An episode with lots happening!

Kate got a friend of hers, ‘Jimmy’, to put an act together to show Moses and he pretends to be her son’s father; constantly harassing her for money. Moses helps stick up for Kate and even giving him money so he won’t bother Kate anymore. Kate tries to act innocent and pretends to have changed into a better person.

One day when Kate goes to find Moses to ‘repay the money’, Kate pretends to faint from working very hard at various jobs etc, and Moses carries her in his arms as he rushes to the hospital. However just as he got there, his heart problem started acting up and he ends up going in hospital as well. Kate uses this opportunity and tries make up with Moses.

When she kisses him, Moses doesn’t hesitate or hold himself back. In fact, he smiles.

When Moses comes out of the hospital, she asks him whether they’ll be able to get back together and promises that she’ll never lie to him again.

It makes me wonder if Kate would really stop lying if she really got back with Moses..unfortunately it was a lie itself in getting back with him. Tavia unintentionally finds out about the Jimmy guy and realises Kate was lying again. She confronts her and tells her she’ll tell Moses all about her lies after the promotional event in which Kate no longer needed to participate in. It’s true…Kate never changed and didn’t deserve to be forgiven by Moses.

Kate tried to find a way to patch up the situation but she couldn’t come up with a way to cover up her lie. She knew she would lose Moses once again,  perhaps forever. And so, to make the best out of her situation, Kate runs on stage half way through the promotional event to ‘grab the fame’ over Tavia; and just to annoy her more -_- Geez, what an attention of those people who ‘has to win‘. Before Tavia got to tell Moses, Kate dumps him first before he could reject and her off again…>< that’s just sad. Why did he give her another chance? Why couldn’t Tavia tell Moses earlier..?

On the other hand, Raymond sees Bosco holding hands with his ex- girlfriend so decides to question him, asking why he had lied to Linda that he broke u with her! It turns out that Bosco didn’t want to give up that relationship either. What a two timer!! It’s like he is putting the blame on the girls for liking him! He claims his ex-girlfriend is the third party in the relationship now and she has done so much for him and doesn’t mind if she’s not his first priority >< This guy is just way too selfish..Raymond sticks up for Linda but Bosco begs him not to tell her and that he’ll get things sorted out.

Later, Bosco calls Raymond out and tells him that he has made it clear to his ex-girlfriend and they really have broken up. He has sold his home and his car and plans to give the money to her as she returns to England. When Raymond is having dinner with Linda, Bosco suddenly sms Raymond, telling him that he’s decided to go England with his ex-girlfriend instead! What the heck?? Can’t this guy make up his mind?? How can he just change his mind like that! He just left Linda like that without telling her and asked Raymond to take care of Linda for him and not to tell her ><  Raymond couldn’t help but tell Linda and drives to the airport in hope Linda can see him for the last time before he leaves…They catch sight of him as he is walking through the gate, where he mouths ‘Sorry, bye’ . I seriously hope we don’t see him again!!

Ah Hong and her ex-husband continue to threaten and blackmail Ah Yuen to help them or else they’ll leak out the fact he has run over a woman when he was drink driving in Thailand.
While Ah Yuen is having lunch with Ah Hong, HorMa and SaYi were another table at the restaurant. When Ah Hong went to the bathrooms, Susana also went in and they started bitching to each other XD I love it every time Susanna is sticking up for HorMa up against Ah Hong!! I loved this scene, especially the part where Susanna slapped Michelle three times across her face!! XD You go Susanna! !! Susanna then accused Michelle of slapping her instead when a lady came out of the toilets hahah..

However, Kate appears, defending Michelle; saying she saw Susanna slapping Michelle and not the other way around!

Omg..Ga Mei is teaming up with Ah Hong >< Two of the worst characters on one side. I wonder how Ga Mei went to side with Ah Hong..they hardly know each other..more trouble is expected to come!

There’s also this really cute cute family scene in this episode where Raymond was feeling upset (knowing Bosco was cheating on Linda) and his siblings all one by one popped up by his side; bunched up together on his bed XD Then they started playing ghosts stories lol They were acting like kids again where their imagination were going wild lol! XD Very very cute scene!!

18 Responses to “[Moonlight Resonance] Episode 32 Thoughts”

  • Prinxess19 says:

    The five siblings r no doubt my favorite

  • rachel says:

    awww the part in ray’s room was so cute!!! i loved that game they played, even though it was silly and weird, it was so cute!!! i’m so glad bosco left for england!!

    as for ah hong and ga mei…omg! but i laughed when sa yi slapped ah hong, go sa yi!!! sa yi is really turning out to be a great character. now all there is to worry is stupid ga mei betraying her own family! >.<

  • werte says:

    Nice one Sa Yi !!!
    I like the three loud slaps- even better than the slap before the fall down the escalators

    Mo Sum Hoi Lei….

  • Summer says:

    I love this episode as well..and i also hate..haha…
    love is , its funny and joyful to see Ga Ho Yue Hing and Zhung play Ghost Stree.. thats fun.. and touching, cos feel that, when 1 of the family member is un happy, they wil cheer him up..

    But hate, is i dun understand why, Ah Ka love Ga Mei so much.. why, he got so much “feels” on Ga Mei.. Why, Why , Why..haha.. luckly, at the same times, i think so, when Ga Mei decide to leave Ah Ka, should be , she already get calls from Hung for helping her, so thats why, Ga Mei wil leave Ah Ka in that strong .. ~ Ah Yue, u no need scare lioa.. hehe..

    And haiz.. to Ling B & Ah Chow.. haiz.. starting to feel bored sometimes, due to they ‘re poh mah.. but, when i watch tis, i think so, later, Ling B, sure come back.. just wait he back and listen wat his explain on leaving w/o tell Ah Chow.. but pity Ah Chow, cry so sadly in air port..

  • amanda says:

    lol…i really like the family scene too…and how they see the people as ‘ghost’ lol…..

  • Rin says:

    Don’t like Ka Mei, Ah Yuen, & Ah Hong… -.-” but I have to say no matter what I still kinda enjoy seeing Ah Hong’s scenes :] unlike Ka Mei and Ah Yuen lol.
    -sigh- too bad Linda & Bosco got really.. not likable parts in this series.
    I love the part when the siblings are trying to cheer Raymond up ^^ so cute (:

  • eigna says:

    their cute reaction so funny when one by one popped up by hu side =))

  • eigna says:

    fala reaction is more funny than the others..

  • JennyElizabethNguyen says:


  • miina tsukiyomi says:

    i hate ga mei!!! ><

    BUT! I LOVE THE SIBLINGS SCENE! they’re all my favortie except ah yuen of course…hate him 2nd after ga mei.

  • Li Yuet says:

    The ghost game was SOOO funny~
    Couldn’t stop laughing.

  • nicole says:

    So anyone know the name of the english song played when linda and bocso are in the airport?

  • Mystery song says:

    also lookin for the song durin the airport scene
    lyrics are something along the lines of :

    How could you live and not see
    The shadows of what I used to be

    I love you and now you’re gone
    The stillness and… break a dawn
    Missing you since you’ve gone away
    Late night, …
    Take me from the darkness to the light
    Give me what I need to never be the …

    Note :not ice cream/ talk to me

  • Jenny says:

    Yeah me too. I really want to find that song
    please email me if you have that song. My email is

  • Amanda says:

    I love this movie but I hate Dr.Ling ‘Bosco’

  • b0nni3 says:

    ah yuen was actually on drugs not drink driving (:

  • Anna says:

    what is that one song that played in the airport scene? i’m trying to find it but no luck.. 🙁

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