong! their did so well man…

    linda, please please and please, don’t keep crying on your drama… try to find other character suitable with you. cry for me not your part… (sry to say so)

  • Me :D says:

    woah, everyone’s so angry with linda. well, being a linda (and rayda!)fan myself, i disagree with most of u guys. u shouldn’t blame her, blame the scriptwriter! she was only doing her job. n how u guys reacted showed that her acting was convincing. though i really hated the part where she said she was going to get married to bosco. I WAS SO ANGRY! that shows her acting is good… ^^

  • lilyrose says:

    I agree with everyone’s comments. Especially the love triangle. I recorded the series and when I got to a linda/raymond/bosco moment, I fast forwarded.
    I really liked Chung Jai in this series, but he wasn’t that important so he wasn’t mentioned much. Oh well.
    I felt that Ka Mei and Ah Hong got off too easy. No one can just turn good after years of evil doing.

  • Suby says:

    in pretty much every Raymond series i watched i would love the love triangle that involves him, but not this time. i think the Moses-Yuet-KaMei love triangle was much more interesting than Raymond-Linda-Bosco. and yes, Tavia looks cute and pretty in long hair and glasses! ^^

  • Thuy says:

    does anyone know the last song they sang at the end called? i tried to look for it but i dont speak chinese so i cant tell the title

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