January 2010

[Born Rich] Episode 21-25 Thoughts

I hate Marcus and Angie…!! These episodes have a high focus on the affair between the two and it’s making me feel slightly sick.

Finding out Topman has a son, Yatming deliberately tells Marcus and uses Marcus to tell his sister the truth. After refusing to believe Marcus (or much rather in denial),  Rene proceeded with their engagement. However, Marcus went to the extreme of bringing the child to the engagement party, totally ruining everything- on such a important day to Rene. Yatming is so evil!!

Born Rich

Marcus’ behaviour on Rene and Topman’s engagement cruise was totally embarrassing >< ..he made a complete fool out of himself and ended it with a sulking “no one understands me ” jumping off the ship and swimming away. He then goes back to find Angie and continues finding his ‘comfort’. Angie changes her mind again and decides to fall back into the trap of being the third party in Marcus and Connie’s relationship. Marcus is really getting on my nerves!! Yes I know he is sick, but he should have just seen the doctor!

It’s such a shame that Topman and Rene’s relationshipjust ended like that. When they almost got back together, Elsa (Topman’s ex-girlfriend) had the accident, falling into a coma where Topman had to bare the responsibility to look after their son Billy during this time. I really feel sorry for Topman because it really wasn’t his fault. It’s unfortunate, just when Rene forgave him. Topman worked really hard for their relationship to work, but Rene could not be with him when he had to carry the burden of his son. Topman however, did not give up and assured Rene he will sort things out and solve the barrier to their relationship.

Born Rich

I was relieved to see Marcus actually did come back and apologise to Rene (and let her draw over his face lol), mending their relationship. It seems like after sleeping with Angie he starts to feel guilty because he knows that somewhere in his conscience- it was wrong. After this, he decides to see a Psychologist.

Born Rich

To be honest the advice given by the psychologist seems a little strange to me lol I know I shouldn’t be questioning a specialist but, is this really the real side of Marcus we see afterwards? One who likes change and to be different? One who likes to be carefree? (kinda irresponsible if you ask me). Has he really been that pressured? It looks like he does recover after seeing the psychologist though as he slowly gains back his confidence. I don’t think his family members understood what kind of treatment he was undergoing, which kind of scared Connie (with the cake throwing etc)

Born Rich

Marcus misunderstood Connie, thinking she has been avoiding seeing the real “weak” him and refusing to accept him for what he has changed into after the incident, looking down at his weak side etc. Marcus thinks Connie does not care about his feelings nor provides him with the love and security he longed for to heal his weak heart (which he finds Angie gives him). Seriously it was so irrational and irresponsible for him to just turn to Angie without letting her explain! This comes to prove that communication is the key to a relationship. I was relieved when Connie and Marcus made up again but I knew it would not last long as Marcus continued his affair with Angie 🙁

Born Rich

Every time Marcus and Connie communicated and got back together I would be relieved and happy for this couple, because I had hoped Marcus would give up on his affair with Angie but it never lasts long enough. It’s like the relationship continuously moves up and down. As the saying goes, ‘paper can’t cover up fire’, Yatming finds out about Marcus and Angie’s affair and deliberately makes Connie go find Marcus during Valentines day to give him a “surprise” while he was ‘working’ at Sabah, where Connie witnesses Marcus and Angie kissing each other-leaving her heartbroken! I don’t think Connie could ever forgive him!!

Born Rich

Wendy deliberately lets Rene see Marcus’ phone bill, which lists a mass amount of sms to Angie. After following Marcus, Rene finds out about their affair as well and attempts to stop them. Little did she know that Connie had already found out..it feels like a repeat of what has happened 10 years ago. In hope Rene does not have to make things bad between her and Marcus, Topman decides to find Nancy and Angie’s father in hope they could help out. Unfortunately Angie’s father stood firmly in siding with his daughter and refuses to come in between them.

Nancy on the other hand, (thanks to Yatming) uses the pressure from the bank and directors and Marcus’ position as CEO, to restrict his power in the bank unless his family issues were resolved, forcing him to get back with Connie if he wanted his career.
Gallen also releases to the media about the affair causing chaos in the family. All of this was part of Gallen’s plans as he hoped to kick his brother off and take control of the company himself!

I thought it was pretty disappointing when Marcus chose Angie over his family and career. I honestly do not think that was a rational decision at all. As a result, the Connie and Marcus end their 13 year marriage with a  divorce.

Born Rich

What is WRONG with this guy?? It’s obvious he chose Angie over Connie which is why he chose to have a  divorce with Connie. The “oh, I don’t deserve to be your husband anymore because I cheated” just sounds like an excuse so he can  “live happily ever after with the woman” he had an affair with. He did not dare ask for forgiveness but correct me if I’m wrong, I don’t think he even apologised!! “I’m having an affair- let’s get a divorce’. Poor Connie didn’t even get a chance to say anything!! It was all so cruel!!

It was comforting to see that the whole family was against Angie and Marcus and sided with Connie..though it seems useless in the end Is Marcus love for Angie THAT strong???

I also thought it  was really really selfish of Nancy to keep Connie’s children! What did Connie ever do wrong to deserve losing her husband and children?? 🙁


Born Rich

Kenneth on the the hand wanted Sharon to be happy, and pretty much forced Gallen to announce his relationship with her by giving her balloons declaring his love for her. Gallen was not happy with Kenneth’s actions, but then decided to “use” that to make Rene jealous…

12 Responses to “[Born Rich] Episode 21-25 Thoughts”

  • Cooldudejohn says:

    When I saw the scene when Marcus was at the Psychologist I actually thought that someone on Angie’s side had either paid him money or blackmailed him into saying those stuff to Marcus…

    • KTVB says:

      That would be quite freaky if it was true lol Angie would seem like a complete psycho who’s brainwashing Marcus so he will go back to her lol XD

  • Fiona says:

    what???? Marcus is stupid. why on earth would you do that?
    and I feel so sorry for Connie!!!

  • Lavendar_Bluez says:

    i totally agree with you on hating Angie and Marcus. Two selfish people who think that love is only a “two-people” thing and no one else should matter. I was do disappointed in Marcus’ actions. Give up your family and career you’ve lived with and worked so hard for, for a single women who other than did “it” with you, didn’t do anything else? Geez. You’re a CEO?! He deserves the slaps from his family.

    Seeing Connie clueless to it and then when she did find out what so sad! The broken pearl necklaces, the affair on Valentines Day. And of all things to happen, Marcus wants divorce? eh.

    But like you, I’m happy seeing the family all standing by Connie’s side. I love how they all say, that even if they can’t prevent the marriage from happening, not matter what in their hearts Connie will be their daughter in law or sister in law. I love the female relationship that developed in the family. It’s hilarious with the mahjong scene discussing whether or not Rene should go on the date with Topman!

    I feel especially bad for the children that were affected. SIGH!!!

    • KTVB says:

      Hey Lavender_Bluez! 🙂 I totally agree with your comments about “2 selfish people”. There’s no other way of describing it! I felt like slapping Marcus in the head when he said to Angie that “one thing’s he’s so certain than 10 years ago- that he can’t live without her” (lies..!)

      haha I quite like that scene too!! The comment made by Fa-yee is hilarious too XD

    • cooldudejohn says:

      That reminds me of my PE teacher saying that every decision you make, it will effect people around you. Just like dropping a stone into a pond will create ripples (i.e. your decision is the stone and the ripples represent the effect on the other people) so love is definitely not just a “two people thing”.

  • csfan says:

    Hey KTVB, A belated Happy New Year to you! 🙂

    Yep these episodes were the one that made me want to strangle both Marcus and Angie… Argh! Its been quite a while that BR has ended but I clearly remember rolling my eyes every time Marcus and Angie came on screen.. That is how much I disliked them… What I hated most was that Marcus asked for a divorce first? Its like he does not have the right to do that when he wronged Connie first… I would have found him a bit bearable if he had apologized sincerely or begged for forgiveness… It was so cruel to Connie!! I felt so sad when she said “What more can I say?”

    I think further episodes would just annoy you since it revolved around Angie trying to get closer to the Cheuk family *rolls eyes* Angie seriously does not have any pride and dignity! So thick faced imho! In fact both herself and Marcus are ignorant of other people’s feelings and SELFISH!! Seriously there was this point where I did not care about them even if they rot in hell!! >.<

    I really did not understand Marcus.. If he "could not lived without Angie" then why the heck did he marry Connie in the first place??? As you have stated, they think love revolves around two people!! Their so called 'love' have hurt so many esp the children and Connie!

    Okay sorry for my rant! I just had to get that off my chest! Btw nice summaries! 🙂

  • Hana~ says:

    I hate watching Ray and Kenix
    And i especially hate how ray took care of the situation,
    but i like Connie =)
    she’s a really calm and really rational character

  • bellicose says:

    haha. UPDATES!~ looks like many here are TEAM CONNIE!!! HAHA~ xD

  • TH says:

    Hi, does anyone know the title or have the mp3 in the episode when Sa Po Loi’s car took a dive into the water. Thanks!

  • chibi says:

    “Yes I know he is sick, but he should have just seen the doctor!”

    hahaha, that made me laugh LOL

    I find it kinda disappointing that this was the end of their relationship 😡 Somewhat anti-climatic too.. and wow Marcus does sound like a knitwit!

    I donno about the psychologist saying he’s actually like that, but its possible that Marcus wants the other life. But who doesn’t wanna just play, bludge and enjoy life?? From what I see though, Marcus is probably just too stressed (probably reached his mid-life crisis, lol) and wants an easy way out. Life wasn’t meant to be easy, and it’s a pity he actually enacted on his lust, his temporary feelings for something ‘fresh’ (Kenix) and divorced Connie.

    And what?! She can’t even keep her kids? Ppffttt.. but expected =_= Poor Connie trying so hard to keep the family together but Marcus doesn’t even put the effort it!

    Wonder what happens next?

  • Susanna says:

    Hi! Does anyone know the title or have the full version of the english song that was played in episode 21. IT’s the scene where Rene is crying after seeing Elsa fall onto the stage.
    Thanks in advance!

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