News about the family going to court is spreading everywhere. The scene where Ah Hong holds a press conference was pretty cool! SaYi comes along and started confronting her about the bad things she has done- stealing other people’s husband, and now taking her husband and daughter onto her side! When GaMei defends Ah Hong and makes up more lies, SaYi loses hope in GaMei and never again would she want anything to do with her.

Because of her poor health, Grandma faints and becomes hospitalized. Despite the serious condition she was in, Grandma sneaks out of the hospital to look for the  old workers, etc in hope to gather evidence and witnesses for help JoBao for the court case, about them owning/running the Mooncake business etc

On the other hand, Linda has started to notice Bosco has changed and become very pessimistic and short tempered. After talking to his girlfriend’s mother, Linda learns that he didn’t actually marry her and that she has actually died of cancer in England. Linda goes to comfort him and he explains the reason he abandoned her back then and chose his ex-girlfriend was because he felt he owed her too much. This is ridiculous and so-overused! Linda becomes confused after this and seems to like Bosco all over again!! I hate watching this never ending cycle!! *sigh* I hate how Linda still has feelings for Bosco when she’s with Raymond already. Is Raymond only a rebound to her?

Raymond calls Linda when she is at Bosco’s home and she lies to him that she’s gotten home already. When Linda actually returns home, she sees Grandma unconscious at the bottom of the stairs!! Noo!!!!Ah Hong must have pushed her down ><

While at the hospital, the doctors told the family that Grandma will not be able to make it T_T, but has yet to tell her…. He passes on the message that she wants to see one person- Yan Hong! This has shocked everyone and caused a lot of questioning. I thought it must have been a dying person’s request; but it turned out Grandma didn’t even know she was going to die soon >< She made Ah Hong promise her three things or else she’ll tell everyone the bad things she did. Was it pushing her down the stairs? Other secrets we’re not aware of?

Grandma’s three conditions were:
1. Not go to court, and just split the asset half-half; and then they can both move on with their own life
2. Let Linda and Raymond continue to be together
3. If one day she was to die, she doesn’t want her to be written down as her Daughter in-law, but HorMa instead.

Ah Hong ‘agreed’ and when Grandma asked to see Ah Ho and the others, Ah Hong lied saying they are on their way, deliberately delaying and dragged out wasting time. Grandma eventually dies but is unable to say anything to them for the last time =(

When they questioned Ah Hong what Grandma had said to her; she continued to li; saying Grandma fully supports her! As if anyone would believe that!!

6 Responses to “[Moonlight Resonance] Episode 37 Thoughts”

  • KTVB says:

    On a side note, it was in this episode that Ah Ka changed his glasses! I have to say I think it makes him look kind of weird and old..I prefer his old ones =)

  • sugar says:

    ^ yea i know, he kinda lost his mad scientist look at the end of the series. 🙂

  • rachel says:

    ahh i was so angry and frustrated at grandma when she only called hong. and partly mad at the doctor for lying to grandma saying that she was perfectly fine when in fact, she was going to die in a matter of hours. if only the stupid doctor told her! then grandma would have let everybody in instead of just hong!!! and how could she!?! how could she trust hong to do that, i would so not believe hong. i’m so mad at that!! >.<

  • Lina says:

    *sigh* Linda is a disappointing factor in this whole series…her cycle with Bosco are so boring…her relationship with Raymond only happen near the ending..feel bad for Raymond…she doesn’t deserve him one bit…

    Grandma pass away…so sad..but kinda expected it since it was alread spoiled on her interview..more drama to, Ah Hong is so bad..really now. SaiYi is annoying but I think GaMei should have been Ah Hong daughter instead of SaYi especially with GaMei character…hate her…

    But all in all, I don’t know. I think Ah Hong deserve more share of the company than JoBao. I don’t know…from it seem, she contribute more to the company that JoBao does..but who am I to say…if only she can be understanding like HorMa then they would be a one big family but who wants only half a heart of someone they love…jealous and possessiveness can drive a person to that point…

    Pity that it is coming to an end…they should make another grand prod with the cast in the future like five six years from now…that would be something…lol..i’m like off subject here…nothing to say since Linda is disappointing, GaMei–hate her, Ah Hong–bring on the drama…lol..

  • chibi says:

    Linda is pathetic.. her excessively boring and repetitive story with Bosco drove me insane. They should just get together and die somewhere, seriously.. Ray deserves someone much better.

    The granny dying part was annoying too… we all know Ah Hong isn’t one to keep words anyways.

  • Ellis says:

    And i like Moses’ old glasses much better!
    Made him look waaaaay cuter!!! 🙂
    Linda and Bosco’s love is like a cycle, so never-ending!
    Break, together, break, together.

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